General Meeting of Connecticut Citizens Defense League was held on October 09, 2018 at Elks Lodge 44 Maynard Street, Middletown CT.  The meeting began at 7:05 PM and was presided over by Scott Wilson, with Cheryl Lemos as secretary (in absentia). The meeting opened with the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.



EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Scott Wilson, Bob Starr, Michelle McBrien, Ray Bevis, Robert Chambers, Keith Cagle, , Frank Russello, Holly Sullivan, Jonathan Hardy, Kris Witherill,

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: Kevin Holian-Borgnis, John Beidler Chris Lemos, Cheryl Lemos

GUESTS:  Campaign Manager for Senator George Logan- Chuck Pyne

                  Lynda Szynkowicz- Candidate 33rd House District

                  Campaign worker for Andrew Lockwood- Candidate 46th House District (Matt Long)



  • Phone Banking October 13th
  • Southington Pop Up Volunteer Day October 21st
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Stefanowski Markley Signs
  • Legislative Preview- 2019
  • Poker Run Wrap Up
  • Guest Speakers


President’s Report – Scott Wilson
-Conducted Executive Meeting 10/02/18

-Numerous press and radio contact

-Election Cycle

-Worked on candidate endorsements

-Helped craft alerts and communications with legislators

-Numerous other tasks.

Vice-President’s Report – Chris Lemos


Treasurer’s Report – Robert Starr
-Available Funds:

  • People’s Bank Balance (Litigation) = $ 86,317
  • People’s Bank Balance (Operations) = $ 88,189
  • Paypal Balance = $ 2101

-Attended Executive Meeting 10/02/18

Secretary’s Report – Cheryl Lemos NOT PRESENT AT MEETING
-Created minutes for the previous monthly meeting and provided to the Technology Coordinator to post to the website.

-Attended the CCDL Executive Meeting 10/02/18


Membership Coordinator – Kris Witherill
-Membership report

-Member Total –   31,438

-New Members –  138

-Attended Executive Meeting 10/02/18


Events Coordinator – Holly Sullivan

-Attended the executive meeting 10/02/18

-New venue for next anniversary dinner to be discussed closer to event February 9 or 16th


Legislative Coordinator – Ray Bevis
-Attended CCDL executive meeting 10/02/18

-Attended CCDL executive meeting.

-Watched numerous candidate debates, forums and interviews. Noted numerous anti-Second Amendment comments calling for more gun control legislation next session:

-Banning 3-D printed Guns.

-Banning Ghost Guns.

-Require smart gun technology.

-Mandating gun locks for all gun.

-Limit ammunition purchases and limit gun purchases to one per month.

-End the “open carry” policy in Connecticut.

-Strengthening background checks.

-Stronger gun storage laws.

-Require any firearm not within an arm’s reach to be unloaded and lock.

-Require ammunition to be locked.

-No state should ever be allowed to entertain the possibility of arming teachers.

-Communities don’t need assault weapons.

-Planned ‘Pop-up’ volunteer days at two campaign headquarters. A ‘pop-up’ volunteer day is we show up on a set day and time with as many people as possible to volunteer and help wherever we are needed:

-The First ‘Pop-up Volunteer day’ will be in 33rd Senate District, to help State Representative Melissa Ziobron get elected to the Senate. This will be a phone banks at Melissa Ziobron’s campaign headquarters located at 105 Elm Street, Old Saybrook. On Saturday, October 13th. There will be two sessions: one from 1:00PM to 3:00PM and one from 3:00PM to 5:00PM. I NEED more volunteers. Please let me know tonight or tomorrow if you can attend.

-The Second ‘Pop-up volunteer day’ is in Southington at the Campaign Headquarters at 25 Center ST. On Sunday October 21st from 10AM-2PM. This will be for 4 candidates: Rob Sampson, John Fusco, Gale Mastrofrancesco, Steve Baleshiski. Because the volunteers will be divided up among the candidates we need more people to show up. Please let me know if you can make it.

-Remember, it is much easier and more direct way to advocate for a bill if you can say “remember me? I volunteered for your campaign.”

-Picked up hundreds of lawn signs for tonight’s meeting. -Everyone PLEASE take two. One for your lawn and find a location for the second one.

Additional correspondence:

Answered a few emails. (reminder CCDL does not give legal advice)

Spoke with multiple candidates about the second amendment.

Additional Comments:

Election Day is 28 days away! Now is crunch time for campaigns. What can you do to help?

Make sure you are registered to vote. The due date to register in advance is October 30th. I have voter registration cards on hand. Same day voter registration will also be available at your Registrar of Voters Office.

Take a voter registration card and ask your family and members at your local gun club if they’re registered. Make sure they know who the pro2A candidates are. They can be found on our blog.

Take a picture of yourself with your lawn sign and share it on social media. Show your family and friends what candidates has your support. Contact your local Pro2A candidates and ask for one of their lawn signs.

Campaigns need people in their district to submit letters to the editor. Contact the campaign directly. They already have letters ready to be submitted.

Merchandise Coordinator – Michelle McBrien
-Only have a few shot glasses left, have poker run and picnic shirts. Stated I have heard a few people say they were going to wait til the shirts were reduced to $5. I clarified that the shirts cost us more than $5 and would not be reduced to that price. Asked people to buy them so I didn’t have to cart them back and forth to several meetings. Also did a brief overview of the Poker run, thanks the volunteers for all their help as we couldn’t do it without them. Also thanked the participants for attending and said it was a very successful and fun day. Then followed it up with passing along that Bob Stefanowski had a meeting with NSSF and it went well. He has their backing. Scott also had a conference call with NSSF on his way to the meeting. He has more info regarding that. All done.


Permit Issues Coordinator – Jonathan Hardy

-Discussed current cases at the Board of Pistol Permit


  • October Food Drive – for nearly eight years, CCDL has collected and distributed food for those in need at our monthly meetings. Thank you to all of our members who generously donated canned goods and other non-perishable items to our January meeting.
  • 2018 State Elections – 2018 might be a pivotal year for gun rights in our state. It all comes down to CCDL members becoming engaged in helping pro 2A candidates hold and win seats. This is the most effective way any one member can protect their rights.
  • Letter Writing Campaign – all CCDL members are encouraged to write pro-gun letters to the editors of news organizations.
  • Debate at Garde


  • Guest Speakers
    • Campaign Manager for Senator George Logan- Chuck Pyne
    • Lynda Szynkowicz- Candidate 33rd House District
    • Campaign worker for Andrew Lockwood- Candidate 46th House District (Matt Long)


The next General Meeting of Connecticut Citizens Defense League will held on November 13, 2018 at Elks Lodge 44 Maynard Street, Middletown CT.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM.



Scott Wilson called the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 pm


Cheryl Lemos – Secretary CCDL

October 16, 2018

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