Senator Winfield, Representative Stafstrom, and distinguished members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary:

My name is [YOUR NAME], I am from [YOUR TOWN].  I am testifying in support of;

H.B. No. 5870 AN ACT CONCERNING TRANSFER OF ASSAULT WEAPONS AND LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINES. This allows for the current property owners to sell their property to other owners. This doesn’t increase the owners.

H.B. No. 5227 AN ACT CONCERNING THE REGULATION OF FIREARMS BY MUNICIPALITIES. Connecticut state statutes already preempts local firearm sale regulations. Connecticut state statutes needs to include the ownership, possession, use, purchase, sale, transportation or transfer of firearms or components for State legal firearms.

S.B. No. 940 AN ACT AUTHORIZING CERTAIN PERSONS TO CARRY HANDGUNS IN STATE PARKS AND STATE FORESTS. This bill would end the prohibition on the carrying of firearms by permitted individuals in Connecticut State Parks. This makes sense since the DESPP and local issuing authorities within Connecticut have already determined that these people can be trusted to carry firearms in public. State Parks should not be treated differently than any other public space in this regard.

I am opposition of;

H.B. No. 7223 AN ACT CONCERNING THE STORAGE OF A PISTOL OR REVOLVER IN A MOTOR VEHICLE. This will create an unintended consequence; currently stolen firearms need to be reported to police within hours. If this bill becomes law, citizens will become reluctant to report stolen firearms because of fear of prosecution. 

H.B. No. 7219 AN ACT CONCERNING GHOST GUNS. This bill is unconstitutional, a direct infringement on my 2nd amendment rights. A direct attack on law abiding, firearm owning citizens and would do nothing to impact criminals.

H.B. No. 7218 AN ACT CONCERNING THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS IN THE HOME. Focus on the prevention. Adopt the Eddie Eagle Program.  It's in place. It's working.  It's cheap and it's effective. Focus on beefing up gun safety education.

S.B. No. 60 AN ACT CONCERNING THE PRESENTATION OF A CARRY PERMIT. Don’t pass a profiling bill, citizens should not be profiled because of their belief of self-protection.  This bill endangers the civil liberties of every citizen from being needlessly detained by police, without reason.