The antigunners are staging another rally in front of the NSSF Headquarters in Newtown. We'll be there again too!

We’ll be meeting on January 18th in front of the NSSF headquarters at 3:30pm, located right off rt 25 at 11 Mile Hill Rd, Newtown. Parking is tough, but you can park behind the Reed School, by the soccer and baseball fields on Old Farm Rd. Any crossing of Mile Hill Rd. is prohibited, except up by Reed School where you park. Remember if you park there you are technically parking on school grounds.

• Bring Pro2A signs.
• Bring American flags.
• Bring a sign thanking the NSSF for what they do.
• Wear your CCDL gear with pride!
• BE RESPECTFUL AND POLITE! Don’t let someone goad you into an argument or fight. Remember the media will be there.

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Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Party have been turning the 2nd Amendment and the 14th Amendment into a partisan issue. They are implying that only Republicans support the 2nd Amendment. Since CCDL is a nonpartisan organization, we are asking CCDL members to call and email those Democrat legislators we have previously endorsed, and ask them to speak out and oppose Governor Malloy's intention to sign an executive order that would violate both the 2nd Amendment and 14th Amendments.
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Governor Malloy is planning on implementing an Executive Order that would deny purchases of any firearm by citizens of Connecticut who may be on a Federal Government watch-list. There are many people on this list who do not belong there. Not only does Governor Malloy intend to decline purchases to those who may be on a government list, he intends to revoke pistol permits, long arm eligibility certificates, and ammunition certificates as well. This action would remove due process and violate the rights of any citizen affected.
Important Note:
When asked by media, the governor stated that people who are on this list should not possess firearms. This seems to indicate that Governor Malloy might be making plans to implement confiscation of firearms possessed by individuals who have not been charged or convicted of any crime.

Please Call and Flood Governor Malloy's Office Today!
Phone: (860)566-4840
Or leave an online response here: link

Let him know that this impending Executive Action is wrong. Feel free to use some of these points below in your statements:
Key Points about the Watch List:
1) For the purposes of this proposed legislation, a “terrorist” is anyone whose name appears on the FBI’s terror watch list. This is not a list of known terrorists. As the name implies, it is just a list of people the FBI is watching for information about terrorism. A person might be watched because a relative, acquaintance or coworker is suspected of terroristic actions. They themselves may be law-abiding citizens.
2) Anyone can mistakenly and unknowingly end up on the terror watch list. You do not have to commit any crime to be added to the list Infants, US senators, Nelson Mandela, and the entire Ford Motor Company have all been mistakenly added to the watch list.
3) There is no deliberate means to remove yourself from the list should you mistakenly end up on it.
4) The criteria to end up on the terror list are unclear and vague.
5) We do not have a clue who is adding names to this list. Adding someone to the list is purely a bureaucratic decision with no accountability, and no opportunity for an individual to refute being added to the list. If Malloy, Murphy and Blumenthal have their way, citizens who have been charged with no crime will lose their Constitutional rights with NO due process.
6) Gun sales to individuals who are on the watch list are already reported to and approved by the federal government. They decline the sales to actual criminals.
7) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has recognized that these lists are inaccurate, unconstitutional, and unfairly target Muslims and people of color, and is currently suing the federal government over their use. They also caution that these lists "shouldn't be used to restrict people's freedoms."

CCDL is concerned that if there is a person actually connected with terrorism, the revocation process will tip them off and possibly hamper a federal investigation.

Further Reading:
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Plymouth is one of the few towns in Connecticut that specifically allows shooting clubs and ranges by permit as long as they meet all applicable regulations. These regulations currently include demonstrating that there will be no adverse effect on neighboring properties with respect to traffic, noise, and safety. The regulations also require supervision by qualified personnel, limit the range to sport shooting (ie skeet, trap, target) and limit the range to operation during daylight hours only. The town must issue a permit before they can operate, and the range must meet all other federal, state and local regulations (environmental, zoning, etc).

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 there will be a public hearing at Plymouth Town Hall to consider a petition to change this and outlaw all future outdoor firearm clubs or ranges. You may download a copy of the proposed amendment here: Proposed Amendments To Plymouth P&Z Regulations (pdf)

CCDL feels the current regulations more than adequately address both existing and any future shooting clubs. While there are currently two clubs located in town, there is no guarantee they will operate forever. If they close, not only do Plymouth-area residents lose a nearby place to safely and legally enjoy an American tradition, they lose a place to exercise a Constitutional right.

Also, while the petition is likely a reaction to a proposed private gun club, the petition as written would appear to outlaw outdoor shooting on private residential property as well. If this petition does move forward, this issue must be addressed and clarified.

We encourage all members, especially those who live and pay taxes in Plymouth to attend this public meeting and voice your opposition to this petition.

Both residents and non-residents may speak. You will have a 3 minute time limit, so make your points quickly. Please be polite and respectful, and be aware the media may be present. Limit your comments to how this regulation would effect you or the town.

Date: November 12, 2015
Time: 7:00pm (but we suggest getting there around 6:00-6:30)
Location: Town Hall - 80 Main St, Terryville, CT in the Community Room on the ground level. There is limited parking in the front of town hall but there is ample parking around back.

What else you can do:
•Write a letter to:

Plymouth Mayor David Merchant; 80 Main St, Terryville, CT 06786
Or submit by online form

Plymouth Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Carl Johnson; 80 Main St, Terryville, CT 06786
Or submit by online form

•Email a "letter to editor" to your local paper saying how you oppose this and the negative effect this will have on the town.

Waterbury Republican-American: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Bristol Press: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Important: Include your full name, address and telephone number for verification purposes.)

If you have any questions contact CCDL Legislative Coordinator; Ray Bevis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

plymouth land use meeting