ATTENTION CCDL members in Northwest Connecticut!! Meet YOUR Regional Manager

In our ongoing effort to increase our effectiveness in advocating for our Constitutional rights, CCDL has developed its Outreach Program. We have also named the regional managers that together will cover the state.

The aim of the Outreach Program is to maximize CCDL’s grass-roots efforts to fight for ALL of our Second Amendment Rights through a structured organization framework. CCDL has more than 35,000 members and the Outreach Program will work to better leverage those members by assigning representatives in each of the 169 towns in Connecticut! Each representative will have enormous support by leaders who will guide and assist them in working for all of our Second Amendment Rights. If you have had ENOUGH of the gun-grabbers taking away YOUR rights, we want to help YOU help all of us!! Click the link below to see what Region your town is in and contact that Regional Manager to learn more.

"Hi, I am James Ritchie. I am the Regional Manager of the Northwest Region.

I have been providing testimony on gun issues to the legislature since 2013. I have a strong relationship with my State Representative and Senator. In addition, I am an NRA Instructor and a leather holster crafter. I also hold a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and instructed for 10 years.

I am currently retired but have been a jack of all trades. I have been a journeyman tool & die maker, a MCSE, Web Master, CompTIA, and Novel certified instructor, ethical hacker in both the physical and logical realms, a certified Information Systems Security Professional and Certified Information Systems Auditor, an audit manager and security manager. I am also a published author on Information Systems auditing.

I am very excited to help CCDL in its Outreach efforts to fight for the Second Amendment."