7:05 Open meeting with moment of silence, pledge


7:12 Executive Report - President


7:14 Executive Report - Vice President


7:14 Executive Report - Treasurer

The picnic rocked. Money was made at the picnic this year.


7:18 Coordinator Report - Membership

Passed the 9000k mark last week

9104 total members

485 new this month


7:18 Coordinator Report - Events

Had a baby (well, wife did)

Attended meetings


7:19 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues

Hearing this week

Lots of e-mails received on various permit issues: requirements, extra fees, letters of reference, etc.

Anyone with problem should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


7:21 Coordinator Report - Technology

Sent out e-mails and updated website.

Maintenance to the membership list


7:21 Coordinator Report - Merchandise

Really had a baby

Hoodie pre-orders available at this meeting and next. Preorders ONLY AT MEETINGS


7:25 Coordinator Report - Fundraising

Poker Run - Sept. 21st.

Registration at Woodbridge Trading Post 930-1030.

Next stops: Cheshire, Wallingford, Bristol, Southington

Live Band: After Midnight (80s rock band)

Sponsors, raffle.

Breakfast will be sold at Woodbridge.

Raffle grand prize is a Springer soft tail. Next four prizes are guns.

Bruno hosting another pig roast.

Sunday Oct 6th, 12-4


7:38 Peter Kuck litigation update

Peter Kuck's 7-year denial of due process case is heading back to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

Won last time, sent back to District Court. District Court says a 7-8 month waiting period for a hearing on pistol permit denials/revocations is not unreasonable.


7:43 CCDL and CCS Litigation Update - Brian Stapleton

Finalizing Motion for Summary Judgement, which is reason for missing last meeting.

Complaint in lawsuit that law is unconstitutionally vague.

Filed for a preliminary injunction.

Alfred Covello selected a Judge. Senior status judge.

Judge Covello has chosen to move the case along quickly.

Contrasting with NY SAFE Act lawsuit (Judge taking more time reviewing things) Possibly 24 month at the trial level in the NY case.

Judge Covello has issued a fast-tracked scheduling order.


State asked for extension of time (this is common)

State has until Oct 11th to oppose Summary Judgement Motion

November 11th to respond

December for oral arguments if either party requests (we certainly will)

No matter which way the Judge decides in December, the losing party will certainly appeal to the 2nd Circuit.


8:22 Break


8:48 Events

Thanks for coming to picnic

5th Annual Dinner coming up in (Probably March)

Hunting and Fishing Show is Mid-February


8:50 Open Forum


8:58 Close of meeting


7:08 Meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance, and opening words from the President


7:15 Executive Report - President

Appeared on The Real Story with Al Terzi

Met with the Litigation funding partners


7:15 Executive Report - Vice President

Conducted business as usual


7:15 Executive Report - Secretary

Nothing to report


7:16 Executive Report - Treasurer

Covered Income last month (excludes Litigation Fund)

Covered Expenses last month

Helped with numerous tasks


7:25 Coordinator Report - Legislative/Permit Issues

Attended hearings last month. Backlog is down some..

If you know someone having a problem getting their permit, have them contact Jonathan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


7:29 Coordinator Report - Technology

Sent out e-mails and updates.


7:30 Coordinator Report - Merchandise

Sales are High.


7:30 Coordinator Report – Fundraising working on Poker Run and raffle

There will be a 2A Poker Run (motorcycle ride) September 21st. Other fundraisers are being put on by outside organizations to raise litigation funds.

August 24th is the CCDL Family Picnic. 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. It's free and a good time. Bring your kids there's a play ground near our site.

7:43 Coordinator Report - Membership

About 7,900. Members


7:50 Special Guest- Penny Bacchiocci Exploratory campaign for LT Governor


8:00pm Martha Dean presented litigation update to membership


8:15 Open Forum

8:30 Break


New Business:

8:50 Fundraising Events

CCDL Picnic Volunteers

Need Help

August 24th is the CCDL Family Picnic. 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Open Carry is allowed.

Bring something to sit on. Feel free to bring a dish to share.


9:00 Close of Meeting