Meeting started at 7:03 with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
Opening remarks by Scott
Legislation enacted 1 year ago
Anti gun foes trying to lull owners to sleep
Public hearing tomorrow on 3 bills
Anti gunners end goal is a long term plan of disarmament
Submit testimony and attend the hearings if at all possible
Presidents report
3 month mark from oral arguments in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals
Perhaps up to 6 months before a ruling
Been communicating with media, legislators
Writing testimony
VP Report
Food bank donation delivery
Fighting for our rights
Attend Legislature for testimony if at all possible
writing testimony to submit.
Treasurers Report
The fight against the anti-gun crowd will take years
Don't lose the fight, don't give up don't stop
Educate other gun owners and friends
As of the end of February:
Peoples Bank     $7675
Paypal                $4565
Donations+Tix    $2990
Merchandise       $2361
Total                     $5351
Paypal fees/shipping    $370
Supplies/printing           $1081
Web,Hall, Tax                $4632
Total                             $6083
Peoples Bank Litigation    $78,134
Total Litigation income      $580,882.62
Expenses Legal                $485
Bank Fees                        $260
Misc                                   $24
Operational money to Litigation fund $4677
Due to operational account from Lit    $3807
Events Report
Dinner plans  Sunday @5:30  New Life Church
Gifts on hand Guns and ammo
Hunting and Fishing show
Snow on setup day.
Met an anti-gunner
Met a lot of people and got the word out
14 Volunteers so was well covered.
Legislative Report
Changes to Testify procedure
Bottleneck at metal detectors
Get to LOB early
Decorum - Don't rise to anti-gunners bait, they want us to look bad.
Submit written testimony
Plan to spend all day there
Food and wifi (free and open) available in LOB, bring a phone charger
Permit issues
Towns are charging the wrong fee for background check $16.50 let Jonathan know.
Merchandise Report
Few Poker run shirts left, 2 picnic left
$5 section
Decals, Bling, etc, and we take paypal credit
Guest - Senator Joe Markley
Stay involved
3 Bills pending
1 "safe storage" bill
2 Domestic violence bills
None of the 2 DV bills address violation of rights and no due process
Kudos to Rob Sampson for his work
Elections have consequences and the anti's know it
Some very strong 2A folks got elected
Plans to attach distasteful amendments and counter proposals to bad bills
Safe storage = Burglar protection act
Pledge to remember the votes and fight them at the polls
Keep getting strong legislators elected.
Question and answers.
Break at 8:00pm
Ray Bevis - Legislative breakdown
3 bills we are against
Metal detector etiquette
Meet in Rm 2500
Stickers to show CCDL membership/support
Lottery system to testify 8:30-10:00am
After 10am you go to the bottom of the list
Show up to see testimony even if you don't testify.
You will get 3 minutes to address all 3 bills
Use personal scenarios if you have them to grab their attention
If you can get them to ask a question you get extra time to answer and elaborate
Dress code - No camo please
Should be streamed on CT-N for those who can't come.
Mona Starwhiskey
Metacon is hosting the 12th annual Women on Target shooting clinic on Saturday June 6th.  Start at 8am
1 hour safety training
1 hour range
1 hour range
Open to 13 or older (13-18 must be accompanied by an adult)
$65 per person
For more info take a flyer or ask questions
8:38pm  Close of meeting
General Meeting Minutes - 2014-04-08
7:06 Open Meeting
7:10 Executive Reports - President
Communicated with Attorneys and 2A candidates
Participated in media interviews and fielded e-mails.
Attended the NY and Connecticut gun rights rallies
7:10 Executive Reports - Vice President
Delivered the non-perishable food donations to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Attended the Executive Member Meeting
Ordered more magnets ($5 @ meetings)
Ordered rally signs
Attended the NY and Connecticut gun rights rallies
7:12 Executive Reports - Treasurer
Please don't fold the money you put into donations buckets. It makes more work for us
$26,676 income
$20,123 net expenses
7:15 Coordinator Reports - Membership
13,382 members
735 new this month
7:16 Coordinator Reports - Events
Attended the Executive meeting
Did lots of leg work for the CCDL Rally
Put on the CCDL Rally
7:16 Coordinator Reports - Fundraising
Sun. May 18th @ Cadillac Ranch from 12-4
$20/person all proceeds going to Litigation fund
Tickets available online and @ next meeting
Try to buy early so we get a good head count.
Wildcat Hill will be the band.
Concealed carry only (at request of Caddilac Ranch)
June 5th, Cenicolla's Deli in Clinton is having another Pig Roast
7:20 Coordinator Reports - Merchandise
Iron-on patches are now available at meetings
Also lapel pins
7:21 Coordinator Reports - Technology
Few updates to the website. Sent out e-mails to members
7:22 Open forum
7:55 Penny Bacciochi for Lt. Governor
Penny is having an event at Tommy's Pizza in Middletown
At 4:30 on May 13th.
7:58 Litigation Update
Appeal deadline is May 16th.
Brian Stapleton may be attending the May meeting.
Tami Zawistowski for State Rep in 61st district
Friends of NRA in Torrington needs commitee members to help plan and organize.
8:02 Break
8:15 Liam Heller
Handed out 500 pocket constituations and raise $650 for the Litigation Fund
8:17 Candidate: Kie Westby - Attorney General
8:24 Candidate Sal Lilienthal - 5th District US Congress
8:29 Candidate Walter Reddy - 26th State Senate District
8:36 Candidate Aundré Bumgardner - 41st State House District
8:47 Candidate Doug Dubitsky - 47th State House District
8:51 Pro-2A candidate list
Brian trying to put a website together to coordinate efforts and consolidate info
8:53 Upcoming events
Poker run and family picnic are being planned.
Additional fundraisers
8:55 Candidate Richard Demko - 105th State House District
8:57 Close of Meeting