General Meeting - 2015-02-10
7:07 Open Meeting
7:13 President
Held executive meeting
7:13 Vice President
Busy being Mr. Mom.
Brought the donated food to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission
7:14 Treasurer
Income: $2,666
Expenses: $2,110
Total Lit. donations: $576k
Total Lit. expenses: $511k
Windsor Marksmen Association donated $500
Ongoing New Haven Sportsmen Club donation $1,000
7:19 Membership
17064 total
373 new
7:19 Events
Attended the Executive meeting
Hunting and Fishing show this weekend @ Convention Center
Anniversary Dinner is March 15th at New Life Church in Wallingford. $40/person
7:21 Permit Issues
Meriden area starting to arresting people who don't fill out application accurately.
SLFU threatening to arrest for not changing address within 48 hours of moving
Be careful what you post to social media. People in Middletown are watching.
Been helping someone for a year whose town is in bed with CAGV and ended up dying. Town trying to say he shot himself in a car accident.
Make the town follow the law when applying for your permit. Stay on them.
Backlog is currently over two years.
7:31 Merchandise
Holding off new hats due to embroidery issues.
7:33 Special Guest
Quentin Dreher - running for 23rd Senate District
7:43 Presentation to the Carrier Family
Plaque presented to the Carrier Family for their help over the years.
7:45 Open Forum
7:49 Break
8:06 Proposed Legislation Breakdown
(Please see blog for updated information)
8:49 Close of meeting
General Meeting - 2014-12-09
7:05 Start of meeting
7:07 President
7:10 Treasurer
Income: $4,550
Expenses: $1,227
Total Litigation Donations: $568k
Total Litigation fees to date: $485k
Donation received from collection taken by Niantic Sportsmen's Club: $335
New Haven Sportsman's Club monthly donation: $1,000
7:14 Len Suzio
Thanks for volunteering to all members who helped.
Even though we lost, we sent a message to the legislator who voted for S.B. 1160.
7:18 Membership
264 new this month
16,387 total members
7:20 Merchandise
New T-shirts available on website. They're grey with a white logo.
7:21 Testimony Tips and Update on Lazurek case
We must stay engaged. We gained a lot of momentum during the election and we need to keep it going.
Sign up fro CT General Assembly website to keep track of bills.
Case @ Board of Firearm Permit Examiners: guy had permit yanked. Police Chief lied as basis for pulling permit.
Lazurek: New tactic from the state. They pulled his permit to prevent him from working. During the hearing, the judge kept correcting correcting the State's Attorney on the law. Hearing on stay decision in week. Looks good for Scott to at least keep permit during court proceedings.
7:27 Gun Seizures
State using anything and everything to take guns. Be mindful of attempts to use Temporary Restraining Orders.
7:30 Appellate Hearing and Fund raising
Since there were no oral arguments @ district court, this was our first chance to argue in court
Lead Attorney: David Thompson (with Stephen Holbrook and Brian Stapleton)
David was well briefed. Argued strongly and attacked the states expert witness vigorously.
Both state's relied on Mother Jones for "expert witness"
By time it gets to this level, Judges have been fully briefed and may have already figured out how to rule, but are looking to solidify their arguments.
Possibility to expand fund raising efforts beyond the state after progressing past 2nd Circuit court.
The legal team is to be commended for their efforts
7:53 Interacting with Urban Communities
Mark Twain Forum to be aired on C-Span befor eChristmas.
How can we take the next step?
What do we do about a gun buyback program? When guns/2A are mentioned, urban citizens think about gun violence.
Where can urban residents go to get licensed? Practice?
How can we help those in urban environments?
There is not a voice opposing CAGV and others talking about gun violence.
7:58 Upcoming CCDL Events
We'll have a table at the Hunting and Fishing show: Feb 14-16.
No details on the dinner yet. We'll have details and tickets next month.
8:00 Possible CT Compliant AR
Doug Hoon worked with Atty. Greg Miller to design this CT compliant semi-auto firearm.
8:17 Final Topics
Arnie from CT Sporting Arms collected $300 in donations from his customers for the litigation fund
8:20 Close of meeting