CCDL Inc Meeting minutes December 8, 2009

19:05 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

Attendees: (Removed from the minutes for online publishing)


19:03 Introductions –New members and existing members.

19:07 Scott Welcome to everyone, thanks for the support

19:09 Executive Reports – President

Distributed cards and placards to multiple gun shops and clubs

Change of officers work done with the bank

Attended YCGG gun show and supported 2A march

Web update

Change of registered agent

Change of officers

Executive Meeting at Hoffman’s on Dec 1.

Webmaster position to technical coordinator posting for 30 days

Procedure for coordinators

Reports from Kevin (2A etc)

Radio Interview coming up

Attended Trap shooting with the legislators at Wolcott Land Owners (LOPA)

Filmed a segment “What you should know” with Hartford Public Access channel (Judy)

Will be on later

Registered trademark with secretary of state

19:13 Secretary Report for Justin by Lenny

Pistol permit issues for various towns/cities collecting forms

Thank Tim Smith and John Kumiega

Resolution to address inadequacies in bylaws

Ready for January Meeting


Permit issues discussion and local issuing authority to determine suitability.


19:21 Committee reports

Membership – Nick

281 members now

Gun stores without cards let him know


Events coordinator – Kevin

YCGG turnout volunteers good

2A march – big interest

Folks without computers are not interested in learning about web-based content

Call in number?

TV show thanks to Judy Aron

Events 1st annual CCDL dinner in February

Mid spring – free food snack at a rest area?

Firearms safety rules – policy when meeting

Needs help in very near future due to impending birth of a son (congrats)

CCDL “Is that Legal?” tri-fold brochure, well received.

Packet of info for non-computer people (as mentioned above)


Virginia asked if there were plans for busses for April 19th DC march

Tax/Tea party march April 15th in DC

CT 2A march in Hartford 10th April

Google phone voice mailbox free

Fund raisers – benefit 2A national march?

Hats for sale $15.00 each


19:30 Volunteers – Steve L, Chris, Cheryl, to get with Kevin.

Petition for State Legislators to support 2A


19:31 Legislative Advocacy Coordinator – Steve


Dec 5th Saturday – Trap shoot at Wolcott Land Owners Protection Association

Hans Justus – President of WLOPA


  1. Experience shooting sports in a safe environment
  2. Meet club officers and members
  3. Meet CCDL and learn the organizations mission
  4. Pave the way for more community awareness

It was a snowy day

Representatives Rosa Rebimbas and

Dave Labriola attended, as did Jake McGuigan from the National Shooting Sports Foundation

With our own Steve, Scott, Lenny and Justin

Check out for more information

Will invite Corky Mazurik – pro-gun Democrat

Hopefully WLOPA will hold more of these type events in the year

Breast Cancer benefit shoot

Marshall Robinson, noted State Police ballistics expert and WLOPA Vice President, testifies for DPS etc.

Was welcomed as a new member and we should find a position that could use his expertise.

Question: How many legislators are on our side? Against? On the fence?

Majority on the fence.

Mary Fritz from Cheshire was proudly gun control – after hearing testimony said at a hearing “we are going down the wrong road” a good outcome.

Do more awareness things in the 4 corners of the state.

Smaller events

Contact local people to go shoot


19:44 Webmaster report – Virginia

Pay pal donations $197.55 deposited to the bank account

Menu changes in proper places

Newsletters under “About” menu

Tee shirts – In limbo, part of Jay’s basement for shipping area?

Q – How many members donated?? Not tracking that information


19:48 Lenny passed around the hat for donations.

19:50 Open forum-

Thanks to Aron family for TV show exposure

Sweatshirts? Prices to come as well as for embroidered polo shirts

Collection of Statutes in state to combine in one place – Legislative area posting local ordinances.

Lenny said we have lots of work to do and need involvement.

Gaye – Legislators, need to educate them to become an expert authority and able to get information quickly, suggest to them to contact CCDL for help.

20:00 Steve – This has been tried before but died out. Needs to be revived.

20:04 break

20:26 Scott – Old business

Tee-shirts online sales

Teams of people to visit gun shops

2A march

Proposed legislation from DPS

Legislative shooting event

Town permit issues, collect all non-standard procedures/forms

Tables for Friends of the NRA banquet


20:29 Proposed new business

NRA Banquet $50/head Nutmeg is the biggest in the country

Lenny – Purchase table(s) for CCDL

Pledge type deal, counts of people, sheet sent around

Usually held on Friday at the end of March or early April

Held in Southington at Aquaturf

Cheryl and Chris will oversee getting info and such on that.


20:36 Fishing and hunting expo at Hartford February 26th-28th

Table? $150 for non-profit

Jeff – print out bills to show hunters the laws are going after them now

Staffing for show – not Kevin

Volunteers – consensus we should get a table

20:45 Scott – show of hands to go to show


20:46 Ken Baylor – Public Relations Coordinator stepped down

Job description

Send press releases to media

Send press releases to firearms organizations

Field CCDL Questions from media

Contact Scott or Lenny about interest in this position


20:51 Kevin – talking about first annual dinner

Elks Lodge in Rocky Hill 95 people capacity $300

Middletown $500 food extra, must use their caterer

New Britain 270 people $500

American Legion in Thomaston? $300 or so?


20:58 Legislators – Need Gun people to become legislators

Connecticut Patriot Alliance, invite to speak to them

John Election matching funds from state

Scott read political section of CCDL bylaws

21:03 meeting closed