CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      September 9, 2009


19:08 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance


Introductions – New members, existing members.



Descriptions of placards and cards for distribution

Absentee Ballots

Executive membership forms

Voting (those present can vote)

Bylaws (not posted online)


19:13 Reading of the presidents report (Scott)

Placards distributed to various places (Hoffmans, Outpost, etc)

Radio interview on the web-site

New Haven register interview (Sunday 13th paper)

Working with individuals to extend reach to legislators (S Loban)

19:15 MTA Susan/Nick

19:16 VP – no VP currently

19:17 Secretary (Robert) reading of last months minutes

19:26 MTA Susan/Justin – Unanimous

19:27 Registered Agent (Susan)

Logo registration in the works.

19:28 Treasurers report (Jay)

Spreadsheet is available from Jay

$629 Balance

Spent   $500 on Tee shirts, sold 10

Picnic totals

Spent $244 (including $80 for deposit)

Incoming $369 ($145 raffle, $124 donation)

Upside $125

$550 at the end of the night (rent/reimbursements) plus any donations.

Shirts, Hats, and embroidered polo shirts in the works.

19:31 MTA Nick/Susan Unanimous


Marketing report Scott on behalf of Lenny

2nd order for business cards placed

Contacts need to be relayed to Lenny Who/where/when

Wear CCDL tees shirts.  Engage the owner and sales staff.

Receipt to Jay for cards ordered

19:34 MTA Justin/Susan

Judy discussed perhaps some sort of discount arrangements at gun shops.

Hoffmans, Newington Gun Exchange, Steve Hoffman now a member.

S. Loban discussed the adding of reciprocal links on the web page to supporting companies (manufacturers, National shooting sports federation and others)

19:39 Unanimous


Post picnic – great day for all

Open carry position

Gun related matters discussion (10 mins or less)

Susan - look into cards @ shops/ranges/clubs legal clinic


Get a list of 2A supportive lawyers (in case of emergency)

Ralph Sherman

Atty Fishbein (represented Blue Trail)

Serge Mihaly (Valley/Seymour)

Martha Dean (represented Metacon club in US 2nd circuit court of appeals, ran as A/G)

Rachel Baird (Goldberg)

Write some laws, (age from 21 to 18, no permit required for O/C)

Pro-gun proposals Dan

Tea parties, Town halls

Bob Crook – Most experienced lobbyist, hook and bullet magazine, recognizable, credible lobbyist in Hartford.  Bob is in his 70’s was in the army, lobbyist for 30 years.

Neil @ Brooklyn Trading Post (Dan to leave a placard and cards next visit)


19:58 10 minute break called.

20:20 Back to order

Old business

Scott mentioned that the cake was great (of special notice to Lenny)

Volunteering opportunities


Next month nominations for board of directors

Committee Chairs


New Business

Distribute placards and cards to various companies

Mail to Lenny for each placement to go into the spreadsheet (receptivity, etc) for bumper stickers if needed.

PDF documents on the website for self-printing.

New Business suspended for webmaster report


Virginia Webmaster report (Scott)

Mid August was active on the site

Radio interview posting

17 new joins

536 unique visits 94% from favorites

Links from other pages (opencarry, bersatalk, etc)

Article not related to CCDL needs a home (other reading, drop-down menus)

Selling articles on the web site

Group email distro list.

20:29 MTA Susan/Andy Unanimous


New Business continued.

Voting in of the bylaws

MTA Accept absentee Ballots Susan/Nick

Cheryl from Stratford will bring goodies next meeting in Susan’s absence

Jay proposed Open carry support clause

20:35 MT Support  Jay/Justin

20:40 Reworded  Jay/Justin

20:41 Reworded Jay/Justin

20:42 MTTable Dan/Kevin for discussion on CT section of OCDO, Susan, Jay, Scott, Lenny, Robert, Nick etc all to participate.

20:45 Susan – Radio first interview, job well done, applause

Scott keeping in touch with the interviewer in case the opportunity arises again, the interviewer is anti-hunting.

20:47 Justin discussed the bylaws

Based on U. Kansas College Republicans (7 months of debate)

Ready to go, vehicle to put us out there

Engage people and take on legislature

Justin commended for all his work

Lenny commended for his work on the picnic

20:49 Motion to vote to accept the bylaws as written Justin/Susan - UNANIMOUS!!!

CCDL Fundraiser idea for members, spaghetti dinner during meeting

Decembers meeting 3rd hour paid for by Scott for dinner portion

October Nomination

November Elections

20:53 Scott CCDL application form for executive membership (modeled on VCDL)

Ken – Spaghetti dinner Gun shops raffle donated items as fundraiser.

20:56 MT Close, Scott/Ken Done. (call for donations)