General Meeting 2015-01-12

7:12 Open meeting

7:20 Executive Report - President
Communicated with the media
Having a singular issue helps us as an organization stay focused
Helped coordinate 2 legislative workshops (Patchaug and Metacon)

7:21 Executive Report - Treasurer
Income: 3935
Expenses: 1673
Total Lit Donations: 627k
Total Lit Expenses: 564k
Remaining Lit Fund: 75k

7:23 Executive Report - Vice President
Helped scott with press releases
Updated social media/blog/website
Helped Ray with Legislative Workshop PPT

7:25 Coordinator Report - Membership
20846 Total
754 new this month

7:25 Coordinator Report - Events
Dinner coming up
Hunting and Fishing Show as well
Need volunteers for both

7:27 Coordinator Report - Legislative
Feb. 3rd session opened.
Special election time
Primaries - Jan 26th

7:30 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues
Some towns still adding additional requirements. Don't fill it out, file an appeal (almost into 2018)
Constructive denial hearings are only about 4 month backlog.
Even if your firearms are confiscated, you can still sell them through an FFL. SCOTUS says you can't be denied their value.

7:34 Special Guest - Former State Senator Len Suzio - District 13
Considering another run

7:43 Special Guest - Matt Maxwell - Candidate for US Congress 5th District

7:49 NRA Grassroots Field Coordinator Christian Ragosta
Chris Kulpadi is new CT State liason (lobbyist)
After executive orders from obama
Bloomberg outspent NRA 10 to 1 in Virginia and pro-2A candidate still won
Go to clubs, put on events. Get clubs involved. Bring new people into 2A communities.

8:00 Lawsuit Update
Shew v. Malloy has gotten an extension. Need Kolby v. O'Malley (MD) decision to include in filing.

8:03 Close of meeting