General Meeting - 2016-02-09


7:13 Open meeting with national anthem and pledge
In legislative cycle and gun bills have already been introduced

Crucial to help pro-2A candidates get elected and anti-2A candidates unelected


7:16 Executive Report - President

Communicated with atty on drafts for SCOTUS

Communicated with media

Helping with legislative workshop in Patchaug


7:17 Executive Report - Vice President

Updated social media, blog, and e-mails


7:19 Executive Report - Treasurer

Op expenses: 7,004

Op Income: 8506

Lit total: 632k

Lit expenses: 564k

Lit remaining: 81k


7:23 Coordinator Report - Membership

21,285 total

439 new this month


7:23 Coordinator Report - Events

Executive meeting

metacon legislative workshop at King 33.

Hunting and Fishing show and dinner @ Convention center this weekend

Dinner 4-9 @ aquaturf


7:27 Coordinator Report - Legislative update

First leg. Workshop @ metacon

first 2 bills

- SB-20 AAC Carrying while intoxicated

  • 0.10 limit down to 0.08 to bring into line with driving statute

  • Under 21, limit will be 0.02.

  • GB 5054 – AAC Domestic Violence

    • Ex Parte orders are still an issue with this version of the bill

    Public Safety Committee has a concept for a bill

    • AAC Application for temp. pistol permit applications

    • No language yet

Buzz @ LOB that CT Police Chiefs Assoc. will try to get Open Carry addressed.

Open Carry Memorandum was been issued by Atty Gen. Office.


8:10 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues

Interview with WTNH on women an guns

Don't blame people who open carry. We need to stand together against the antis. Whether you agree or not, you must stand up against ANY anti-gun bill because they will use it as a wedge to divide us.

Working with legislators on campaigns

Need help checking municipal codes and getting copies of local applications for permits, especially any additional requirements towns are asking for.

Deep River asks for medical/mental impairments.

Constructive Denials were being pushed up to the front, but are not being spaced out. CDs currently have an 8-9 month backlog (vs 2 years for denials/revocations)

We need applications for permits from every town.


8:27 Clay Cope, Candidate for 5th US Congressional District (against Esty)


8:33 Lawsuit update


8:54 Legislative workshop

Being held 2/13.


8:55 Close of Meeting