7:07 Open Meeting and moment of silence

7:13 Executive Report - President
Communicated with Attorneys and reviewed Appellate Brief
Communicated with pro-2A candidates.
Fielded emails
Conducted executive member meeting in New Britain
Met with Senator Markley and several other about State Senate campaigns
7:19 Executive Report - Vice President
Delivered food to Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Worked with e-members to get new trifold brochures printed.
Arnie from CT Sporting Arms again donates money collected from his customers for litigation fund - $400
7:20 Executive Report - Treasurer
Income this month - $15,245.16
Expenses - $13,815.21
7:22 Coordinator Report - Membership
787 new this month
14,169 total
7:23 Coordinator Report - Events
Annual Family Picnic - 10-4 August 16th at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Dog and OC friendly. Free to the public
7:24 Coordinator Report - Permit Issues
If you know anyone with an appeal coming up, contact jonathan. He's hosting a training session to learn the process.
Appeals are out to 2016 with some towns reverting to old behavior. Generally, we're seeing the same issues from the same towns as repeat offenders.
PSA: Always be completely honest on your permit application, because you can't resubmit until 12 months after you've originally filed.
Hartford's permit detective was denying applications and pocketing the money. We need to make sure he doesn't get his pension.
If you ever had a restraining order, you MUST list it on the application, EVEN IF the arrest was erased from your record.
7:39 Coordinator Report - Merchandise
Cadillac Ranch was very profitable for merch sales.
7:40 Coordinator Report - Fundraising
John Bolton Fundraising Event
- Targeting high-end donors
- To be held at Patterson Club in Fairfield, $1,000/person $9.000/table
Poker Run
- September 27th (Saturday)
- Opening it up to more people by having it end at Cadillac Ranch. Show up for a good time even if you don't ride.
- Still starting at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
7:45 Special Guest - Matthew Corey, Candidate US Congress, 1st District
7:50 Special Guest - James Brown, Candidate US Congress, 3rd District
7:54 Special Guest - Theresa Tillett, Candidate CT State Senate, 2nd District
7:56 Special Guest - James McGovern, Candidate CT State House, 15th District
7:58 Special Guest - Rusty Meek, Candidate CT State House, 12th District
8:01 Special Guest - Doug Dubitsky, Candidate CT State House, 47th District
8:05 New Haven Sportsmen Club donation for $1,000
8:05 Break
8:27 Presentation: Campaign Support for State Senate Candidates
8:56 Close of meeting