Meeting Minutes March 2014


7:05        Open meeting with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.

7:07        Intoductions

James Brown- proud new member running for the 3rd District


7:11        Dave Bicknell- Trapshooting at Guilford Sportsman’s on April 26 to benefit the litigation fund

7:16        Executive Report- President

Spoke with attorneys, anniversary dinner, media, political candidates.

7:18        Executive Report- Vice President

Donated food, ordered magnets, Yale student interview/took shooting, anniversary dinner/auctioneer.

7:21        Donations received from Woodbridge Firearms, Shooter’s Pistol Range, Arnie at CT Sporting

Arms,  and Bob Margolis from Metacon.

7:24        Executive Report- Treasurer

Donations/merchandise $3583. 75

Expenses $6923.35

7:25        Coordinator Report- Membership  Membership for March is 12,630. 920 New.

7:26        Coordinator Report- Events

Executive meeting, reporters, Anniversary dinner, Rally April 5th needs volunteers,

Annual picnic probably in August.

7:28        Coordinator Reports- Fundraising

Bob is absent

May 18th Fundraiser at the Cadillac Ranch from 12-4. Enjoy music, fellow gun owners.

7:30        Coordinator Report- Permit Issues

Attended hearings, constructive delays, still needs blank copies of paperwork

requirements for towns.

7:32        Jim Smith of 2nd Amendment Voters has developed a strategy to get Dems out of the Senate.

7:40        Break

7:57        John French running for State Senate in the 29th District (Don Williams district).

8:13        Mark Lauretano running for House in the 64th District.

8:21        Mike France running for House in the 42nd District.

8:27        Evan Evans running in the 2nd District. Evanevansfor

8:37        Heather Somers running for Lieutenant Governor.

8:52        Martha Dean running for Governor.

9:10        Close of meeting.