[Secretary's Note: Meeting minutes don't generally provide the details of speeches or presentations given by special guests. This month, we have a great summary from Bob Ferguson, our Fundraising Coordinator, posted to our blog. I suggest you read his recap, plus watch the video of Tom Foley's speech. - Kevin

7:08 Start of Meeting
7:10 Announcements
We're having a presentation on testifying at the legislature
Oral arguments in our lawsuit are January 30th [Secretary: now cancelled]
7:14 Coordinator Report - Membership
11,072 Members currently!
7:15 Coordinator Report - Events
Hunting and Fishing Show in February. Need more volunteers.
CCDL 5th Anniversary Dinner - March 1st at the Aquaturf. $55 each. 300 ticket limit
April 5th we're holding a rally at the Capitol. North side (Bushnell Park side). No firearms allowed in Bushnell Park, but they are allowed on the capitol grounds if lawfully carried.
7:17 Coordinator Report - Fundraising
We're sure to get more publicity with the upcoming hearing.
Regardless of who wins in the Federal Court, the loser will appeal. Getting to the Supreme Court is the target.
Spring and Summer fundraising events are being planned.
7:21 Coordinator Report - Merchandise
All regular merchandise for sale at the meeting, but due to demand we're already out of some sizes. We have decals.
Poker Run shirts are still available if you didn't get a chance to pick one up already. Sizes XL and above. Price is only $10.
Hoodies are in and available at the meeting if you pre-ordered one.
7:22 Donations
We received some sizeable donations from Branford Gun club and the Enfield Hunters Club.
Connecticut Sporting Arms has a donation jar on their counter and their customers have been good to us.
We also received a donation from Woodbridge Trading Post who collected donations from customers.
7:24 Special Guest - Tom Foley (http://www.tomfoleyct.com/)
7:50 Presentation on Testifying at the Capitol
"Firearms Rights Legislative Training"
8:42 Litigation Update
Oral arguments on our and sates Motions for Summary Judgement are January 30th at 1:30pm [Secretary's Note: They've since been cancelled. Do not attend]
The case is fully briefed and all relevant documentation has been submitted by both sides.
There is no agreement on any of the facts between our side and the state except that the law was indeed passed.
The decision in New York can be an important indicator of how our case will go, but it doesn't have to be.
There will be a significant amount of work to do at the 2nd Circuit when a decision has been reached in Federal District Court.
9:10 Introduction of Plaintiffs in Shew v. Malloy
9:14 Close of meeting