7:08 Open meeting with national anthem, pledge, and opening words


7:15 Executive Report - President

Cancelled the executive member meeting as many couldn't attend

Attended the Pig Roast

Met with the NRA's head legal counsel to discuss lawsuit strategies

Communicated with outside organisations holding fundraisers


7:15 Executive Report - Vice President

Missed the Pig Roast because his wife was becoming the Connecticut State Trapshoot Woman's Champion


7:15 Executive Report - Secretary

Nothing to report


7:16 Executive Report - Treasurer

3419 Income last month (excludes Litigation Fund)

2367 Expenses last month

Attended the Enfield Parade. CCDL was well represented


7:20 Coordinator Report - Legislative/Permit Issues

3 hearings last month. Backlog is down to 6 months.

2 hearings last month were denials only where about two thirds of the downs never showed and lost by default.

State has now publicly admitted that there is no longer a background check backlog.

Board makeup changes this month. 2 new members (one from Mental Health, one former Superior Court Judge). but they haven't started.

With the two new positions, 5 members need to be present now in order to hold the meeting.

With Public Act 13-3, the towns now have 12 weeks instead of 8 to issue permits. Certain circumstances it could be longer.

Certain offenses prior to 1994 aren't disqualifiers, but if they happened in 1995+, they are.

If you know someone having a problem getting their permit, have them contact Jonathan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


7:29 Coordinator Report - Technology

Sent out e-mails and updates.


7:30 Coordinator Report - Merchandise

Sales are insane.

We were shipping 8 boxes per week, now up to 40+.

This is a volunteer organization. We don't have a warehouse. Please be patient with your orders.

Working on other types of limited run merchandise for sale at meetings only.


7:30 Coordinator Report - Fundraising

Couldn't make it to the meeting, but sent report which was read by Scott.

Thanks to Bruno for hosting the Pig Roast.

Thanks to Skip R. for cooking the pig.

There will be a 2A Poker Run (motocycle ride) September 21st. Starting at Woodbridge Trading Post and ending at King 33 in Southington. Flyer is on Facebook page and a website update will come later. It is a fundraiser for the Litigation Fund.

Other fundraisers are being put on by outside organizations to raise litigation funds.

August 24th is the CCDL Family Picnic. 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. It's free and a good time. Bring your kids there's a play ground near our site.


7:43 Coordinator Report - Membership

8310 Members

266 new this month


7:43 Special Guest - Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Visconti


8:02 Presentation: "Countdown to Change"


8:15 Open Forum


8:27 Break


8:46 Craig Fishbein

Used to be an Anti-gunner. Got better.

Education is key. We need to teach people about being responsible gun owners.

NSSF has filed a lawsuit against the state challenging the validity of the E-cert process.

Not sure how permits are being reinstated but transfers of firearms are being denied, but they are.

Get active in the political process. Representative government shouldn't ignore the people.


8:50 Fundraising Events

We're going to need help with events


8:54 Litigation Update

Motion for injunction was filed on June 26th. Amicus Briefs in support of the injunction must be filed by July 12th.

State has to file their opposition to the injunction by Sept. 6th and amicus briefs in opposition to the injunction must be filed by Sept. 13th.

We have to file our reply to the opposition to our injunction by Oct. 4.

We requested oral arguments on the injunction, and the state "take no position" on that request.


8:57 Legislator of the Year

Last year we chose a Legislator of the Year. This year a decision has been made. An announcement will be coming and a presentation of the award will happen at the next general meeting.


9:03 Volunteers

August 24th is the CCDL Family Picnic. 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Open Carry is allowed.

Bring something to sit on. Feel free to bring a dish to share.


9:07 Close of Meeting