7:08 Open meeting with Pledge and introduction


7:11 Executive Reports - President

Communication with Attorney Dean, gun clubs, and members

Tea Party meeting in Putnam

Created full-time volunteer fundraising position and appointed Bob F.


7:12 Executive Reports - Vice President

Attended Rally at Capitol

Attended the Rob Sampson/Joe Markley meeting in Southington explaining Public Act 13-3 with a Republican lawyer. Not all answers, but some good information.


7:15 Executive Reports - Secretary

Attended Rally at Capitol

Spoke at the Rockville Fish and Game meeting about CCDL and our Litigation effort


7:15 Executive Reports - Treasurer

$18,000 in expenses this month

$6,700 in income (excluding Litigation donations)

All PayPal donations and anything marked 'Litigation' goes to the Litigation Fund. Cannot be used for anything except paying litlgation costs.


7:18 Coordinator Reports - Membership

7550 total members

1400 new this month


7:19 Coordinator Reports - Events

Was voted in as an Executive Member

Attended a dinner for the MET League which is raising funds for our litigation effort.


7:20 Coordinator Reports - Legislative/Permit Issues

Worked a table at Hoffman's raising money.

Board of Firearms Permit Examiners is going well. Lots more appeals.

Last week's hearing a specific town was told they're not allowed to ask for more info or schedule specific times to submit applications.

There will be 2 denial days next month.

Getting about 30 emails a week asking for help with permit issues


7:23 Coordinator Reports - Technology

General maintenance to the website

Sent out emails and updated Facebook.

Spoke at the Rally at the Capitol

Received an offer for website help from a member. This will be discussed at the Executive Member Meeting later this month.


7:24 Coordinator Reports - Merchandise

Last of orders up to date. Should be sent out tomorrow.

Overwhelming demand after S.B. 1160 (Public Act 13-3) passed.


7:25 Special Guest - Representative for Brian Saucier

Candidate for 53rd State Congressional District (Willington, Ashford, Tolland)


7:34 Litigation Update

Attorney Brian Stapleton gave the membership an update.

Attorney Stapleton will be the lead trial attorney.

Steve Hallbrook will likely be handling the appeal.


8:16 Presentation


8:19 Break


8:42 Discussion of the FOIA project to towns regarding permit denials


8:53 Fundraising Coordinator

Any fundraising ideas send to Bob - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll also probably need volunteers to make these ideas happen


8:55 Campaigns

Only campaign right now is the special election in the 53rd district

Hopefully the model we work on here will help with next years elections

We need to change the political landscape


9:03 Upcoming events

CCDL Family Picnic is coming up. Date yet to be determined.

Mike Majewski's 1-year anniversary party for his gun shop is coming up on June 1st.


9:05 Close of meeting