7:05 Open meeting and Introduction

7:09 President's Report
Held executive meeting (discussing Hunting and Fishing show, 2A Rally, Shall issue)
Discussed and voted on the CCDL Media Fact Sheet
Discussed the pro-gun questionairre
Attended meeting about new London town ordinance banning concealed carry
Coordinated speakers for CCDL general meeting
Followed up with Killingly and they've pulled their anti-gun proposed ordinance

7:11 Vice President's Report
Attended the Executive member meeting
Scheduled and attended the 2A Rally meeting

7:12 Secretary's Report
Attended the 2A Rally meeting
Worked on updating the shall issue document

7:13 Treasurer's Report
No major expenses
Sent check for Hunting and Fishing show
Received $78 in donations last month. No merchandise sales.
Spent $766 on the CCDL annual picnic, web hosting, hall rental, and bank fees.

7:14 Membership Coordinator's Report
1776 members
37 new this month
Printed 'Is that Legal?' pamphlet
Attended executive member meeting
Worked with Technology Coordinator to update members list
Arranged table for hunting and Fishing show. I fyou want to help out, please contact Jeff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7:15 Events Coordinator's Report
Attended Executive Member Meeting
Recorded, edited, and uploaded Brian K. Hill's video to youtube
Shredded old raffle tickets from previous raffle

7:16 Technology Coordinator's Report
Updated the website/facebook and sent out e-mails.
Uploaded remaining videos from 2009 2A March.
Reached out to our merchandise vendor about a decal for women to apply to sweathshirts/bags/etc. Waiting on a quote.

7:17 Merchandise Coordinator's Report
Shipped outstanding orders
Attended the 2A rally meeting
Inventoried the merchandise

7:18 Special Guest - Mark Greenberg, Candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District

7:57 Break

8:11 Review of Old Business

8:13 Permit Issue discussion
Number of strange issues around the state.
Hartford breaking basically all of the rules. DPS won't interfere with Hartford because Hartford has a policy. The permitting process in Hartford is taking over 10 months now.
The board has given some suggestions on how to work around the issues being faced around the state.
Florida has a law where if a town ordinance conflicts with state law, the town must remove it from the books or face fines.
Best way to fix the permitting process is to attack suitability
Checking if a candidate is 'suitable' doesn't serve a useful purpose except to put roadblocks in the path of honest citizens

8:43 2A Rally
Original date and location taken @ capital (south side). We can take North side or move to a different date
This requires further discussion
Even will more than likely be on a Saturday.

8:46 New London
Scott attended the monthly Town Council meeting.
Working with Ordinance Keeper to resolve the issue.

8:46 Ideas for actions during the upcoming legislative session
A bill should not be allowed to be brough up in legislature without a name attached.
Something like the Floriday law mentioned earlier
State preemption of local firearms ordinances
Reciprocity with other states
Don't try to enact new laws, amend of repeal existing laws.
Need a round table w/ representatives of both parties  in the Legislature to discuss bringing state law into compliance with Heller and McDonald decisions.
Castle Doctrine reintroduced to cover both Civil and Criminal actions

8:54 National Right to Carry
CCDL has no official stance on national right to carry.
Whitehouse.gov petition to ask for a comment by Obama administration needs approximately 2500 more signatures before they will respond.

8:56 Candidate Questionairre
Current draft needs some tweaking, but probably a good idea.

8:59 Close of meeting