9/13/2011 CCDL General Meeting

19:05 Meeting opened with pledge of allegiance
19:06 Introductions
Agenda: Brian K. Hill, Jonathan H. with BPFE, 2nd Amendment Rally, Outline for Shall Issue, Killingly Town Ordinance, New London Ordinance.

-President's Report: No executive meeting last  month. Brian K Hill to speak. President made a guest appearance on local television; ordinance code writer called in to show & joined CCDL. CCDL picnic. Shall Issue. Killingly issue.

-Vice President's Report: CCDL picnic
-Treasurer's Report: Picnic was good; thanks to Cheryl and Chris. Balance in accounts pf $7633.30. Donations $799. Merchandise $466. Expenses from raffle, etc: $277. General expenses (food, website, hall) $753.57.

-No Secretary's report

-Membership: Helped set up CCDL picnic, coordinated with Tech on database. 1744 members total, 39 new this month.

-Events: Picnic successful

-Tech: E-mails sent, Facebook updates, picnic.

-Public Relations: Newspaper submissions, working on fact sheet for press.

-No Merchandise report

Brian K. Hill, Senate Candidate (seeking to take Liberman's seat)

-JAG in the military, and attorney with broad experience especially in government, from Windsor, CT.
-Running for the Senate because the country is in trouble from attacks on business, uncontrolled spending, and other effects of Democrat policies, especially in the cities.
-Empowerment, not entitlement programs.
-Government has become an impediment to progress, and needs to get out of the way.
-Next major attack on this country will be a cyber-warfare attack, and this is where we need to focus for national security and the military, especially with regard to China.
-Would have supported a Federal law for reciprocal carry amongst states. It's Federal because it's inter-state.

-Q&A by Brian K. Hill

-Motion to waive the break accepted.

-Old Business:
-Picnic, shall-issue reform outline.

-New business
-Jonathan H update on permit process irregularities:
-Has been given an opportunity to address the BFPE about these irregularities.
-A Mr. Sultan was arrested when he confronted a man towing his truck while Sultan had a holstered weapon. In his permit appeals hearing, the BFPE said that open carry IS legal in CT and there's no reason to arrest for Breach of Peace.
-Board is trying to cut down on the back log by having extra hearings.
-Another interesting case: Mr. Martagua had a misdemeanor case in 2010 which shouldn't have disqualified him, but the judge admitted a bias against him because he was a firearms owner and permit holder and wanted to charge him more harshly. Firearms are part of Martagua's way of making a living.
-Brett Braccidiferro was cleaning his gun in his basement, did a function test on the re-assembled weapon, and found police officers outside his house with their hands on their weapons. They asked him to come out under threat of being dragged outside. They said he was outside to intimidate them. Neighbors had heard him cycling the weapon through the window, but he'd left the gun inside. They threatened to revoke his permit and NRA membership. Officers came into his house while he put his gun away, and drew their weapons. There was no request for any identification and no police report filed. He wishes the CCDL to pursue this.
-Jonathan has good access to records to get statistics, like how many permits were granted because the towns didn't oppose it at the hearings.
-Castle Doctrine, Shall-Issue, and Pre-emption are some important issues for the next legislative session.
-1744 is almost exactly 1% of the permit holders in the state.

-Scott with Shall-Issue reform
-We'll need statistics on how the permit process is being abused. About 30% of the towns have information, and many of these are not in compliance with state regulations. We'll need re-writes of the drafts we've got for the proposed law. We're working on getting sponsors and co-sponsors. We'll need people to contact local representatives when we have a final draft.

-2nd Amendment rally at the Capitol this coming April:
-Kevin B did most of the work 2 years ago. This is an opportunity for general members to step up by taking the lead on this. We need to reserve the capitol steps, and create flyers for this; we'll need to arrange the sound system and do set-up and clean-up. Also to be a point of contact with the Capitol Police.
-Several members are interested in working on such a committee. Eric is willing to take the lead on this.

-Killingly town ordinance meeting: Scott will not be attending the meeting, but if there's an open hearing where the public is invited to comment, Scott will go.

-New London ordinance against concealed weapons: the town manager has the ordinance and Scott has been invited to speak about this ordinance on October 3.

-Hartford Mayoral candidate Edwin Vargas wants to ban concealed carry even with a permit. Mike McGary may still be running as a Republican candidate, who is pro-2nd Amendment.

-Jonathan H: we need a questionnaire to send to candidates like this to know where they stand. The problem we need to solve with that is who would head this up. We'll address this at the Exec meeting and next general meeting.

Meeting closed at 21:00