7:05 PM 4/12/2011

Scott opens meeting with pledge and introduction


7:09 PM 4/12/2011

President's Report

Testified against SB 1094 Act banning 'large capacity' magazines

Booked taping for television show on local access

Attended CCDL anniversary dinner

Communicated with legislators on various bills

Received material from outgoing Treasurer and passed it to VP who will be filling in.


7:12 PM 4/12/2011

Vice President's Report

Testified against SB 1094 Act banning 'large capacity' magazines

Attended Anniversary Dinner on April 2nd

Now a member of the NW CT Sportsman Council


7:14 PM 4/12/20115

Secretary's Report

Attended hearing on SB 1094 and submitted written testimony but was unable to stay long enough to be called upon.

Attended the Anniversary Dinner


7:14 PM 4/12/2011

Acting Treasurer's Report

Supplied Secretary with spreadsheets for November/December 2010 to complete taxes

Deposited $1136 cash that was collected at the Anniversary dinner. Books for this event have yet to be balanced (still waiting on receipts) Total cost to be reported next month.

Balance as of 4/7 was 7435, but doesn't include paypal deposits.

Received inventory list from new Merch. Coordinator. Requested an order in that was forwarded to the president for order placement.


7:16 PM 4/12/2011

Membership Coordinator's Report

1458 members. 175 new in past month.

Final preperations for Ye CT Gun Guild gun show.

Attended anniversary dinner and testified on SB 1094.


7:18 PM 4/12/2011

Events Coordinator's Report

Submitted written testimony

Setup and put on the anniversary dinner

Everyone who was shooting at the club was safe and well-mannered. We were welcomed back.

Photos sent to Tech coordinator for website.

Video for the dinner is uploading to internet and will be posted to website soon.


7:20 PM 4/12/2011

Technology Coordinator's Report

Transferred money from paypal to bank account.

Getting online purchases cleared out.

General maintenance on members database.

Sent out e-mails and renewed domain

Submitted written testimony

Set up new Merch. Coordinator with e-mail/paypal/etc.


7:21 PM 4/12/2011

Registered Agent's Report

Submitted written testimony

Made copies of all registration documents for VP.


7:22 PM 4/12/2011

Merchandise Coordinator's Report

Some inventory left, but trying to get more to cover orders.

Submitted written testimony on 1094


7:23 PM 4/12/2011

Open Forum - (Comments, questions and announcements from members, not necessarily CCDL Endorsed)

One member wants to focus our efforts on "trouble maker" lawmakers. Fundraising effort to support their opponents.

- Candidates we want to support need people willing to get out there on the streets helping candidates out in any way

Having such a large presence at the hearing had a big effect on the legislators. If every gun club was as involved as some we could have filled not only the room, but the lobby. Even some not really pro-2A legislators were persuaded by the hearing. For legislators who were there, the hearing had a huge impact. They have to report it out of committee by the end of the week. Otherwise it would have to be brought up as an amendment to another bill on the floor.

We need to get involved. It's hard to find people now adays willing to do that. Legislators are getting back to people who write e-mails. There is a good reason to have open-carry in our state. It's not just for city dwellers.

Committment from one sportsment club to have legislators come and learn handgun safety at their range. Other clubs should do the same.

Rich B. going forward on case where he was arrested for open-carrying at the pool hall. Rachel Baird will be the attorney(withregardtorights.org)


7:44 PM 4/12/2011



7:57 PM 4/12/2011

Gun Bill update

SB 1094 banning standard capacity magazines has until Friday to get out of committee. If not, it dies in committee, but can still be amended onto another bill. Keep contacting your legislators and get your friends to do the same. If your legislator has respond, thank them even if they didn't agree with your position.

HB 5800 - gun registration - died in committee. Can still come back as a

SB 42 - Range safety - died in committee. Probably won't be brought back up this session.

SB 1017 - Merging the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners into DPS - Voted out of committee. Now in committee for General Law.

SB 1096 - Criminal possession of ammo - unknown today. results should be up tomorrow.

SB 547 - Definition of Assault Weapon - looks like they stripped out language for C&R licensees.

SB 5263 - Pistol Permits by Mail - Moving along, thought it looks like they upped the price of the permit in the process

Amy will be happy to take questions on bills or the legislative process - oldshotgun [at] live [dot] com


8:15 PM 4/12/2011

Gun Shop Visits

We've got a new volunteer who's been driving around to gun shops promoting CCDL. Trying to convince them to promote us.

We should leverage any members who are also members of gun clubs to try and get a presentation made at their clubs promoting CCDL and showing them who we are.

"We're not using the first amendment properly because we're losing our second amendment rights." is the message he's going to be pushing.

Share pro- and anti-2A stories from around the country with anyone in the state. The more information we have, the better we will be able to protect our rights.

He's working on his own, but could use help.


8:27 PM 4/12/2011

Ye CT Gun Guild gun show

At Elks Lodge in Widnsor: Sat 9-4, Sun 9-2.

Contact Jeff if you can volunteer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


8:30 PM 4/12/2011


Permit for picnic can't be gotten until Memorial Day when the office opens.

Talk of another raffle or fundraiser, but we need to discuss with the attorney.


8:31 PM 4/12/2011

Jonathan H.

Represented gun owners while Channel 3 got some footage for a new story.

Brochure's are now at Wolf's.

Hoffman's is blowing through 70-100 brochure a day.

Instructors should put the Brochures in the packet.

Suitability study

-Looking for permit applications/instructions from all 169 towns and cities in the state.

-If you can, go to the town and get an application even if you don't need your permit and forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Need information from good towns and bad. Even if they don't require any additional information, send in the data.

-If they're only verbally telling you they require additional information or the process will take 3+ months, etc., let jonathan know as well.

-Jonathan's website is ctpistolpermitissues.com

Every time someong appeals to the BPFE, the State's attorney (DPS staff member) is submitting an objection every time Peter Kuck is involved with a case.


8:44 PM 4/12/2011

Tax Day Tea Party

April 15th, from 12-2pm there will be a rally at the State Capitol.


8:47 PM 4/12/2011

Close of meeting