Meeting called to order 7:05


Pledge of Allegiance


Welcome and introductions

-Opening comments from the President

-Rather than playing defense, we're going on the offensive to keep the State accountable for the protection of our rights. A proactive approach.

-New project is to make CT a true shall-issue state, more discussion to follow


President's Report

-Sent an updated change of offices paperwork to Secretary of the State

-Clarified Paypal issues

-Renewed post office box

-Presided over E-meeting

-Discussed refreshments for this meeting

-Discussed rotating meeting location

-Discussed T-shirt order problems

-Voted to have a booth at the Expo this year

-Discussed community service project

-Discussed qualifications for E-members

-Discussed and voted on the new project to campaign for a true shall-issue system by dismantling the local issuing authority, coordinate a consistant effort for members to contact their legislators after they're seated, and provide templates and resources for them to do so.

-Will personally contact legislators for this project, get them to propose favorable laws

-Concentrate on gun shops and shooting ranges to support this project


7:12 Vice President's Report

VP out of state, no report


Secretary's Report



Treasurer's report

Just under $9k in bank, some of the checks we wrote this week haven't cleared yet


Membership Coordinator:

36 new members this month

total 1078


Finalized arrangements to book a table at the 2011 CT Hunting/Fishing Expo

Attended E-meeting

Picked up more Is That Legal Brochures

Corresponded with new members regarding the CCDL


7:15 Events Coordinator

-Annual party coming up, working to change date to early March because earlier date conflicted with Expo, probably will be 1st Saturday in March


LAC position open


Technology Coordinator

Out of state, no report


Public Relations

Out of State


Registered Agent



7:17 Merchandise Coordinator

-Last meeting, total of $128 in sales, 7 T-shirts, 2 magnets, 2 pins

-Issue with T-shirt printing, supplier wasn't getting our e-mails so didn't print the orders, should be resolved soon, but now missing many of our larger sizes


-Questions from the floor

-Nicholas V--Jury Duty--had to leave guns in car, because there's no way to secure weapons at the courthouse? Answer, yes, none. Also there is a policy by the BFPE that it's irresponsible to lock your gun in your car.

-Amy S.--Florida sends out a pamphlet explaining the law when you get your permit, with examples to clarify. We should suggest to DPS that lists every gun law and gives a synopsis of what it means.

-Jonathan H. says they just give you a card now, in CT, with the website on it.

-Alex S.--Webster bank is said to prohibit guns, but there was no sign. Is it against Federal law to carry a gun in a bank? Answer: no.

-Mike B.--says he was forced to leave his sidearm and even multi-tool in the car at DPS to renew his permit. We need more clarity on these issues.

-Scott W. says we can bring it up at the next E-meeting but suspects they'll bring up budget issues to refuse to do it.

-Town ordinances stricter than State law--does State preempt town? For instance, town ordinance prohibits carry of a loaded firearm within 500 yards of a town building, thus effectively prohibiting travel through the center of town. Answer: probably towns can preempt, including New Britain's ban on concealed carry.

-Jonathan H. says that in New Britain they say they they prefer you not to open carry, though concealed carry is illegal.


-OLR report requested from State recieved by Bob Crook, and we got it from him via an e-mail from Coalition of CT Sportsmen.


7:28 Break

-Meeting called back to order 7:42

-Rich B. and Jonathan H. have a proposal to form the "Defensive Action and Response Committee", to respond to violations of rights. Actions include letter writing, phone calls, legislation. Working with the media to get the word out when this happens, before the police get this info out. This will be a more visible branch of the CCDL, giving backbone to our responses. Hopefully will include members experienced in FOIA requests, responses to police departments, etc.

-Rich is willing to lead this if he's the one chosen to do so

-This will be discussed in the E-member forum and in the next E-member meeting


-Old business brief last month, no further discussion needed.


-Food drive for community activism, proposed by Virginia B (at E-member meeting).


-Stephanie C. proposed a voter registration drive for this year as community service. The paperwork is easy and it fits with our mission.


-Shall Issue lobbying

-An effort to change CT from what it is now to a permit where you apply in one shot to an agency, preferably not DPS, for the permit, without any suitability or other way to disqualify people who are not disqualified by Federal law.

-Jonathan H.--concern is that this might also eliminate the BFPE, meaning that there's no recourse if your permit is revoked.

-Scott W. responded that if they're not Federally disqualified, and there's no suitability clause, then there should be no need for the BFPE.

-Removal of the extra requirements like suitability will eliminate the need for the BFPE, since if you're Federally barred from having a gun you can't have a permit anyway, and if you're not Federally disqualified you won't lose your permit for anything less.

-Amy S.--suggests that we do a little digging and find out from State and towns when, where and why they reject permit applications, which will show us where the hang-ups are.

-Judy A.--would that information come through an FOIA for each Town or just through the State? Amy says that you could get this from the State, and then ask the problem towns.

-Robert C. says we should go back through the minutes of the BFPE sessions, because often the towns who denied them didn't show up or issued the permit just before the appeal, meaning they didn't really care about preventing the person from getting the permit, were just doing it maliciously, meaning there's no reason the towns should have that power, and can't be trusted with that power.


-Doris L., from North Grosvenor Dale in the NE Corner of the State:

-Got her papers after taking her class, and got a big stack of papers from the Town. They asked for letters of reference, had to be mailed in. They say 6-8 months before she can get her Town permit, and demand the letters of reference. Did not turn in letters of reference, but turned in the other paperwork. No recourse until the 8 weeks are up, and at that point she can appeal to BPFE that her due process has been violated. In the meantime, Scott will contact legislators to see if they'll help.


-Is there ever a time when the police chiefs are all in one place, so they could be questioned about these policies? Possibly. Might easier to contact the Police Chiefs' organization. Or Rich B. suggests that we could have a summit for them to attend.

-Soon there will be templates up for members to use to further this project, send letters to legislators, etc.


-When they have public hearings on the proposal to ban open carry, we'll put up templates for that, and attend hearings if there are any.


-Rich B--why have a permit at all? Answer: it's not feasible to get rid of permits at this time.


-Race listed on permit--why? Is that necessary?


-Not this month but next month, we'll need to get new flyers out to shops and cards, too.

-Jonathan H. could handle this for the center of the State.


-John B--state chapter President for Oathkeepers. This year they want to put together groups to study the laws and work on emergency preparedness, since the State may not be able to handle those responsibilities very soon. This may allow us to keep martial law and FEMA out of the State, since citizens can take care of it. CCDL may be willing to participate in this, will be discussed at the E-meeting.

-Judy A.--the CCDL can offer legal advice for these sorts of groups--how to comply with the law on self-defense with firearms. We can also talk to other similar groups, have our members speak at their groups and vice versa. Networking with other organizations.


-Amy S.--The current session of the legislation starts January 5th. We're going to see bills proposed because of the recent shooting at the beer distributor, and there will be 3-5 days notice maximum before the hearings on them, so we need to be ready to testify, if we can.


-Judy A.--it's possible to go to the State website and have them send an e-mail for any updates to a proposed bill or bill so you can track legislation yourself. You can also track legislators, see what they propose. The CCDL will link to this on our website.


8:28 Meeting Adjourned.