7:06 Opening of meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance


If you know of pro-2A candidates, please let an executive member know.


7:08 Executive Reports – President

Attended the 2nd congressional district event and met the candidates.

Facilitate executive CCDL meeting last Monday to discuss upcoming CCDL business.

Contacted numerous political candidates around the state

Led a vote on Craig Fishbein becoming an executive member. He was approved.

Took part in a debate on the Tom Foley endorsement.

Attended WPLR to support CCDL. Only able to attend Saturday.

Ready for a picnic this weekend.


7:10 Executive Reports – Vice President

Received and folded many “Is that legal?” pamphlets.

Attended grand opening of “The Arms Exchange” in Naugatuck. Supplied them with CCDL cards and pamphlets. Promoted CCDL to all customers. PTR-91 wants to donate a rifle to our next raffle.

Delivered “Henry Golden Boy” raffle prize and delivered it to CT Firearms & Tactical in Orange. It has been added to the display of Gun prizes there.

Purchased an Ez-Up so that CCDL would have use of one for the BT Sports Fair and other events.

I personally Sold 10 books of Raffle Tickets so far.

Picked up 40 more books so that we would have enough for the BT event.

Prepared our tent at BT and spent the weekend promoting CCDL and selling t-shirts/hats/raffle tickets.

Put together a test order for CCDL magnets. The Executive Members liked them enough that I ordered 100 more. They are for sale at our events and meetings only! $3 each or 2 for $5.


7:13 Executive Reports – Secretary

Worked with Rich B. on the State Parks Carry Project and mailed a letter to the DEP Commissioner. More later in meeting.

Went to Blue Trail on Saturday Aug. 7th to check out the event and promote CCDL.

While at BT, had a conversation with a gentleman who took issue with a portion of the “Is that legal?” document relating to transporting handguns. Asked an attorney (and CCDL member/NRA instructor) for his opinion.


7:14 Executive Reports – Treasurer

$923.24 in the Bank

$50.00 cash with Merchandise Coordinator

$432.15 cash with Treasurer.

$1,405.39 Total Funds Available / $721.52 Ready in Bank Account


7:15 Committee Report – Events

2nd Annual Picnic - August 14, 2010

David confirmed the grill is ready he will be providing two bags of briquettes

Jeff T. reported people have volunteered to bring mostly dessert items. He will be providing the tomatoes/lettuce/onion.

Will pick up other necessary supplies and food items and bringing potato salad, macaroni salad and coleslaw.

Open carry is permitted – no alcohol will be permitted at this event.

Games will be available

Set up is from 9:30 to 11 AM. Clean up is from 4 to 5 PM

Anyone volunteering food or manpower should notify me or Jeff Tang with details. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

CCDL Fundraiser at WLOPA on August 21, 2010

Reserved the patio area, located at the back, of the clubhouse for food, merchandise and raffle

Raffle drawing is at 1 PM and Heidi Voight will be doing the drawing.

Trap and pistol shooting games with awards presented to the top scoring shooters.

WLOPA clubhouse is open to participants – the bar is available to people are not shooting or have completed shooting events. No firearms are permitted in the clubhouse for insurance purposes.

Finalized the permit for the raffle and distributed to executive members to sell. Raffle tickets are still available.

Preliminary inquiries to plan an anniversary dinner for mid-February.

CCDL will be honoring WLOPA for all their support to our organization with a plaque and check presented by the executive members at their annual meeting in September

Met with Hans and Nick at WLOPA on a number of occasions to discuss the fundraiser.

August 2, 2010 Attended an Executive Board Meeting

August 7, 2010 Attended Blue Trail Sport event in support of CCDL and also took photos for CCDL.

August 1, 2010 Attended a shooting event in New Hampshire and sold raffle tickets – sold 5 books there

August 8, 2010 attended a shooting event at WLOPA to sell raffle tickets – sold 7 books there alone.

Created videos from the last CCDL general meeting when the candidates spoke. Available on CCDL youtube.com page and on CCDL webpage.


Committee Report –LAC

Vetted gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley for potential endorsement. Secured correspondence from Tom Foley indicating support for the 2A and commitment to protect right to legally: purchase, carry and use firearms. Second commitment to seek no new gun laws. Observered remarks Tom Foley made on a tele-town hall further supporting his letter and additional remarks to a caller that he understands CT gun law issues, is a gun owner himself and that if elected Governor, he will work to resolve discrepancies in CT laws and how they are applied. (i.e., permit issues in various CT municpalities)

Supports Tom Foley for Gov. as the only pro-2A candidate. CCDL exec. committee voted and agreed to endorse Foley for Governor. Official announcement of endorsement held until a later date due to tragedy in Manchester.

Communicated with the campaigns for Martha Dean for Atty General and Jerry Labriola for Congress - 3rd District, against incumbent Rosa DeLauro ( rated F  by NRA).

Attended the Blue Trail Range Outdoor Sports Festival and Pig Roast, was interviewed by Chaz and AJ of WPLR Walked the entire vendor line and firing line with: Martha Dean, Jerry Labriola and Tom Foley in an effort for them to meet gun owners and emphasize the importance of Tuesday's primary.

Volunteered time outside of CCDL with Foley's campaign making "get out the vote" calls to support Tuesday's primary and build rapport with Tom Foley's campaign tied to CCDL.

Jerry Labriola has contacted LAC to appeal to CCDL members to raise funds for his campaign to run TV ads for the general election campaign against Rosa DeLauro.

Tom Foley's campaign and Martha Dean's campaign have asked for CCDL volunteer support during their campaigns.

Will attend the WLOPA fund raiser on Saturday August 21st to assist with running the trap shooting portion of the events.


Committee Report – Technology

Transferred $100 to bank account from PayPal. $40 dollars left in account for outstanding orders.

Updated website with YouTube videos created by Cheryl from our July meeting with the candidates speaking.

Created sponsor ad for CT Firearms & Tactical

Updated website and mass emails with featured sponsor graphic for CT Firearms & Tactical.

Added Social Share links to campaign email template (Facebook/Twitter, etc.).

Edited, formatted, and sent email campaigns.

Created fliers announcing our events for August to be handed out at the Blue Trail Sports Fair.

Helped create fliers to display raffle prizes on table at Blue Trail.

Spent weekend at Blue Trail Sports Fair promoting CCDL and selling raffle tickets and merchandise.

Started work on google site for Gun Shop Assault team.


7:27 Committee Report – PR

Sent Martha Dean press release re: our support to press email list.


7:27 Committee Report - Registered Agent

Some documents to file away.

Received proof of certified mail being sent to DEP Commissioner


7:28 Committee Report – Membership

887 total members signed up

63 New members since the last meeting

Attended grand opening of Arms Exchange and spent the day promoting CCDL


7:29 Committee Report – Merchandise

Attended The Blue Trails/WPLR event this past weekend. Sold four hats and 20 shirts. Represented CCDL on Sunday 08-08-10.

Internet sales for August totaled two orders for three shirts.

I missed the last general meeting due to a back injury, so no sales were made at the meeting.

Will have merchandise available at the annual picnic on Sat 08-14-10 and also at the shooting event 08-21-10.


7:30 Open Forum

Kathy Brown Assem. District 89 (CCDL member) having meet and greet at Nothing But Ammo in Prospect Aug 15th 9a-noon. Then moving event to Senior Ponchos in Prospect from 3p-5p.

Addy Nesbit suing state for seizing her weapons under authority of an “At-Risk” warrant before they applied for one. Probate Judge had released her from state custody for not being a risk to herself or others. Appeal brief filed within last 2 weeks.

Ed Peruta had asked several questions in a declaratory ruling which was denied. Submitting new issues directly to Appellate court now that McDonald had been decided. Every firearms issue we’ve been dealing with lately has to due with “suitability.” Ed’s attorney is arguing that suitability is unconstitutional under the McDonald ruling.

Kuck v. frmr. Commissioner of DPS Danaher, Goldberg v. Danaher also being litigated.

887 members in a membership free organization. Ed Peruta has committed to donating $10/month for express purpose of CCDL donating it to an attorney of CCDL executive board litigating firearms issues. To be discussed at next executive meeting.

We can change existing climate in judicial branch of the state.

Internet says CT has 3rd most restrictive gun laws in the country.

Candidates will say anything before the election and will change their mind after being elected. Need to work on candidates before election to make sure they will keep their word.



8:00 Break


8:22 Picnic

Can use help cleaning up, probably OK on setup.

If you want to volunteer to bring food (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or to cook let Cheryl cook.


8:22 Fundraiser

WLOPA is providing range officers for shooting games.


8:25 Gun Shop Assault Teams (Task force?)

Jeff C. has taken a promotion at work and doesn’t have as much time to devote to running assault team.

Suggested Jonathan M. as his replacement.

Assault teams go to gun shops and establish relationships with them. Meeting owners/workers and getting our cards/placards in shops to promote CCDL.

Nick will send map to Jonathan where known gun shops are.

Can get FFLs from ATF website. Might be able to get list of shops from DPS through FOIA.


8:34 Looking for pro-2A candidates

Have to move quick to vet them all.

We’ve been holding off from endorsing anyone until after primary.



8:35 State Park Carry Project

The following questions were asked of DEP Commissioner Marrella and we are awaiting a response:

1.How are permitted individuals notified that they are entering a CT state park or forest and thus are not allowed to carry a firearm on their person in that location?

2.Are individuals notified at all entrances to all state parks or forests that the carrying of firearms within said park or forest is prohibited?

3.Are there signs along roads entering state parks or forests notifying drivers who may be in lawful possession of firearms that they must seek an alternate route around the forest or risk breaking the law?

4.What are the penalties for violating section 23-4-1(c) of the DEP regulations?

5.Does the CT DEP own or exercise control over units of the National Park Service or National Wildlife Refuge System within the state?

6.Can individuals in possession of a valid permit carry a handgun on their person while on the Appalachian Trail and carrying a handgun on their person?

7.If not, under what authority does CT DEP claim to prohibit individuals from carrying handguns on their person?

8.If individuals on the Appalachian Trail and in possession of a valid permit can carry handguns upon their persons while traveling through a CT state park or forest on the AT, what provisions have been made to allow those individuals to use camp sites or rest rooms located off the trail but nearby?

9.Expanding on question 8, what provisions have been made to clearly identify the boundaries of the AT so that hikers lawfully carrying handguns can remain in compliance with DEP regulations?

Ed Peruta suggested asking a Legislator to ask the questions of OLR and have them answer the questions only using the laws and/or regulations, not opinions as a second step.


8:43 Volunteerism

There are projects coming up that we will need help with. If you are interested, contact the executive members.

If you know of pro-2A candidates let us know. We’ll take lists of anti-2A candidates as well.

Fundraiser should be fun. Bring your pistol or shotgun if you want to participate in one of the games.

We will likely be fighting for our rights in Hartford next year.


8:46 close of meeting