CCDL Releases Statement on Colorado Movie Theater Incident

Groton, CT – July 23, 2012 – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), Connecticut's largest and most active grassroots gun rights organization, today released a statement regarding the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO. Says CCDL President Scott Wilson: "The Connecticut Citizens Defense League expresses its heartfelt sympathies towards the victims and the families of the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO. Any instance where violence of this nature occurs, it leaves a mark on our society that is very simply impossible to erase. May there be peaceful days ahead for those affected by this terrible event."

In the past few days, we have heard many calls from elected officials all over the country for increased gun control. The CCDL is prepared to continue working against any further restrictions of our gun rights, which would punish law abiding citizens for the actions of a madman.



Bennett Prescott
Public Relations Coordinator
Connecticut Citizens Defense League