The Executive Committee proudly selects Doug Dubitsky as the CCDL Legislator of the Year for 2019. Doug Dubitsky

Doug serves the 47th house district. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Doug stayed throughout the 14 hour hearing that heard testimony on S.B. No. 60 H.B. No. 7218 H.B. No. 7219 , H.B. No. 7223 , S.B. No. 940H.B. No. 5227 and H.B. No. 5870.

Holly Sullivan, president of CCDL said "Doug's tireless commitment and passion for protecting our rights makes him an outstanding legislator and we are extremely proud to make him our legislator of the year.  He has defended gun rights in the judiciary committee, the house floor and has opposed every gun control bill since elected"


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Representative Dubitsky receiving his award and pictured with Scott Wilson and Chris Lemos.




The CCDL Executive Board proudly selects Melissa Ziobron as the 2017 CCDL Legislator of the Year.

Announcing the award, president Scott Wilson stated the following:

“CCDL would like to express our gratitude for the hard work that Melissa has done to protect our rights as citizens of Connecticut. While many other legislators were very helpful to kill pistol permit fee increase proposals or other gun related bills, this particular year, Melissa has stood out.”

“With Melissa’s effort to get ahead of this important issue, CCDL was able to muster support in time to testify before her committee and oppose these proposed fee increases. In a year of serious fiscal shortfalls, this was no small feat. CCDL and every permit holder owes Melissa a debt of gratitude. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to her on behalf of our members.”

Melissa serves the 34th house district (Colchester, East Haddam and East Hampton). As a ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, she kept a keen eye on budget proposals that would have severely impacted the fees for pistol permits. These proposed fee increases would have been devastating to many gun owners in the state.

Melissa will be attending our monthly meeting to receive her award. CCDL invites our members to join us at the Elks Lodge (44 Maynard St) on November 14th 7:00pm in Middletown, CT to honor her.

Melissa Ziobron

The Executive Board proudly selects Doug Dubitsky as the CCDL Legislator of the Year for 2015. Announcing the award, CCDL president Scott Wilson said:

"CCDL expresses our gratitude and appreciation that there are legislators like Doug Dubitsky who work to protect our constitutionally recognized rights. Connecticut is a brighter place with Doug in office".

Doug serves the 47th house district,and is a freshman legislator. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Doug stayed throughout the 13 hour hearing for Senate Bill 650 and House Bill 6848. Doug queried those who testified about 'Due Process concerns' and followed both of these bills right to the end of the legislative session. Doug was also instrumental in killing language harmful to gun owners in the 2nd Chance Society bill that passed in the special session this year. Doug is a regular at our monthly member meetings, and will receive his award at our August 11th meeting. Thank you, Representative Doug Dubitsky!