WTNH Special Report: Firearm Facts — AR-15

Last night WTNH‘s  Bob Wilson did what I thought was a pretty fair and balanced report on just what is (and is not!) an AR-15. They covered how it is not the same as a military assault rifle, and they covered how though it looks different, it is functionally the same as a hunting rifle. They even covered the fact that the AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite, the company who first marketed it; not Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle. My only complaint is it appears they only showed this on the 11pm news. Hey WTNH, how about putting this on the morning and evening news as well, so more of the public can learn the facts?

Tonight: Channel 8 TV Story About Increased Gun Ownership

Tonight during the 10pm news and then continued at 11pm TV channel 8 WTNH (check your cable or dish tv guide to see what channel WTNH actually is on your system) will be doing a special report on the “Increasing number of gun owners in Connecticut“.

According to the teaser:

“In the past five years the number of Connecticut gun owners has shot up 57%.
News 8 Anchor Darren Kramer has your back by examining this new trigger trend. He’ll investigate the driving forces behind the massive increase in legal guns in the hands of Connecticut residents.”

I urge everyone to watch, DVR, or video tape this to see just how factual the story is. After the story airs, be sure to go to the WTNH website and/or Facebook page and offer your feedback on the story. If you think it was wrong, or biased, or whatever; tell them.
If you think the story was fair, balanced and accurate make sure to tell them that too. Either way be polite, factual, and mention you’re a CCDL member.

Chances are they will post the video online in a day or 2, if they do I’ll update with a link.

UPDATE: Here it is.

Increasing number of gun owners in Connecticut