Sine Die!

Sine Die is Latin for “without day,” meaning a final adjournment. A motion used to close an annual session of the General Assembly. It terminates all unfinished business.

On May 9, 2018 at 11:59PM the Connecticut General Assembly adjourned the 2018 legislative session. This year CCDL tracked six potential 2nd Amendment related bills.  Our members spent numerous hours at a public hearing and contacting their legislators throughout this session. Thank you to all members who took the time to defend your rights here in the state. We all need to stay engaged and advocate for our rights.

Throughout this session two anti-gun bills stayed front and center;

H.B. 5542 An Act Concerning Bump Stocks and Rate of Fire Enhancement Devices

H.B. 5540 An Act Concerning Ghost Guns.

Both these bills had many government champions, paid lobbyists, and anti-rights groups fighting to get them passed.

We had many CCDL supporters in the Republican Caucus trying very hard to prevent these bills from being called for a vote. While H.B. 5542 did get called and passed both the House and Senate, (we anticipate the Governor will sign it into law any day now), we have to acknowledge that these members of the Republican Caucus were instrumental with preventing the ‘ghost gun’ legislation from moving forward. They also were able to amend the bump stock bill to at least include some protections and notifications for lawful gun owners.

Many legislators defended the 2nd Amendment both in the House and Senate Chambers. If you missed the debates, you can watch the House debate or Senate debate  or view the House tally and Senate tally to see how your Representative or Senator voted.

Connecticut residents now have until September 30, 2018 to render their ‘bump stock’, ‘crank device’, ‘binary trigger’ or rate of enhancement device permanently inoperable, remove it from this state, or surrender it to Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for destruction.

The version of H.B. 5542 (pdf) An Act Concerning Bump Stocks and Rate of Fire Enhancement Devices that passed, ultimately bans the sale and possession of  ‘bump stocks’, ‘crank devices’ and ‘binary triggers’. The bill makes the possession of these device a class D felony effective October 1, 2018. ‘Crank devices’ could also include those used by paint ball enthusiasts. The bill did provide that permit holders would be charged with a class D misdemeanor for the first offense and class D felony for any subsequent offense between October 1, 2018 and July 1, 2019. After, July 1, 2019 possession and sales of these devices will be a class D felony. The law gives the courts some discretion if the court finds that a violation is not of a serious nature and that the person charged will probably not offend in the future. It also provides a 90-day grace period for persons who moves into the state. There is no grandfather clause, nor will there be any compensation for the loss of your legally purchased property.

Once again, CCDL would like to point out that the law that did pass does absolutely NOTHING to increase public safely, and was passed solely to provide a feel-good but hollow victory to anti-Constitution, vocal minority groups like CAGV and Newtown Action Alliance. Bump fire is a technique that can be easily replicated without any aftermarket accessories at all. Also, these devices are currently not regulated in the vast majority of other states, or at the federal level. Meaning any criminal actually intent on still obtaining one of these so-called ‘Rate of Fire Enhancement Devices’, can purchase one as easily as a gallon of milk almost anywhere else in the USA.