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I wanted to write something about this myself, but my real job (the one that actually pays me) comes first, so I’m just going to share this alert from the NRA-ILA. I’ll insert a comment or two of my own in [dark blue text].

Unconstitutional Bill That Denies Due Process Before Committee as Early as Today

Today, the Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on an unconstitutional bill that denies due process to gun owners, sponsored by “F-rated” Senator Martin Looney (D-11).  Since previously reported, Senate Bill 650’s language has become available, and it is even worse than expected. [See our previous posts on this bill here: link ]

SB 650 would allow your gun rights to be stripped without due process of law.  This legislation would require a sworn police officer to serve all ex parte temporary restraining orders when the applicant indicates on the application that the respondent has access to a firearm or ammunition, or holds a valid state-issued firearm or ammunition permit or eligibility certificate.  An ex parte temporary restraining order is one where only one side, the applicant, makes a claim and doesn’t have to appear in front of a judge before the order is issued.  Upon the delivery of the order, the police officer would then immediately confiscate all legally owned firearms, ammunition, carry permits and eligibility certificates BEFORE a person has had a hearing before a court to determine the merits of the complaint made against them.

If firearms are confiscated erroneously or a court ultimately dismisses an order, and since a person does not have an immediate ability to have a hearing or right to be heard before a court before their firearms, ammunition, permits, certificates are taken, the wait is often as long as two years or longer to get your firearms, ammunition certificates and permits returned to you.  There is also, unfortunately, no reprisal for filing a false claim.  This bill takes unnecessary steps to blatantly circumvent your rights. [There is also no provision to return any so-called “assault weapons” or “large capacity magazines”. Once these are removed, even erroneously, they can not be returned to you. Even members of the antigun groups CAGV and CADV have testified in favor of return of firearms, and immediate reinstatement of pistol permits if ex parte orders were found invalid and vacated at an ensuing hearing.]

It is clear that the Governor and some misguided legislators have only one interest –gun confiscation and limiting the rights of the law-abiding in Connecticut, as they have shown no interest in providing respondents with an opportunity to be heard before a judge ahead of losing their Second Amendment rights.  In fact, this legislation even removes verbatim “an opportunity to be heard” from the current state statute that protects individuals in these circumstances today.

It’s important for gun owners to have the opportunity to put up their own defense before losing their Second Amendment rights.  This bill’s low evidentiary standards and lack of a mechanism for individuals to present their own defense before being deprived of their constitutional rights is unacceptable.

There is a small group of legislators that recently held a press conference to expose the severe problems in this bill.  They need your help convincing the remaining committee members that this bill is unconstitutional.  It is CRITICAL that you IMMEDIATELY use the links provided below to contact members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to oppose Senate Bill 650. Please also consider submitting testimony by clicking here.


Judiciary Committee:

Senator Eric Coleman (D-2), Co-Chair

Representative William Tong (D-147), Co-Chair

Senator Paul Doyle (D-9), Vice Chair

Representative Daniel Fox (D-148), Vice Chair

Senator John Kissel (R-7), Ranking Member

Representative Rosa Rebimbas (R-70), Ranking Member

Representative Al Adinolfi (R-103)

Representative William Aman (R-14)

Representative Angel Arce (D-4)

Representative David Baram (D-15)

Representative Jeffrey Berger (D-73)

Senator Toni Boucher (R-26)

Representative Cecilia Buck-Taylor (R-67)

Senator Beth Bye (D-5)

Representative Vincent Candelora (R-86)

Representative Christie Carpino (R-32)

Representative Jeff Currey (D-11)

Representative Patricia Dillon (D-92)

Representative Doug Dubitsky (R-47)

Senator Mae Flexer (D-29)

Representative Mary Fritz (D-90)

Senator Terry Gerratana (D-6)

Representative Bob Godfrey (D-110)

Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-3)

Representative Stephen Harding (R-107)

Representative Ernest Hewett (D-39)

Representative David Labriola (R-131)

Representative Roland Lemar (D-96)

Senator Art Linares (R-33)

Representative Ben McGorty (R-122)

Senator Michael McLachlan (R-24)

Representative Bruce Morris (D-140)

Representative Tom O’Dea (R-125)

Representative Arthur O’Neill (R-69)

Representative Robyn Porter (D-94)

Representative Emmett Riley (D-46)

Representative Robert Sampson (R-80)

Representative Joseph Serra (D-33)

Representative John Shaban (R-135)

Representative Caroline Simmons (D-144)

Representative Richard Smith (R-108)

Representative Steven Stafstrom (D-129)

Representative Joe Verrengia (D-20)

Representative Toni Walker (D-93)

Senator Gary Winfield (D-10)

Please Contact Judiciary Committee Members

The Judiciary Committee has held public hearings on four gun related bills so far. Over the next 10 days is the time to call, write, email, and/or visit these legislators and voice your opposition to the following bills:


Sometime between now and April 13th, the Judiciary Committee will vote to find these bills favorable or not. A Joint Favorable Bill that passes a committee will move to the next step, and become closer to becoming law. A simple voicemail message, letter, postcard, email, or visit can go along way. Now is also a great opportunity to start a dialog with your Representative and Senator and let them know that you are concerned and oppose these bills that are currently in the Judiciary Committee. They can influence other legislators. The committee information and members can be found online at:
You can also download a list of the Committee members contact information here: CCDL_Judiciary_Contact_List (pdf)

Now is also a great opportunity to start a dialog with your Representative and Senator and let them know that you are concerned and oppose these bills that are currently in the Judiciary Committee, they can influence other legislators. Your legislators can be found online here:

These things will only take a few minutes of your time this chilly March weekend. Imagine these legislators walking into their offices on Monday morning and finding hundreds of voice mails and emails from CCDL members concerned about the issues above. Wouldn’t that be great? Make it happen!

Women Respond To Gabby Giffords

The following is a guest post by Linda Czaplinski; a wife, a mother, and a CCDL member.

At the Hartford, CT press conference on March 17, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords said the following:

“Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women. For mothers, for families, for me and you, women can lead the way. We stand for common sense, we stand for responsibility. We can change our laws, we can win elections. Please join your voice with mine.”

The voices of CCDL women are joined in direct opposition to SB650, the bill Ms. Giffords was referring to in her comments.

The women of CCDL understand that we bear responsibility for our own safety and that of our loved ones.  We recognize and embrace our constitutional right to protection through the use of firearms. When a person shifts from potential victim to survivor, it changes the status quo.

It is disappointing that Ms. Giffords has overlooked the oath of office she took while serving in Congress – to protect and defend the Constitution.  Not only does the Constitution give us the right to keep and bear arms, it also affords due process.  SB650 usurps due process. Ex parte orders rely only on the word of the accuser.  Rep. Buck-Taylor stated during public hearings that she has witnessed ex parte orders used as a tool.  On someone’s word, without probable cause, your constitutional rights could be ignored and your personal property seized.

State statute 29-38c is better poised to address an imminent threat.

We are empathetic to Ms. Giffords’ injuries. However, they came at the hands of a mentally unstable stranger, not an abusive partner.  It would have been much more appropriate and indeed welcomed if she had spoken on helping mentally unstable people get the help they need along with commentary on how to keep them from having firearms while not infringing on the stable and law-abiding.

The women of CCDL will continue to aid in the fight against our Constitutional infringements by winning elections and replacing gun grabbers with those that will roll back laws that stand in defiance of both our State and Federal Constitutions.  We stand for common sense and responsibility. We will lead the way.

Linda F. Czaplinski

Press Release – March 11 Public Hearing

For Immediate Release:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass-roots gun rights group) is in the process of preparing their members for the gun related bills being heard by the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday March 11th.
The organization opposes three pieces of proposed legislation based on the effect it may have on law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut.


The following bills are strongly opposed by the organization:

Comments from CCDL President Scott Wilson:
“Our members are well aware of what is at stake in the legislature on Wednesday as well as beyond. Governor Malloy and certain anti-gun legislators are simply trying to make gun ownership as cumbersome as possible. These bills contain Increased storage requirements and criminal penalties that only punishes law-abiding gun owners”.


“Some of these bills being heard also remove ‘due process rights’ from individuals as well. Firearms (which translates to private property) will essentially be confiscated from people who have not either had a hearing in front of a judge nor have been charged with a crime”.


Wilson also stated:
“Our hope is that legislators that are on the fence with this issue will clearly weigh the message we are trying to convey to them and others. These proposals will leave thousands of people vulnerable with a completely unfair legal process if they are enacted.
Press Contact:
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Sr.
CCDL, Inc.

Heads Up

Yesterday, the Joint Judiciary Committee voted to have a public hearing on Proposed Senate Bill SB650. As typical, it was done by voice vote so there is no record of which way the committee members voted. No date has been set yet, but it’s listed as “Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing” which means they intend to hear multiple related bills on the same day. Now while it’s possible it will be a “gun bill day”, most likely this will get lumped in with a bunch of other domestic violence bills. CCDL strongly opposes this bill on the grounds that it violates a person’s constitutional right to due process by confiscating legally owned personal property without a proper hearing. Even though the date has not been set, you may begin to submit email testimony now to
Remember to follow these helpful tips when submitting your testimony. Testimony Tips
Also, check the list of committee members here, if one happens to be your senator or representative, be sure to contact them directly as well.



Bill No.: SB-650 Amendment Letter:
Chair: COLEMAN, E Motion: KISSEL, J Second: DOYLE, P


Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing

Language Change:

voice vote passed




Absent and Not Voting

Voice Vote







yea nay abstain absent yea nay abstain absent
Sen. Coleman, E. S02 Rep. Morris, B. 140
Rep. Tong, W. 147 Rep. ODea, T. 125
Sen. Doyle, P. S09 Rep. ONeill, A. 069
Rep. Fox, D. 148 Rep. Porter, R. 094
Sen. Kissel, J. S07 Rep. Riley, E. 046
Rep. Rebimbas, R. 070 Rep. Sampson, R. 080
Rep. Adinolfi, A. 103 Rep. Serra, J. 033
Rep. Aman, W. 014 Rep. Shaban, J. 135
Rep. Arce, A. 004 Rep. Simmons, C. 144
Rep. Baram, D. 015 Rep. Smith, R. 108
Rep. Berger, J. 073 Rep. Verrengia, J. 020
Sen. Boucher, T. S26 Rep. Walker, T. 093
Rep. Buck-Taylor, C. 067 Sen. Winfield, G. S10
Sen. Bye, B. S05
Rep. Candelora, V. 086
Rep. Carpino, C. 032
Rep. Currey, J. 011
Rep. Dillon, P. 092
Rep. Dubitsky, D. 047
Sen. Flexer, M. S29
Rep. Fritz, M. 090
Sen. Gerratana, T. S06
Rep. Godfrey, B. 110
Rep. Gonzalez, M. 003
Rep. Hewett, E. 039
Rep. Labriola, D. 131
Rep. Lemar, R. 096
Sen. Linares, A. S33
Rep. McGorty, B. 122
Sen. McLachlan, M. S24

Vote date:

2/11/2015 10:00:00 AM

Correction date: