Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of Litigation

In support of the current litigation that CCDL is involved in with other groups and individuals, a number of interested parties have filed Briefs in the Connecticut District Federal Court that compliment our claim. The Amicus Briefs claim that public act 13-3 ‘AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN’S SAFETY’ is unconstitutional, and that the law makes people less safe. CCDL Welcome’s the support from these organizations and individuals!!
Here Are the Briefs:

SHEW v. MALLOY Amicus Brief for Pink Pistols (pdf)
SHEW v. MALLOY Amicus Brief filed for Various Retired Police (pdf)
SHEW v. MALLOY Amicus Brief filed by the NRA (pdf)

Names of Organizations Which Filed Briefs:

Pink Pistols
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
Law Enforcement Action Network
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers
A number of Active and Retired Connecticut Peace officers
The National Rifle Association