Middletown Permit Application Update

Since our founding in 2009, CCDL has been working to resolve various pistol permit issues in many cities and towns. Some of the issues pertain to issuing time frames or procedures that violate what is required or mandated by state statute.

On May 30th, CCDL filed a FOIA request with the Middletown Police to review their issuance time frame for temporary permits. Once the information was received and reviewed, CCDL determined that most of the applications exceeded the 8-week statutory time frame. This had been an ongoing problem that plagued residents of Middletown simply seeking approval for permits to carry.

Eventually, with the help of a CCDL resident of Middletown, a city councilor facilitated communications between Police Chief William McKenna and CCDL President Scott Wilson.

Because of the positive dialogue between the two, and the background efforts of the Police Chief, Middletown is adding additional resources and revamping its process to issue permits within the eight-week time frame. It was important to listen to the Chief’s concerns and the challenges that he has faced, and to also explain that CCDL is not out to create unnecessary headaches for his department.

CCDL wishes to thank Chief William McKenna for looking deep into this matter and resolving it. Special thanks to CCDL member Kevin Kelly and City Councilor Deb Kieckowski for their help.

Permit Issue Resolved in the City of Hartford

On May 1st, CCDL President Scott Wilson communicated with Hartford Police Chief James Rovella regarding his department’s refusal to accept numerous pistol permit applications.

These particular applications were refused by the police department because they did not include an additional signed waiver that would have allowed for intrusive privacy violations. The Connecticut State Statues (29-28a) do not allow the Hartford PD to require such additional waivers in addition to the state approved application.

The CCDL President offered to schedule a meeting between CCDL and Hartford city officials to discuss this matter.

On May 5th a reply came back to CCDL from Hartford Deputy Police Chief Dustin Rendock indicating that they had conducted a review of their pistol permit procedures, and that they were eliminating the waiver altogether. The Deputy Chief also asked CCDL to contact the rejected pistol permit applicants in Hartford to see if we can get them to resubmit their applications.

The next step that CCDL will take is to contact the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners to communicate the resolution to any applicants in Hartford they know of who might have been affected by the waiver requirement.

CCDL wishes to thank the Hartford Police Department for taking positive and expedient action to rectify this matter. We are thankful that by bringing this issue to their attention it has been resolved.

CCDL also wishes to thank our members for standing behind us, and also for their patience while we work to resolve other issues in several other municipalities across the state.

Carry On!

Press Release – Publicizing Names of Permit Holders

Groton, CT – January 5th, 2012 – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass roots gun rights group) is speaking out on state rep Stephen Dargan’s proposal to publicize the names of permit holders that own and carry firearms.


CCDL President Scott Wilson Has this to say: “After contacting Stephen Dargan’s office on New Years day to point out the dire and unintended consequences this proposal would have if passed, we believe that logic and reason will prevail either with representative Dargan himself or with any committee a bill such as this would go before. Essentially public knowledge of who owns or may carry firearms also points out who does not own firearms. A criminal market would be created for two types of criminals, those who like to steal firearms for sale on the streets, and for those that like to commit various crimes against unarmed persons which would be seen as easy and helpless targets. This has to make sense to anyone”.


CCDL members are preparing to stand behind their 2nd amendment rights, by contacting their elected officials, and preparing for public hearings. Legislative training workshops hosted by CCDL have been ongoing since before the Newtown tragedy. We will be hosting several more at various locations across the state.