Judiciary Meeting Today To Propose Anti-Gun Bills

Today the Connecticut Judiciary Committee will be meeting to vote on what bill concepts to raise this legislative session. The meeting will take place immediately following a public hearing on unrelated matters.

On the Judiciary’s agenda for today are three gun related bill concepts;

  • An Act Concerning Bump Stocks

  • An Act Concerning Ghost Guns

  • An Act Concerning Open Carry

We do not have the bill numbers or language at this time. They’re just voting to raise the bill concepts for now. We won’t get the bill information until the committee actually votes to raise the concept and files it.

You can watch the hearing live starting at 10AM at:

Today’s meeting agenda can be found at:

Please note that because of the unpredictable length of a public hearing, we are unable to give an actual start time for the Judiciary Meeting.

Also, the hearing video is hosted on YouTube. If access to that happens to be blocked on your network, you can also try this link:

New Open Carry Memorandum

The state just issued an new memorandum concerning open carry.
Hopefully this clarifies the issue if open carry is legal (with a permit), and if you need to show your permit to the police if asked.
Here is the first page and a half, out of six pages:

open carry memo 2-2016

Now please go and read the whole thing. It covers how they may “request” your permit, and how they might then use things against you.

You may read the full memorandum and download a copy here:
open-carry-memo-feb-2016 (pdf)

Guest Post – A Gun In A Newtown Coffee Shop

Note: This is a guest post by CCDL member Lou Carpenter.

There is one other town between my home and Newtown. Through the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Newtown/Sandy Hook community, through friendships, working, shopping, dining, motorcycling, fishing, hunting, and drinking coffee. I too, have personal connections to some of the victims of the senseless tragedy that a madman committed that day. My prayers, condolences, and best wishes have been, and continue to be offered to those that are suffering from that unthinkable act of evil and violence.

I am also a gun owner. A legal, licensed, law-abiding, responsible gun owner. I belong to several firearms related organizations. Before now, you wouldn’t have known that though, as firearms issues have always been a matter of contention, and I had felt that it was a private issue for me. I’ve frequented Newtown’s businesses, dined in their restaurants, built some of the more affluent homes in the community, and spent countless hours drinking coffee. All with a concealed firearm. I’ve worked at your homes, conducted business, made small talk, joked and laughed, enjoyed friendships, frequented shops and restaurants- all while I had a handgun in my pocket. You didn’t know that I legally carried a firearm, I didn’t advertise it, and we all got along wonderfully. You welcomed me, accepted me, shook my hand, and asked me to keep coming back. You didn’t call me a ‘gun nut’ or ‘militant’ or ‘crazy’ or ‘violent’ or anything else. I was just any other guy out of the many that you would interact with throughout the course of the day. I felt respected, and welcomed.

Recently however, in light of the relentless and undeniable attack on our 2nd amendment rights, I’ve made a decision to be more vocal and open about my beliefs.

I wore my holster on my hip.

Instantly, the community viewed me differently. And while I understand the emotions that fuel those feelings, I believe they are misdirected. I am not Adam Lanza. My firearms have never committed any crimes. I am still the same sane, responsible, upstanding, law-abiding member of the community that I have always been. Nothing has changed, I am the same man I was before.

A gun did not cause Newtown’s tragedy that terrible day. A madman did. He murdered his own mother before lashing out at the community’s most innocent and defenseless members. Insanity was the catalyst that fueled those horrific events, not firearms. The failure to adequately address a young man’s obvious and apparent mental health issues allowed the unthinkable to occur. It wasn’t the rifle’s fault. It wasn’t the fault of my firearms, or those of my friends. It wasn’t the fault of the tens of millions of other gun owners across our nation.

Judging me, categorizing me, and vilifying me for my firearm is narrow minded and unfair. I am not the cause of your grief. A gun is not the cause of your grief. What is, is an untreated and unrestricted psychotic. That is the uncomfortable truth that we all need to face. As with other recent tragedies, firearms didn’t kill that day, a madman did. The answers lie in adequately identifying, treating, and caring for those that don’t have the ability to think and behave as responsibly and rationally as the rest of the community.

How about letting go of the anti-gun discourse for a little while, it’s not going to prevent another incident. Let’s all work together to understand and treat the mental health issues that were the real cause of the tragedy, that is where we might realize a measurable and lasting impact.

Almost Rally Time!

CCDL’s Rally For Your Rights is tomorrow. Are you excited? Are you attending? Are you getting everyone you know to attend?

I’m going to try and hit on some of the questions we’ve been getting. We’ve covered most of them here before, but this will put them all in one place.

What if it rains? Is there a rain-date?
No, there is no rain date. The rally will go on rain or shine. Some of our speakers like John Lott are flying in for the rally. They won’t be able to come back another time. Also our permit to use the Capitol grounds does not allow for a rain date. If we reschedule we have to go through the entire permit process all over again. The current weather report shows showers in the morning, ending around 9-10am. The rest of the day will be cloudy, with a high temperature around 60F.

Will there be buses running from Cabela’s again?
No, there are no buses from Cabela’s like there was for Lobby Day. Logistically it just doesn’t work for this type of event. Lobby day was an ongoing all day thing. People coming in, seeing their legislators and leaving.
The rally on the other hand has a fixed start and stop time (12-3pm), and the vast majority of people will stay for the entire thing. If we have 5,000 people at the rally (and I hope there are far more then that) you would need 100 buses all loading up at Cabela’s at the same time, all dropping off at the Capitol at the same time, and all picking people back up at the same time.
If you only had say 10 buses running (which would still cost a fortune, for Lobby Day there were 4 buses) they would have to start running full loads at 7am to get everyone there by noon, and the last people to leave the rally wouldn’t get back to Cabela’s until after 8pm.
There ARE some buses that have been privately chartered by gun clubs or individual members. If you belong to a club, check to see if they have a bus, and I know there is one leaving the Torrington area that I think still has some open seats. There is also some discussion on the Facebook Event Page about carpools.

If there are no buses, where can we park?
First, I strongly suggest carpooling. See above about buses. There is very limited parking at the Capitol itself, and half of that will be closed due to our rally. Expect the other half to be already filled due to an earlier event taking place inside. There is on street metered parking, and plenty of public lots and parking garages around the area. See this post for a map of most of them.

Can I carry a gun at the rally? Can I open carry?
CCDL supports ALL lawful means of carrying a gun. It is legal to carry a firearm on the grounds of the Capitol building. Open carry is legal in CT. CCDL takes no position on how one should carry other then carry legally.
If you have a permit and are comfortable with open carry, by all means do. Plenty of others will be as well. There are some caveats though. Most important, it is illegal to carry a gun in Bushnell Park, which is right next to the Capitol. Do not cut through the park to get to the Capitol if you are carrying a gun. You also can not carry inside the Capitol building itself (not that you should have any need to go in there). Remember what was legal to carry in public last month may not be legal this month because of the newly redefined Assault Weapon Ban. Any gun that falls under the ban (AR-15 style, AK types, pistols with over 10 rounds, etc) is no longer allowed to be carried in public. If you aren’t sure, don’t bring it. Handguns openly carried should be in some type of retention holster and remain holstered at all times. Long arms should be unloaded and trigger locked or zip-tied with the action open and kept pointed down. Capitol police will be on hand, and will act on anything illegal or unsafe.

Will there be shirts, stickers, merchandise, food, raffle tickets or anything else for sale there?
As per Capitol rules, there is nothing allowed to be sold on the Capitol grounds. CCDL does have permission to collect donations for the litigation fund. That’s it. Feel free to bring your own (non-alcoholic) drinks or food, but please take your trash with you when you leave. We want to leave the place cleaner then we found it.

Are there any security concerns because of recent terrorist events?
Yes. Expect Capitol security to be stronger then usual. Suspicious looking bags may be checked by police. Please, use common sense and everything will be fine. Don’t argue with police, or any counter-protesters that might show up. We could have a nice successful 3hr rally with 20,000 people, and if one person gets arrested or in a shouting match with someone, THAT’S what’s going to be all over the news. Don’t be that person.

CCDL Picnic a great success! Photos posted.

The 4th Annual CCDL Family Picnic was last weekend, and a great time was had by all! Hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs were consumed. Hundreds of dollars worth of prizes were given away. Games were played. Puppies were petted. Despite the fact there were probably 50-100 loaded firearms present (many carried openly), not a single man, woman, child or pet was injured there.

Special thanks go to CCDL Events Coordinator Cheryl Lemos for once again organizing everything, and all the other CCDL members who helped make the day the great success that it was. Many people donated food, money, raffle items and their time to make it all come together. Oh, and cake! Can’t forgot the amazing CCDL cake donated by Bob and Jennifer W. If you think having a picnic for your family and friends is work, just imagine how much work is involved when the CCDL “family” is thousands strong and growing every day.

Pictures are now posted in the CCDL photo gallery. These pictures and many more can also be found in CCDL’s Facebook group.

Family Picnic Today!

Who’s ready for a burger? Today’s the day for CCDL’s annual family picnic, and unlike last year, there is no hurricane bearing down on us. Right now it is blue sky and a sunny 60° in Stratford, with the high temp expected to be 80°. Perfect picnic weather! See ya there!

Join Us For Our 4th Annual Family Picnic

Sunday August 19th Boothe Memorial Park

5800 Main St On Putney, Stratford, CT Site#2  (map)


This event is open to the public and is free of charge

Everyone is encouraged to attend this event to celebrate their right to Keep and Bear Arms. Come join us, and get to know us. Remember, Connecticut is a small state and come join us from wherever you are. We look forward to meeting new members and older ones alike!

Burgers, Hotdogs, salads and desserts will be served. This will be an alcohol free event.

Lawful carry of firearms is permitted.

Raffle Prizes, Games and Family Fun will all be happening!

Please RSVP to events@ccdl.us, or the event page on Facebook to let us know you are coming, and how many so we can provide adequate amount of food!

Here is the Link to our flyer:


Carry On!

CCDL 4th Annual Family Picnic

On Sunday, August 19, 2012 from 11 AM to 4 PM, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League will host our annual family picnic.

The event will take place at the Boothe Memorial Park – 5800 Main Street on Putney
Stratford, CT – Site #2

This event is open to CCDL Members and to the public free of charge. Everyone is encouraged to attend this event to celebrate our right in Connecticut to Keep and Bear Arms, get to know us and learn more about what CCDL does to protect your rights as a gun owner in the state of Connecticut!

Come and enjoy typical picnic fare – burgers, dogs, salads, dessert, soft beverages and more. This will be an alcohol free gathering.

Any lawful forms of weapon carry are allowed and encouraged. If you will be carrying a firearm, please exercise safety and caution as we will be in the eyes of the public. Firearms must remain holstered for the duration of the event to ensure safety.

CCDL Merchandise and Membership Sign Up will be available onsite. There will be games and prizes.

Please let us know if you plan to contribute a food item. Salads, desserts and snack items are suggested.

Join us for this fun event!

Please RSVP to events@ccdl.us

Gun rally at Birmingham (MI) park targets attack on civil rights

Chris Combs (left) and Stephanie Locke cross the street in downtown Birmingham, Mich. while participating in a protest by gun enthusiasts on June 11, 2012. (AP Photo/The Detroit News, David Guralnick)

Gun toting advocates are standing in support of a southeast Michigan teen who was arrested after strolling the downtown area of a posh suburban Detroit community with an M-1 rifle strapped to his back.

Supporters filled the Birmingham commission chambers Monday night, displaying firearms in holsters and strapped to their backs. They voiced support for 18-year-old Sean Combs, who was arrested April 13 while walking along Old Woodward Avenue.

The Troy High School student faces three misdemeanor charges for brandishing a weapon, resisting and obstructing police, and disturbing the peace. Each is punishable by up to 93 days in jail.”

Read more: Gun rally at Birmingham park targets attack on civil rights | Observer and Eccentric Newspapers and Hometown Weeklies | hometownlife.com.

This is much like the open carry debate here in CT. What this teen did was perfectly 100% legal where he was. Some will argue that even if it’s legal it’s not “right”. Well, somebody has to do it, if only to protect our RIGHT to do it.