Update on Proposed Ban In Southbury

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There was a great showing of CCDL members for the November 2nd board of selectmen’s meeting. Over 700 people were in attendance, and the vast majority were Second Amendment supporters. 48 people stood up and spoke against a firearm ban and only 13 people spoke in favor of such an ordinance.

After a presentation by Southbury’s Resident State Trooper at the meeting, the trooper requested that the Board of Selectmen revisit and clarify two existing town firearm ordinances (one for town parks and one for town open spaces) to determine if these also ban permit holders or does a permit meet the “except by special permit” clause in the ordinances. Southbury Selectman George Bertram has said in an email, that he will also work to rescind both local ordinances that currently restrict legal firearms in Southbury. He doesn’t believe that Southbury should be in the business of adding restrictions to the legal carry of firearms. He said, “CT has enough (restrictions) already, in my humble opinion.”

The board of selectmen ran out of meeting time because they only had the use of the high school until 11PM. They had to table their discussion about the firearms ordinance until the November 16th meeting. Their next meeting will most likely again be at Pomperaug High School, 234 Judd Rd, Southbury, CT at 7PM in the auditorium. They will most likely not take any more public comments at the next meeting, but will vote on whether or not to continue to explore a firearms ban on town property, town building and at town events. With this proposal coming from the Southbury Democratic Town Committee and with the Republicans still holding the majority of the seats on the board after the elections, it is unlikely that this will move forward.

CCDL will of course continue to monitor the situation, and alert our members and supporters if further action is required.

Free Legislative Training Seminar – 1/18/2014

Legislative Training Seminar
Hosted by: Niantic Sportsmen’s Club
Presented by: Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Date: January 18th 2014 (Open to Public)
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am
Location: 67 Plants Dam Rd East Lyme, CT 06333 (map)

This is a FREE workshop presented by CCDL and designed to prepare gun owners for public activism to counter anti-gun legislation being introduced in the 2014 legislative session. The 2014 session begins February 5th.

CCDL invites all to attend that are interested in playing a vital role in defense of their liberty and preserving our 2nd Amendment rights in Connecticut. New London-Windham County League of Sportsmen Invited. Bring your friends!

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • How to Prepare Testimony
  • How to Submit Testimony
  • How to Testify Effectively
  • How to Coordinate Public Testimony with Others
  • Tips on Watching Legislation and Communicating with Legislators
  • How to Become and Remain both Proactive and Vigilant

If you would like to print out a flyer to hang in your favorite gun club or store, you may download one here (pdf).

Constitution Day 2A Debate – Video

On September 17, 2013 Rob Sampson (yeah!) debated Ron Pinciaro (boo!) on the merits of Connecticut’s new gun control laws. For those who couldn’t attend, here’s video of the debate. You can decide for yourself who won.

Understanding CT’s New Gun Laws – April 22

I can’t vouch for how informational this will really be, but if you are in the area it might be interesting. Especially since Len Fasano and Dave Yaccarino both voted YES on SB1160. It wouldn’t surprise me if many CCDL members actually understand the law better then they do.

Enfield Town Chair To Skip GOP Dinner

According to a post on the Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch blog, Enfield RTC chairwoman Mary Ann Turner will not be attending the state GOP’s annual Bush Dinner and fundraiser in Stamford this year. The reason is the GOP is awarding Senator John McKinney it’s highest honor; the Prescott Bush Sr. Award.

“The man may have done many things in his career that would warrant this accolade,” Mary Ann Turner wrote in a letter to her fellow chairs from north central Connecticut.

“But with the gun bill just passing and his finger printers [embedded] in the cement – I can’t support this total disregard for our constitution and our personal liberties,” she wrote.

“What you do is up to you and your town committee, but this may be the time we finally will get ‘leadership’ to understand, they can’t lead if we won’t follow,” Turner’s letter states. “Enfield is taking that stand.”

You can read the rest of the post here.

Good for her!
My wife and I are somewhat active in state politics, trying to help progun candidates get elected. My wife was recently asked by a high ranking member of the state GOP if we would be attending the dinner this year. Unlike last year, the keynote speaker is someone I’d really like to hear. Someone with solid 2nd Amendment credentials. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. My lovely bride replied almost exactly the same as Mary Ann Turner did, though I think my wife added that we might be there protesting outside, lol. I don’t know if I’ll do that, but I did send Governor Walker a message asking him to reconsider attending. Especially considering Senator McKinney’s vote on SB1160 was in direct opposition to the official Republican Party Platform. On the 2nd Amendment it says in part:

We uphold the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, a right which antedated the Constitution and was solemnly confirmed by the Second Amendment. We acknowledge, support, and defend the law-abiding citizen’s God-given right of self-defense. We call for the protection of such fundamental individual rights recognized in the Supreme Court’s decisions in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago affirming that right, and we recognize the individual responsibility to safely use and store firearms. This also includes the right to obtain and store ammunition without registration. We support the fundamental right to self-defense wherever a law-abiding citizen has a legal right to be, and we support federal legislation that would expand the exercise of that right by allowing those with state-issued carry permits to carry firearms in any state that issues such permits to its own residents. Gun ownership is responsible citizenship, enabling Americans to defend their homes and communities. We condemn frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and oppose federal licensing or registration of law-abiding gun owners. We oppose legislation that is intended to restrict our Second Amendment rights by limiting the capacity of clips or magazines or otherwise restoring the ill-considered Clinton gun ban.

Now, McKinney (along with Larry Cafero and many others) completely went against that, as well as his oath of office with his support of SB1160. How can the Republican Party still honor such a man?

Rally Info (Updated With Parking)

Note: This is a guest post by CCDL Events Coordinator Chris Duffy

For anyone going to the Rally on the 20th (which better be everyone!), please read this post.

First and foremost, DO NOT CARRY IN BUSHNELL PARK! If we get a large crowd, and you are not carrying a gun, please consider standing right behind the Capitol driveway on the grass that is the border between Bushnell Park grounds and the Capitol grounds.

While I know that everyone wants to be able to rub shoulders with me and bask in my greatness, we need to leave the front of the steps open, so please do not fill up this area. We need this so that our speakers can move as needed, as well as a few other reasons. So please leave a 10 foot space in front of the steps, thank you.

I am not a lawyer, so I will not answer whether or not you can carry the firearm you were planning to carry. Talk to the state, talk to your lawyer, and when in doubt, leave it at home. Having an arrest at the Rally would be a terrible situation in the best of times, and downright damaging at this point in time. (editor’s note: The Capitol Police have said they will enforce the new law which prevents carrying so-called “assault weapons” in public)

This is a family friendly Rally. I will have one of my children, and we expect to see many children. This affects them in every way. So please consider not using profanity on any signs. I am not personally a fan of Malloy, and many others. I’m with you on the anger and upsetting offense that we all feel. But please keep it clean.

OPEN CARRY is fine. Well, as long as the firearm adheres to the new draconian laws that no one can figure out. This is not our first Rally at the capitol. The Capitol Police are very professional, and we have never had a problem in the past. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If it makes you nervous, don’t do it. Remember that the CCDL supports all legal uses of a firearm. I will be open carrying. many will. Some of us open carry in our daily lives. So please refrain from any political strategy talk about open carry on this post.

The CCDL will be taking donations at the Rally. We appreciate every dollar that we have been given so far, and cannot express enough our continued amazement at the support you are all giving.


Chris Duffy
Executive Member
Events Coordinator

I just want to add one thing to Chris Duffy’s post.
Parking close to the Capitol can be tough. If you can, carpool. Even better get everyone in your gun club to rent a bus.
If it works for you, consider the bus already coming from Torrington.

Here’s a map of parking areas in downtown Hartford. Click on the map for a larger map with more info.

CCDL Litigation Update

Dear Connecticut Citizens Defense League Members:

Since last night’s meeting, CCDL has joined forces with the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, the NRA and other gun owner and sportsmen groups that are working together in Connecticut to fund a significant Second Amendment legal challenge to Connecticut’s new firearms law.

Our legal team is assembled, and it includes preeminent Second Amendment and Constitutional lawyers with national reputations, significant trial as well as U.S. Supreme Court experience, and many U.S. Supreme Court victories under their belts.

We want you to know that our legal team is moving swiftly and that it understands the urgency of seeking legal vindication of our rights. That said, it would be unwise to rush to court without fully understanding the law and crafting the strongest legal challenge possible. This takes time, which is the reason why we are not rushing to court to file the lawsuit this week.

Please be aware that other lawsuits may be filed before ours in the coming days by individuals and groups who have gone in a different direction. These lawsuits are not part of our legal effort and, in some cases despite best intentions, may actually be harmful to members’ interests by creating unfavorable legal precedents.

We are calling on all members to contribute financially to the legal challenge that we are mounting.
Checks should be directed to CCDL at P.O. Box 642, Groton, Connecticut 06340.
You can also visit our webpage http://www.ccdl.us and donate through our Paypal link.
We will be back in touch with you soon to let you know of other ways in which you can be helpful.

Thank you for your contributions!

CCDL, Inc.
Carry On!

PTR Is Leaving Connecticut

More consequences.
PTR Industries is a firearm manufacturer based here in Connecticut. While they make several different firearms, ALL are now banned for sale here. Here is the press release they just sent out.


This past week an historic and highly controversial bill was passed by the State of Connecticut which will have far reaching consequences to the state, its citizens, and businesses. The bill we refer to is Bill No…. 1160, AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDRENS SAFETY. This bill purports to reduce gun violence by banning hardware responsible for less than 3% of homicides in 2011 ; and claims to increase children’s safety by restricting the ability of those most responsible for it – their parents – to defend them. As a firearms manufacturing firm, our industrial roots reach deep in the State of CT. Along with other companies in the trade, we were deeply apprehensive at the hurried process to develop new gun laws and fearful that it would generate unintended consequences for our industry. On Thursday April 4th 2013, upon reading the full text of Bill 1160, our worst fears were confirmed. What emerged was a bill fraught with ambiguous definitions, insufficient considerations for the trade, conflicting mandates, and disastrous consequences for the fundamental rights of the people of CT. The magnitude of the constitutional and economic importance of this bill is such that the disregard for public input (in the final version), and the haphazard production of the legislation should be insulting to any citizen or business in CT. It should be a shock to us all that such landmark legislation could be written in one week, and seen by no one (including the rank-and-file legislators) prior to its emergency certification. Having been present in the deliberations in both legislative chambers, it was clear that a majority of our legislators had not even read the bill – and those that had read it had only a cursory understanding. The process with which this legislation proceeded, along with the language that resulted gives us no confidence that this will be the last violation of our rights in our beloved home state, and we only hope that this does not set a precedent at a national level. The rights of the citizens of CT have been trampled upon. The safety of its children is at best questionably improved from the day of the tragedy that triggered the events that lead us here. Finally, due to an improperly drafted bill, manufacturing of modern sporting rifles in the State of CT has been effectively outlawed. With a heavy heart but a clear mind, we have been forced to decide that our business can no longer survive in Connecticut – the former Constitution state. Furthermore, we feel that our industry as a whole will continue to be threatened so long as it remains in a state where its elected leaders have no regard for the rights of those who produce and manufacture its wealth. We are making a call to all involved in our industry to leave this state, close your doors and show our politicians the true consequences of their hasty and uninformed actions. We encourage those in our industry to abandon this state as its leaders have abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom. Although PTR has not decided upon a specific relocation site at this time, over the coming weeks the company will be actively considering offers from states that are friendly to the industry. We hope to have a site identified within the next six weeks, and hope to have our move completed by the end of this year. We plan to keep our business partners informed on the status of our move throughout this process in order to affect a smooth transition. We have extended the invitation to join us in the move to all of our employees, as well as all of our vendors. We are pleased to say that we currently have commitments to move from a majority of our employees, which includes ALL of our management personnel, engineering staff and skilled gunsmiths. It is our hope and sincere belief that this move will represent a step forward for the company; and that by bringing our expertise and core personnel to combine with the business friendly policies, and a motivated local labor force from a state that respects industry and the second amendment that we can expand our operations and not only maintain – but increase the quality and reputation of our products. Please direct any questions or inquiries to John McNamara, Vice President of Sales, at john@ptr91.com or at our main phone number.


Sandy Hook Parent You Never Hear About

Meet Mark Mattioli. His son James was one of the 20 children murdered at Sandy Hook. But you rarely hear about him on the news. As a matter of fact, of the 26 families who lost someone in the school that day, you only hear about 11 of them. Could it be that some don’t believe the false narrative that CT’s new gun control laws would have prevented Sandy Hook from happening? Listen to Megyan Kelly’s interview with Mark the other day.

Just in case there is any doubt where this Sandy Hook parent stands, he also testified in Hartford.

You might have also heard him here:

Gun Rights Group To Challenge New Laws

WFSB 3 Connecticut

President Barack Obama said Connecticut could be an example for the rest of the country, while he pushes congress to come up with a bill addressing gun control.

However, some gun rights advocates told Eyewitness News that they are planning to challenge the legislation signed into action by the governor last week.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League said they’re planning to file a lawsuit against the state.

You can read the rest HERE.