Crime, Guns and Race: A discussion on today’s civil rights issues

CCDL is one of the sponsors of this event. There will be some great speakers there. Please attend if you can.

Hartford, CT October 1, 2014
It’s about time we had that talk. Crime, Guns and Race: A public discussion with NRA Board Member Ken Blackwell, Prof. Nicholas Johnson, author of “Negroes and the Gun”, Garland Hunt, Governor Appointee to Georgia State Pardon and Paroles and many other speakers.

October 11th from 9am – 12pm at the Mark Twain Museum in Hartford, CT (directions)

Regina V Roundtree, founder of CT Black Republicans and Conservatives (CBRAC) and President of the new CT chapter of The Frederick Douglass Foundation (CTFDF), announced today that Ken Blackwell, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association, Prof Nicholas Johnson, author of Negroes and the Gun along with Garland Hunt, Dean Nelson, Sonnie Johnson and Wayne Dupree will be panelists at a public forum in Hartford at the Mark Twain Museum.

“CBRAC was started for the purpose of building bridges and creating space for honest dialog and action to strengthen urban communities. Rarely has an opportunity presented itself in the urban community in which those who support the second amendment have had the opportunity publicly to paint a different picture than that occasionally presented by the media,” said Regina Roundtree, “The mis-impression is that people who live in areas with consistent high gun violence and high crime rates cannot or should not exercise their right to protect themselves.”

The forum will consist of two panels. The first panel, moderated by Ms. Roundtree, will discuss the intersections of criminal justice, race, second amendment rights and the history of guns in the black community. The second panel, moderated by Richard Ivory of, will discuss the use of social media and messaging in politics, as well as black conservatism. Both panels will be open to questions and answers from the public.

When asked about CCDL’s participation at the upcoming event, Scott Wilson replied, “The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is proud to take part in this event. It is the long term mission of our organization to advocate for 2nd Amendment rights for all individuals.”

The Federalist Society is a co-host for the morning forum. Peter Bowman, Esq., President of The Federalist Society, Connecticut Chapter), said “Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City have brought to the forefront issues of Guns, Race and Crime. Given the constitutional implications, recent Court rulings and environment in Connecticut about guns after Sandy Hook, we expect this forum will flesh out these issues in a
very intellectual manner,”

Further Information and tickets for both events can be found at or All are welcome.

Both events are open to the press. Bios for the speakers can be found here
For opportunities to interview the speakers, contact CBRAC Pres., Regina Roundtree at or 860-593-8483.

There will also be a cocktail reception/fundraiser later that evening in West Hartford where you will get to mingle with the guest speakers from the morning forum. This is not a CCDL event, but the money raised by this event will go toward an advertising push in the urban neighborhood papers just before the elections on Nov 4th. The audience that reads these papers are off the radar for large campaigns. For more info on the cocktail reception go here.