Help Needed: End CT Democratic Leaders Partisanship

We apologize for the lengthy post, and we know many members are busy with the holidays, but this is important. Please read.

Call to Action: 
Help End CT Democratic Leaders Partisanship
Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Party have been turning the 2nd Amendment and the 14th Amendment into a partisan issue. They are implying that only Republicans support the 2nd Amendment.
Since CCDL is a nonpartisan organization, we are asking CCDL members to call and email those Democrat legislators we have previously endorsed, and ask them to speak out and oppose Governor Malloy’s intention to sign an executive order that would violate both the 2nd Amendment and 14th Amendments.  (See: Press Release On Malloy’s Latest Executive Action)
What We Need CCDL Members To Do
1) Call and email the legislators listed below. Thank them for their past support on helping to protect the 2nd Amendment. If you live in their district, be sure to inform them of this. As a constituent, your voice carries more weight. If you are not sure who your state senator and representative are, you may enter your address here and find out:
2) Tell them you are unhappy that the governor and the Democrat Party are painting lawful gun owners as extremists.
3) Let them know leadership is making it seem as if every elected Democrat is anti-gun and “on-board” with what the governor intends to do.
4) Let them know that you will support them in 2016 if they continue to support the 2nd Amendment and oppose the governor’s violation of due process and misuse of watch lists for unintended purposes.
5) Ask these legislators what their opinion is of the governor’s plan to impose an executive action that would revoke permits to carry a firearm, block sales of firearms, and quite possibly lead to the confiscation of legally owned private property. It is important to know where they stand. We need a written response to back up their position one way or the other.
6) Let them know that the Governor’s plan is a violation of due process. Ask them to contact the governor’s office directly and tell the governor his plan is wrong, and that it violates both the U.S. Constitution and our State Constitution. Ask to be sent a copy what they send the governor.
7) Remember these are elected officials who have stood by us in the past. CCDL endorsed all of these legislators in 2014.
8) Let these legislators know that there are people on these lists who have no ties to terrorism whatsoever, and that just because they are on this list it does not mean that they are an actual terrorist.  This is important to pass along to your legislators. They may not be aware of this fact.
9) For more details, see this press release from CCDL:
Getting them on record is important. Please forward any responses to and vicepresident@ccdl.usPlease call and email these legislators Today. This is crucial!
2014 CCDL Endorsed Democratic Legislators:
Ed Jutila (D) – 37th House District
Home: 860-739-7730 Capitol: 860-240-8585

Frank Nicastro (D) – 79th House District
Home: 860-585-6070 Capitol: 860-240-8585

Linda Orange (D) – 48th House District
Home: 860-537-3936 Capitol: 860-240-8585

Danny Rovero (D) – 51st House District
Home: 860-774-3792 Capitol: 860-240-8585

Kevin Ryan (D) – 139th House District
Home:860-848-0790 Capitol: 860-240-8504

Louis Esposito (D) – 116th House District
Home: 203-397-8588 Capitol: 860-240-8500

Andrew Maynard (D) – 18th Senate District
Capitol: 860-240-0591

Catherine Osten (D) – 19th Senate District
Capitol: 860-240-8600

Press Release – Partisan Comments By Democrats

for Immediate Release:
(Groton, CT) The Connecticut Citizens Defense League offers commentary on partisan statements from both Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Party.

Comments from CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“First off, due process protections outlined under 14th Amendment are not extremist views. Nor are any other constitutionally protected rights extremist. Our country is based on these principles. I personally can not help but wonder aloud what Dannel Malloy was swearing to uphold when he took the Oath of Office”?

“Secondly, why is our governor and the Connecticut Democratic Party trying to turn these particular rights into a partisan issue in the first place? CCDL is a nonpartisan organization. I feel the overwhelming need at this point to remind both Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Party that there were a number of Democrat house representatives and two state senators that opposed his prior gun control measures, and many of those legislators were supported by gun owners and CCDL when they ran for reelection in 2014. In the past, CCDL honored former State Rep Steve Mikutel as our Legislator of the Year. He was an exceptional legislator and a Democrat who understood constitutional rights were to be cherished and nurtured, unlike our current governor”.

“Right now many of Democrat legislators have been quiet in regards to Malloy’s intended executive action. I know that CCDL members are interested in what those views are, considering the upcoming election season.”

“Lastly; the Governor recently referred to CCDL as “out of step” with Connecticut. The polls and many comments I have seen indicate that it is the Governor who is out of step. Regardless of whether or not people decide to own a gun or not, rights matter to every citizen of Connecticut, and every American. If we are so “out of step” as the Governor claims, why did the ACLU-CT state that they have “severe reservations about the reliability and constitutionality of government watch lists”? Why does USA Today, while supporting assault weapon and magazine capacity bans say “Using a secret and sloppy list to take away a constitutional right is a bad idea” and “denying a constitutional right for certain citizens, based on a secret government list, just doesn’t meet the test of American values”. Why is gun ownership at the highest level the state of Connecticut has seen in modern history?”

2014 CCDL Endorsed Democratic Legislators:

Ed Jutila (D) – 37th House District
Frank Nicastro (D) – 79th House District
Linda Orange (D) – 48th House District
Danny Rovero (D) – 51st House District
Kevin Ryan (D) – 139th House District
Peggy Sayers (D) – 60th House District
Louis Esposito (D) – 116th House District

Andrew Maynard (D) – 18th Senate District
Catherine Osten (D) – 19th Senate District

Source of Statements made by Governor Malloy:

Source of Statements made by the Connecticut Democratic Party:

Source of ACLU-CT Quote:

Source of USA Today Quote:

About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 20,000 members from across the state.
Thanks to this large supportive base, the CCDL has become a fixture at the state capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.
As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit

Press Contact:
Scott Wilson