The Irony Of Gun Grabbers

Today is the day we celebrate the birth and life of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is also the day that various anti-gun groups will gather in Newtown to protest your right to self-defense.


Oh, the irony of people rallying to limit the constitutional rights of those they dislike on the very day that we celebrate a man who gave his life fighting for all Americans to be guaranteed those same constitutional rights.

A man who was denied the right to lawfully keep and bear arms based on the color of his skin, but defied the law to exercise that basic human right.

A man who these same anti-gun groups would today condemn and demand be jailed because he illegally owned guns without any background checks.

And while it is true that later in life King himself decided to go unarmed, much has been written about how his supporters continued to possess firearms in defense of both themselves and Dr. King.

“The right to defend one’s home and one’s person when attacked has been guaranteed through the ages by common law.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. 1967

CCDL is asking people to come out and show your opposition to this intrusion upon your rights. See this previous post for more details.

Lucky Gunner – Final Results

For the last few months we’ve been asking you to vote for CCDL in a poll. If you somehow missed that, go back and read these posts first.

Well, the voting is over, and the results are in. CCDL came in 3rd, with 7.5% of the vote. That’s awesome, considering there were about 80 organizations up for consideration. That list included national giants like the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). As a matter of fact, we got the most votes of any state-level organization, and beat out several national ones.

Hopefully Lucky Gunner Ammo will be able to collect the funds owed them; we’re sure the antis will try any way possible to get out of it.
When and if we get a check, it will go right into our Litigation Fund, which being used in the fight to overturn our state’s unconstitutional gun bans. Even though the voting is over, you can still donate to the fund yourself. While we’re off to a great start (thank you!), we project we’ll still need at least another million dollars to take our fight to the Supreme Court. Donate Here.

Full results can be found here

Last Day To Vote For CCDL

Back in June, we told you about a very simple way to raise money for CCDL’s Litigation Fund. Lucky Gunner Ammunition won a lawsuit brought against them by the Brady Campaign and other antigunners. The antis have to pay Lucky Gunner’s legal fees, which Lucky Gunner has decided to donate to various run rights organizations, such as CCDL. They are having a poll to determine how to allocate the funds; the more votes an organization gets, the greater amount of money the organization will receive. As of yesterday CCDL was in 3rd place with 8,148 votes. Voting ends at 9pm tonight! Surely a group like CCDL with over 18,000 members and almost 25,000 followers on Facebook can get more than 8,148 votes!
Voting takes seconds. You don’t have to sign up for anything, or give them any personal info. just click this link and vote for Connecticut Citizens Defense League. It’s that simple, and your vote could mean hundreds of extra dollars for CCDL that will be used in our fight to overturn Connecticut’s unconstitutional gun laws.
Be sure to vote before 9pm tonight!

Brady vs. Lucky Gunner

Recently, the Brady Bunch tried to sue Lucky Gunner Ammo and several other online retailers for lawfully selling items that were later used in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. The judge in that case rightfully dismissed it, and ordered the Brady Campaign to reimburse the defendant’s legal fees.

Lucky Gunner has graciously offered to donate their share of the settlement (when they get it) to various gun rights groups such as CCDL. They will determine how much each group gets by the number of votes each group gets in a poll on their website. These are all deserving groups, but we ask that you please go and vote for CCDL. As a 100% donation driven non-profit organization (501c4), even a small share would help us to continue to our fight to protect and restore YOUR rights here in Connecticut.

click image to vote

Of course you can also still donate directly to our Litigation Fund, where every penny donated goes directly to the costs of Shew V Malloy; the federal court case hoping to overturn Connecticut’s unconstitutional antigun laws.

Connecticut Bar Association

An article published recently in the “Connecticut Law Tribune” states that the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) is considering joining with the Brady Center to submit an amicus in support of Connecticut’s unconstitutional gun law, Public Act 13-3.

“The Connecticut Bar Association is a membership organization of Connecticut attorneys working to advance the principles of justice, the practice of law and the public understanding of the law.” according to the CBA website.

According to the Law Tribune story, The question of whether the CBA should join the amicus being drafted by the Brady Center will go to the CBA House of Delegates for a vote this coming Monday, July 21. The article also claims an email was to have been sent out to all members of the CBA advising them to tell their representatives if they have concerns about the group getting involved in “a social or political matter.”

We know there are quite a few CCDL members who also belong to the Connecticut Bar Association. We urge them to contact the CBA and their representatives before July 21 and tell them how you feel about the CBA siding with the Brady Center and against the constitutionally protected rights of the citizens of CT.

Two lawyers that we know of already have. Scott D. Camassar of the law firm Stephen M. Reck, LLC, and Rachel M. Baird of the law firm Rachel M. Baird & Associate.
Both attorneys have graciously shared their letters with CCDL. Read them both, and if you are a member of the Bar Association as well, be sure to submit your own letter before Monday.

UPDATE: Attorney Martha Dean sent us a copy of her letter to the CBA, as well as further info about the upcoming CBA vote. She writes:

The Connecticut Bar Association is about to vote on whether to become a signatory to the Brady Center’s amicus brief in Shew v. Malloy (the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of CT’s new firearms law). CBA’s Human Rights Section is pushing this anti-2nd Amendment position within the organization. Please share and forward this information on to all pro-2A attorneys and any other attorneys who would be concerned about this blatant and, in my view, entirely improper, politicization of CBA. Ask them to make their voices heard in writing and/or at the meeting this coming Monday. Any attorney who is a member of CBA can send written feedback to the CBA executive committee c/o this address: ON OR BEFORE SUNDAY JULY 20, 2014. Any CBA member can attend the Special Meeting to discuss whether CBA should sign-on to the Brady brief on Monday, July 21 at 6 p.m. at CBA Headquarters in New Britain. In order to attend the special meeting, CBA members MUST SIGN UP BY (tomorrow) THURSDAY, JULY 18 here >>

Full disclosure – Martha Dean is one of many lawyers involved in our lawsuit, Shew v. Malloy.

Scott Camassar letter (pdf)

Rachel Baird letter (pdf)

Martha Dean letter (pdf)