Republican Primary Endorsements

For Immediate Release:

(Groton, CT) – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League releases the following endorsements for the Republican state-wide primary elections.

The Executive Committee of CCDL endorses the following primary candidates:

Governor – Tim Herbst

Lieutenant Governor – Joe Markley

Attorney General – Sue Hatfield see here for explanation

State Treasurer – Art Linares

Statement on the Gubernatorial Race:

After careful consideration and a spirited debate among the CCDL executive committee, the organization has selected a gubernatorial candidate for the Republican primary. As an organization, we are pleased that several candidates have expressed a willingness to embrace the rights of law abiding gun owners, and that they will work to protect our constitutional rights against further misguided erosion.

While we had several good choices, our state’s elections are winner takes all. The consensus of the committee is that the primary candidate we feel will best preserve our 2nd Amendment rights in the Governor’s office is Tim Herbst.

About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 30,000 members across the state.
Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture at the Capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit

Connecticut’s Recall

Election Day- November 4th 

Get Out the Gun Vote

If Dan Malloy is re-elected gun owners can expect more restrictive measures to become law! Time is running out, and this election is crucial for gun owners. Please find some time to help this week.

1) Help your CCDL Endorsed candidates
2) Help at the Polls. Take the day off if possible and wave signs at the polling stations
3) There is still time to knock on doors, write opinion letters to the media, or make phone calls. Please participate in this process and tell your family, friends and neighbors about election day consequences.
4) Vote!  Please make sure that you vote for the candidate that will protect your 2nd Amendment right!

Phone Banking All Week with our friends at the NRA:
Contact Rebecca Michlin: 860-538-1435

  • Monday, October 27th 6-8pm for NRA endorsed Henri Martin at Riverside Investment Services (136 Riverside Avenue)
  • Tuesday, October 28th 6-8pm for NRA endorsed Brian Ohler & Jay Case at the Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association
  • Wednesday, October 29th for NRA endorsed Lezlye Zupkus at Signatures in Waterbury
  • Thursday, October 30th for NRA endorsed Eric Berthel at Thomaston Savings Bank, Watertown -565 Main St, Watertown, CT 06795
  • Friday, October 31st for NRA endorsed Doug Dubitsky 5:30-7:30 at Fin, Fur, Feather Club
  • Saturday, November 1 for NRA endorsed candidates Chris Davis, Rob Kwasnicki, Kurt Vail at 123 South Main Street, East Windsor (bring a chair)
  • Saturday, November 1 for NRA endorsed candidate Art Linares 5-7pm at 242 Toby Hill Road, Westbrook
  • Sunday, November 2 for NRA endorsed candidate Aundre Bumgardner from 5-7 at the old EL ‘N’ GEE club on 86 Golden Street in New London
  • Monday, November 3 from 4-8 at the old El ‘N’ GEE Club in New London as a last day headquarters

Each person needs to bring a phone with them. The program is easy, they dial into a number, enter a pin, and the system automatically dials the numbers for them.  What appears on the person’s caller id says NRA and has the NRA’s main line so everyone’s personal information is safe.

Phone Banking for the CCDL Endorsed ticket of Foley/Somers contact these Field Offices: 

Southington HQ, 860-593-8093 – 26 N Main St (2nd Floor), Southington (Right by the Town Green) Madison HQ,  203-675-7488 1343 Boston Post Road, Madison (Near Lenny & Joe’s)

Vernon HQ, 203-577-8053 – 435 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon (In the Shoppes @ 30)

Norwich HQ, 860-705-3775 – 505 New London Turnpike (2nd Floor), Norwich (Same office as 2010)

New London HQ, 860-705-3775 – 88 Howard St (2nd Floor), New London (Same building as Neon Chicken)

Trumbull HQ, 860-670-7448 – 5893 Main St, Trumbull (Behind the Gas Station, Corner of Church Hill Rd and Main St)

Primary Election – Meeting Reminder – 8/12/2014

CCDL holds its monthly general membership meeting at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Middletown, CT. Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 12, 2014.
All CCDL members are welcome and encouraged to attend. We have a request from the property owners to please do not park on the grass when attending the meeting.

August 12th is also primary election day in Connecticut. Make sure you stop at your local polling place on the way to the meeting and vote for your gun rights, then join us in Middletown as we celebrate the end of John McKinney’s political career!

If you aren’t sure where some of the candidates stand, click here.

Meeting Agenda


Legislator of the Year
The Executive Board has selected State Senator Joe Markley for our annual “Legislator of the Year” award. Joe will be at the August meeting to receive his award. This award is to recognize legislators who have shown unwavering support for our 2nd Amendment rights during the past legislative session. Read more here.

CCDL Senate District Teams
We are continuing to build support pro-2A candidates in the senate districts that voted for SB1160. This effort is crucial if we are going to put an end to anti-gun bills from passing in the future. We are asking YOU to get involved in this process. Our meeting on Tuesday will again cover on how you can get involved in this effort as a first step.
This is where we can make the biggest difference!!

As of now we have four Senate districts that we are focusing on. There will be more to come.

Current District Commitment:
Senate District 13 Candidate: Len Suzio
Senate District 17 Candidate: Phil Tripp
Senate District 29 Candidate: John French
Senate District 33 Candidate: Art Linares

We will need support for other Senate and House Districts as well… Please attend this meeting to learn more about how YOU can help.

We sell CCDL merchandise at the meeting, buy it there and save on shipping.

New Shirts!
Let people know how you plan to vote in the November elections with these new “I VOTE 2A” CCDL shirts. This is a limited one time run, and will only be for sale at meetings and CCDL-hosted events.

Patches and Pins
We still have some of our latest limited run items; CCDL patches and pins. These $5 each and are meetings-only items, not for sale on the website.

Back by popular demand – magnets!
The return of the CCDL logo magnets. These are about the same size as our regular decals, but printed on a flexible magnetic material and are perfect for people who don’t want to permanently attach a vinyl decal to their vehicle. Priced at $5 each and sold at the meeting only.

Food Drive
CCDL collects canned goods/non-perishables at all our meetings to be donated to local charities. The holiday season is over, but people still need help year round. Please give what you can for those that need our help.

Middletown Elks
44 Maynard St
Middletown, CT 06457
July 8, 2014 7:00pm-9:00pm
Please park in the event lot to the left of the building (looking at it from Maynard St) and enter the upstairs banquet hall at the front of the building. please do not park on the grass!!

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Legislators Endorsing McKinney

Note: This is a guest post by CCDL President Scott Wilson.

During the gun control debates and subsequent vote over Senate Bill 1160 in 2013, a number of pro 2A legislators from both parties stood by gun rights supporters. In contrast, there were those that failed to support our 2nd Amendment rights. This latter group we have essentially written off as a lost cause.

It is now 2014, and some of those staunch and supportive state legislators who stood by us and voted to defend our constitutional rights last year are now endorsing State Senator John McKinney for Governor. These endorsements seem to put gun rights supporters in a dilemma. How can we rationalize supporting a legislator who votes our way one day, and then harms our cause the next day? One gets the feeling that it is back to business as usual in Hartford.

I will state my feelings directly without mincing any words.
There is no dilemma.
There is no accepting of legislators who endorse a candidate for governor that helped write the most damaging gun law in the history of our state. There is no accepting rationalization to support a John McKinney for Governor campaign. We should hold our legislators to consistent principles that do not waver, and these elected officials should have considered this before endorsing John McKinney.

Some of these legislators are retiring, so there is really no loss of skin for their actions, but others are running for re-election. Those that are running again certainly deserve to hear how we feel about their support for John McKinney.

CCDL and coalition partners that are teamed up in the ‘Shew v. Malloy’ lawsuit have so far exhausted tremendous time, effort and resources attempting to undo the damage that has been created from the passage of SB1160. Now our supposedly pro 2A legislators endorse John McKinney? Too much work has gone into this to let the possibility of another anti-gun candidate become the governor of Connecticut. In my mind, there is no justification of any kind that qualifies Senator McKinney for higher office. Those legislators who have endorsed him should realize this quite plainly.

Considering the resolve that these particular legislators have shown by standing up for the 2nd Amendment both last year and in prior years, we feel we have been let down tremendously by them on the back-end. I for one do not care how good people think John McKinney is in the legislature. When we needed him the most, he sold us out for a populist position and hurt Connecticut gun owners incalculably.

These pro 2A legislators that have publicly endorsed Senator McKinney may be wise to carefully consider their allegiance to him for two reasons:

  1. The mission is to defeat Dannel Malloy in November. There is no way that enough of the state’s 500,000+ gun owners will hold their noses and vote against their rights for McKinney to win.
  2. There is a tremendous risk that these incumbents will lose support from their gun owning constituents.

Either way, being the president of CCDL, I feel duty bound to point out those that seek to help elect John McKinney to higher office. Hence the need for this commentary.

Scott Wilson
President- CCDL, Inc.

CT State Senators that have endorsed John McKinney for Governor

CT State Reps that have endorsed John McKinney