Gun Owners MUST Stand together

As many members might know, there is a large Fishing and Hunting Show held every year at the Convention Center in Hartford. Every year CCDL has a table there. Not to sell merchandise, not to solicit donations (though we’ll gladly accept donations toward the Litigation Fund there), but just to educate and raise awareness.

Now, this is a hunting a fishing show, not a “gun” show, so even though guns are often used for hunting, we sometimes encounter what some might call “anti-gun gun owners”. The members staffing the table had one at our booth today, and I think it illustrates perfectly how much work is still needed to educate our fellow gun owners. Because it’s not just the AR-15 and Glock owners that are having their rights trampled on, it’s ALL gun owners, even the hunters and sport shooters. There is no need to go into all the details, suffice to say this gentleman’s argument was along the lines of we don’t need AR-15s or standard capacity magazines. His Remington VersaMax 12g shotgun was all anyone should need.

Now, everyone has different opinions, and he’s certainly entitled to his. However, he’s not entitled to his own facts. One of those facts is that as we’ve warned about many times, a key point of the recommendations coming from Governor Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission is an outright ban (no grandfathering in of current owners) on the possession of any gun CAPABLE of being made to fire more than 10 rounds without reloading. While our friend’s Remington most likely only holds 3 shells plus one in the chamber, it’s CAPABLE, with a simple swap of the magazine tube, of holding 10 or more shells.

His “only gun I need” is about to go on the chopping block and he doesn’t even know it because he’s still got his head in the sand like an ostrich. I have to wonder when’s the last time he tried to buy a box of shells? Maybe he’s still working off that box of 25 from a few years ago, and doesn’t even realize yet he can’t buy more without a permit now. I’d like to think that if he knows and understands that Connecticut wants to make it harder for him to buy ammo, and even wants to take away his duck hunting gun that he will be signing up as a FREE CCDL member as soon as he gets home. I’d like to think he will stand side-by-side with the black rifle owners and the pistol shooters in Hartford when it comes time to testify against these unconstitutional attacks on our rights. I’d like to think that we got through to him.

Even if we didn’t, there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of gun owners just like him here in Connecticut. CCDL currently has over 17,000 members. Just think if every single member reached out to someone like our friend at the show and recruited them as a new member? We’d be over 30,000 strong for the next public hearing!

Sandy Hook Commission Report – Final Draft

For your weekend reading, here’s the final draft of the report from the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. If you want a basic idea of what’s inside without reading all 256 pages, read our prior posts.

SHAC – Final Draft Report (pdf)

Heads Up

Yesterday, the Joint Judiciary Committee voted to have a public hearing on Proposed Senate Bill SB650. As typical, it was done by voice vote so there is no record of which way the committee members voted. No date has been set yet, but it’s listed as “Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing” which means they intend to hear multiple related bills on the same day. Now while it’s possible it will be a “gun bill day”, most likely this will get lumped in with a bunch of other domestic violence bills. CCDL strongly opposes this bill on the grounds that it violates a person’s constitutional right to due process by confiscating legally owned personal property without a proper hearing. Even though the date has not been set, you may begin to submit email testimony now to
Remember to follow these helpful tips when submitting your testimony. Testimony Tips
Also, check the list of committee members here, if one happens to be your senator or representative, be sure to contact them directly as well.



Bill No.: SB-650 Amendment Letter:
Chair: COLEMAN, E Motion: KISSEL, J Second: DOYLE, P


Reserved for Subject Matter Public Hearing

Language Change:

voice vote passed




Absent and Not Voting

Voice Vote







yea nay abstain absent yea nay abstain absent
Sen. Coleman, E. S02 Rep. Morris, B. 140
Rep. Tong, W. 147 Rep. ODea, T. 125
Sen. Doyle, P. S09 Rep. ONeill, A. 069
Rep. Fox, D. 148 Rep. Porter, R. 094
Sen. Kissel, J. S07 Rep. Riley, E. 046
Rep. Rebimbas, R. 070 Rep. Sampson, R. 080
Rep. Adinolfi, A. 103 Rep. Serra, J. 033
Rep. Aman, W. 014 Rep. Shaban, J. 135
Rep. Arce, A. 004 Rep. Simmons, C. 144
Rep. Baram, D. 015 Rep. Smith, R. 108
Rep. Berger, J. 073 Rep. Verrengia, J. 020
Sen. Boucher, T. S26 Rep. Walker, T. 093
Rep. Buck-Taylor, C. 067 Sen. Winfield, G. S10
Sen. Bye, B. S05
Rep. Candelora, V. 086
Rep. Carpino, C. 032
Rep. Currey, J. 011
Rep. Dillon, P. 092
Rep. Dubitsky, D. 047
Sen. Flexer, M. S29
Rep. Fritz, M. 090
Sen. Gerratana, T. S06
Rep. Godfrey, B. 110
Rep. Gonzalez, M. 003
Rep. Hewett, E. 039
Rep. Labriola, D. 131
Rep. Lemar, R. 096
Sen. Linares, A. S33
Rep. McGorty, B. 122
Sen. McLachlan, M. S24

Vote date:

2/11/2015 10:00:00 AM

Correction date:

Sandy Hook Commission – Part 2

Two weeks ago Governor Dan Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission met to discuss their recommendations to be published soon in their final report. You can read about that here.

Today they met again, to go over some final details. CCDL Executive Board member Ray Bevis sat through the whole thing and took notes, so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. If you would like to watch a recording of the 1 hour 20 minute meeting, you can do so here.
Keep in mind, while some of their recommendations are already in place here in CT, the commission hopes these recommendations will be implemented nationwide. Here are Ray’s notes:

• The commission final report will be around 100 pages.

• There will be a dedication to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, and to victims of gun violence statewide. Nancy Lanza is specifically not included.

• A section of the report is going to be a summary of events. This section will be a very graphic description of the SHES shooting. Members of the commission feel it’s necessary to rehash the trauma of the day, to make sure the reader feels upset and angry. They said this is necessarily powerful and needed for their gun recommendations.

• They have scheduled the final action meeting for February 13 Friday at 9:30am. This will most likely be their last meeting before they present the report to Malloy.

As far as I could tell this will be their gun related recommendations:

• Gun seizures with ex parte temporary restraining orders.

• Gun seizures with gun violence restraining orders.

• Their verbiage is a combination from the California Bill 1014, CT proposed bill SB56, and recommendations from Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

• Mandatory background checks on the sale for transfers and firearms, including long guns, private sales and sales at gun shows.

• Requiring registration, including a certificate of registration, for any firearm. This certificate of registration should be issued subsequent to the completion of a background check and separate and distinct from a permit to carry.

• Require the renewal of firearms permits on a regular basis. This renewal process should include a test of Firearms handling capacity as well as understanding of applicable laws and regulations.

• Ban the sale, possession or use of any magazine or ammunition feeding device in excess of 10 rounds except for military and police use.

• Ban the possession or sale of all armor-piercing bullets regardless of caliber. A first-time offense should be classified as a class D felony.

• Allow the purchase of ammunition for registered Firearms only.

• Evaluate the best practices for the regulation or prohibition of the sale and purchase of ammunition via the Internet.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of federal law in limiting the purchase of firearms via the Internet for those who have passed the appropriate background screening.

• Limit the amount of ammunition that may be purchased at any given time.

• Prohibit the possession, sale or transfer of any firearm capable of firing more than 10 rounds without reloading. This would extend to military style Firearms as well as handguns. Law-enforcement and military would be exempt.

• Require that trigger locks be provided at time of sale or transfer of any firearm.

• Require that the state develop an update a best practices manual and require that all firearms in the home be stored in a locked container and adhere to these best practices; with current minimum standards featuring a temper resistant mechanical lock or other safety including biometrics device when they are not under the owners direct control or supervision. The owner should always be directly responsible for securing any key used to gain access to the lock container.

• Require non-residents seeking to purchase a firearm or ammunition in the State of Connecticut to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and conform to all other regulations applicable to Connecticut residents.

• Require gun clubs to report any negligent or reckless behavior with a firearm, or illegal possession of any firearm or magazine, to the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Commissioner of Public Safety, and local law enforcement.

• Require promoters of gun shows to receive a permit from the Chief of Police or Chief Elected Official as well as provide notice to the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

Proposed Bills For January 26

Proposed H.B. No. 6581 REP. MINER, 66th DIST. ‘AN ACT REQUIRING THE ADOPTION OF FIREARM REGULATIONS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC PROTECTION’, to require the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to abide by the regulatory review process to implement gun control policies.

Proposed H.B. No. 6582 REP. MINER, 66th DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING AN ASSAULT WEAPON AND DECLARING POSSESSION OF A LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINE’, to extend the deadline for registering an assault weapon and declaring possession of a large capacity magazine.

Proposed S.B. No. 801 SEN. KISSEL, 7th DIST. ‘AN ACT PROHIBITING LOCAL REGULATION OF FIREARMS’, to prevent gun control by municipalities.

To see ALL the gun bills for this legislative session, click here.

New Proposed Bills – January 23

Proposed H.B. No. 6493 REP. CARPINO, 32nd DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING BACKGROUND CHECKS’, to expand background checks in Connecticut to include a nation-wide background check.

Proposed H.B. No. 6495 REP. FRANCE, 42nd DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING REINSTATEMENT OF FIREARMS PERMITS’, to permit a person whose firearms permit was wrongfully revoked to have such permit reinstated without having to go through an additional administrative appeals process.

Proposed H.B. No. 6496 REP. MINER, 66th DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING THE SALE OF FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION TO OUT-OF-STATE PURCHASERS’, to allow for the sale of firearms and ammunition to out-of-state purchasers by providing reciprocity of firearm credentials between Connecticut and other states that have substantially similar or higher standards for carrying a firearm and purchasing ammunition.

Proposed H.B. No. 6497 REP. MINER, 66th DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING THE REGISTRATION OF ASSAULT WEAPONS AND POSSESSION OF LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINES BY PERSONS WHO MOVE INTO CONNECTICUT’, to allow any person who moves into Connecticut to register an assault weapon or declare possession of a large capacity magazine.

Proposed S.B. No. 645 SEN. LOONEY, 11th DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING DEFINITIONS OF “DEADLY WEAPON” AND “DANGEROUS INSTRUMENT”‘, to clarify the statutes concerning definitions and classifications of weapons.

Proposed S.B. No. 650 SEN. LOONEY, 11th DIST.; SEN. DUFF, 25th DIST.; SEN. BYE, 5th DIST.; SEN. BARTOLOMEO, 13th DIST.; SEN. CASSANO, 4th DIST.; SEN. COLEMAN, 2nd DIST.; SEN. CRISCO, 17th DIST.; SEN. KENNEDY, 12th DIST.; SEN. FLEXER, 29th DIST.; SEN. LARSON, 3rd DIST.; SEN. WINFIELD, 10th DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS’, to provide greater protection to applicants who are granted temporary restraining orders by Connecticut courts.

To see ALL the gun bills for this legislative session, click here.

Proposed Gun Bills for January 22


Proposed H.B. No. 6199 REP. ORANGE, 48th DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING ACCESS TO THE STATE-WIDE DATABASE BY PAROLE OFFICERS’, to grant parole officers access to the state-wide firearms database.

Proposed H.B. No. 6301 REP. CARTER, 2nd DIST. ‘AN ACT CREATING A DATABASE OF INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE PROHIBITED FROM PURCHASING OR POSSESSING A FIREARM DUE TO PSYCHIATRIC OR PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER’, to protect the public by creating a system that identifies individuals who should not be permitted to possess or purchase firearms due to psychiatric or psychological disorder.

Proposed H.B. No. 6302 REP. CARTER, 2nd DIST.; SEN. HWANG, 28th DIST. ‘AN ACT REQUIRING THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS’, to require the safe storage of firearms.

Proposed H.B. No. 6306 REP. FRANCE, 42nd DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING THE FIREARM PERMIT APPEALS PROCESS’, to limit the time frame during which firearm permit appeals must be heard by the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners.

To see ALL the gun bills for this legislative session, click here.


Proposed Bills For January 21

Here’s our almost daily update on newly proposed gun-related legislation.

Proposed H.B. No. 5695 REP. CASE, 63rd DIST. ‘AN ACT PROHIBITING THE USE OF FIREARMS TO SHOOT OR KILL A DOMESTIC ANIMAL ON PRIVATE PROPERTY ABSENT THE NEED FOR SELF DEFENSE’, to prohibit the use of firearms on private property to kill domestic animals.

To see ALL the gun bills for this legislative session, click here.

Proposed Bills For January 20

Today is a federal and state holiday, so the legislature is not in session today. However, since they’ve already submitted tomorrow’s bills, we’ll give you those a day early.

Proposed H.B. No. 5641 REP. YACCARINO, 87th DIST. ‘AN ACT WAIVING FIREARM TRAINING COURSE REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTAIN VETERANS’, to allow for waiver of certain gun safety courses for veterans.

Proposed S.B. No. 149 SEN. LINARES, 33rd DIST. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING THE REQUIREMENT FOR AN AMMUNITION OR GUN PERMIT FOR THE PURCHASE OF SHOTGUN SHELLS’, to facilitate the purchase of shotgun shells by hunters.

To see ALL the gun bills for this legislative session, click here.

Sandy Hook Commission

Dan Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission met today to finalize their recommendations for their final report due to be released within the next 4 weeks. The timing of the report is to allow the legislature to act upon its recommendations.

The commission has decided that they are going to recommend a full and total ban on all magazines capable of holding over ten rounds, AND a ban on any firearm capable of firing over 10 rounds. They will also be recommending NO grandfather clause. Essentially this will amount to a ban on virtually ALL magazine-fed firearms, since they are all capable of firing over 10 rounds. With no grandfather clause lawful citizens will have to either turn in guns and magazines that may be worth thousands of dollars each, likely with no compensation, or become criminals in the eyes of the state. Of course, the real criminals are not going to turn in their firearms and magazines. Only the law-abiding citizens will be deprived of their property, and deprived of an effective and constitutionally protected means of self-defense.

Lastly, the commission will be asking that their recommendations be implemented on a national basis, not just here in Connecticut.

CCDL will of course be waiting for the final report, and we will continue to alert our members of any pending gun legislation.

Remember, CCDL is already spearheading a federal challenge to Malloy’s unconstitutional gun laws. As a free to join, all volunteer non-profit organization, everything we do is with your help. We’re hoping to take our case all the way to the US Supreme Court, but that costs money. Lots of it. Please consider a donation to our litigation fund, to protect your rights and the rights of future generations. These laws are a cancer, and cancer spreads. As you read above, Malloy’s Sandy Hook Commission wants their gun bans to expand nationwide. Malloy and the antigunners have billionaires like Bloomburg and Soros to help get their way, we have you and the Constitution. Donate today!