Decision in Shew v. Malloy

So, we finally got a ruling in Shew v. Malloy, and it isn’t good.
As we’ve said all along, this was not unexpected, given that the Second Circuit Court covers CT and NY. As a matter of fact, they issued an identical ruling for the lawsuit against NY’s (un)SAFE Act.
This is only the beginning, not the end. The Heller case took 6yrs to work its way though the system; we’re only 2yrs in. CCDL President Scott Wilson is in communication with our attorney David Thompson and we’ll have more to say as soon as we and our lawyers can digest and analyze the decision. For now, you can download the decision here: Shew v Malloy 207-1 opinion (pdf)

UPDATE: See comments from CCDL president Scott Wilson here.

Scott Wilson On Lee Elci Show

CCDL’s president Scott Wilson was interviewed this morning on Lee Elci’s radio show on WJJF 94.9 FM. They of course discussed the recent mass murder in Oregon and gun free zones, but also hit on gun violence in general. This was a really great interview, and you really owe it to yourself to take 14 minutes out of your day and give a listen.
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(Or download the mp3 here)

CCDL President on Armed American Radio

On September 16, 2015, CCDL President Scott Wilson was once again a guest on the syndicated Armed American Radio (AAR) show.
The show is hosted by Mark Walters and is carried on hundreds of radio stations across the nation (though none here in Connecticut).
AAR is broadcast live every Sunday from 8-11pm eastern time, and Monday-Friday from 4-5pm. Even though none of our local stations carry the show, many of the stations that do carry it also simulcast on the internet.

Scott was on the show to talk about the recent Hartford home invasion that was stopped by a legally armed citizen. Following Scott Wilson’s appearance, Walters also talked to Dr John Lott. As many remember, Dr Lott was the keynote speaker at one of our rallies a few years ago. You’ll want to listen to the entire hour.
Listen to the interview below, or download it here: Armed American Radio 09-16-2015 Scott Wilson-John Lott.mp3


Hartford Home Invasion

This is a guest post by CCDL president Scott Wilson

CCDL President Scott Wilson speaks out about Hartford home invasion (09/05):

On a Saturday evening in Hartford on September 5th, three violent criminals set their sights on a person whom they believed to be easy prey. Instead of ending up with a helpless victim for their choosing, two of these “alleged” criminals ended up at the hospital shot and bleeding with very serious wounds. Thankfully the intended victim only sustained minor injuries as a result of his ordeal. But certainly this experience will be life changing enough for him and his family.

Was another “Cheshire Style” home invasion preempted by the hands of a person who was lawfully armed? We may never know the answer to this for certain, but I would argue that the chances for such an outcome were enhanced given the knowledge that a multitude of armed intruders came prepared with weapons and zip ties.

Instead of news reports of mercilessly murdered victims who helplessly pleaded for their lives, a different and much more fortunate outcome replaced what could have easily been horrific news headlines that echoed across the country. Positive outcomes like this one do not sell as many newspapers, or gain as many website clicks; but they should considering what might have happened.

There is an eerie silence from Connecticut based gun control activists at the moment. Either because they do not want to admit the truth, or because they do not want people to know the truth. Maybe both.

Guns in the hands of people who wish to protect themselves can make a difference. This is why we should have the choice to protect our families the way we feel best. There were no police on hand to rush in and save the day. Just one man looking out for his family’s best interest.

Scott Wilson
CCDL President

CCDL Legislator of the Year – Doug Dubitsky

The Executive Board proudly selects Doug Dubitsky as the CCDL Legislator of the Year for 2015.

Announcing the award, CCDL president Scott Wilson said:

“CCDL expresses our gratitude and appreciation that there are legislators like Doug Dubitsky who work to protect our constitutionally recognized rights. Connecticut is a brighter place with Doug in office”.

Doug serves the 47th house district,and is a freshman legislator. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Doug stayed throughout the 13 hour hearing for Senate Bill 650 and House Bill 6848. Doug queried those who testified about ‘Due Process concerns’ and followed both of these bills right to the end of the legislative session.
Doug was also instrumental in killing language harmful to gun owners in the 2nd Chance Society bill that passed in the special session this year.

Doug is a regular at our monthly member meetings, and will receive his award at our August 11th meeting.
Thank you, Representative Doug Dubitsky!

CCDL Response to SHAC Final Report

For Immediate Release:

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass-roots gun rights group) Is speaking out against the firearms component in the final Report that has been released by the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission today.

Comments from CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“The timing of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission report is par for the course. We are right in the middle of the 2015 legislative session with several gun bills being given a public hearing this coming Wednesday. The Governor and his hand-picked Sandy Hook Advisory Commission continue to ride the horrific Newtown tragedy for all of its worth. The sole purpose of this is to advance an Anti-Constitutional Rights agenda”.

“Banning firearms that can hold over 10 rounds, and forcing law-abiding citizens to engage in prohibitively difficult “hoop jumping” just to own a firearm is not the way a person should be treated anywhere. The recommendations are abusive in nature to people who wish to have the best means necessary protect their families from harm”.
“Governor Malloy shut out gun owners from the very beginning with formation of the Sandy Hook Commission. Not one person on this commission has expressed any concern over violating the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, the opinions of SHAC are based totally on bias, and contain an illusory image of what public safety is. Criminals will always find a way to obtain guns illegally or to harm people via other means”.
Wilson reiterated an earlier point about the SHAC:
“With all of the damage done to law-abiding gun owners in the 2013 legislative session, I am beyond belief that this Commission is suggesting more infringements against human rights that are enumerated in both the United States Constitution, and in our very own state constitution”.

Press Contact:
Scott Wilson
About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to over 17.000 members across the state.

Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture of the capitol, and well-recognized by committees that see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit

Scott Wilson Sr.
CCDL, Inc.

SHAC Final Report

We’ve pretty much covered all the gun-related recommendations of Governor Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, but the final report will be released today. There is a press conference starting shortly at 3:30pm, which you can watch live online here. CT-N
You can read our prior posts about the report here.
And here is the full, final 277 page report. SHAC Final Report.pdf

Sandy Hook Commission Report – Final Draft

For your weekend reading, here’s the final draft of the report from the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. If you want a basic idea of what’s inside without reading all 256 pages, read our prior posts.

SHAC – Final Draft Report (pdf)

Thoughts & Prayers for Senator Maynard

State Senator Andrew Maynard (D-18 – Griswold, Groton, North Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Stonington & Voluntown) is in very serious condition after he accidentally fell from a second story outside staircase at his home early Monday morning. Senator Maynard has been a strong supporter of our gun rights, and voted against SB1160 as well as many other prior gun bills. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the senator and his family, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

2014 Legislator Of The Year

The CCDL Executive Board has selected someone for CCDL’s annual “Legislator of the Year” award. This award is to recognize legislators who have shown unwavering support for our 2nd Amendment rights during the past legislative session.

The first person to receive this award was State Rep Rob Sampson (District 80) in 2012. Last year we recognized State Rep Steve Mikutel from the 45th district.

This year, the Board has chosen State Senator Joe Markley (16th Senate district) to receive this award. CCDL President Scott Wilson had this to say about our choice:

“The Connecticut Citizens Defense League Executive Board is proud to have selected Senator Joe Markley to be the organization’s named “Legislator of the Year”. Though there was little activity during the legislative session pertaining to firearms issues, Senator Markley has been looking ahead into this election cycle with an eye towards protecting our rights. This year is crucial for the future of 2nd Amendment rights in Connecticut”.

As those of you who can attend our monthly meetings may already know, Joe attends many meetings himself and has been instrumental in helping CCDL members become more involved in the process of electing Pro2A legislators, as well as retaining those already in office.

Joe will receive his award at our August 12th monthly meeting in Middletown. We invite all CCDL members to attend and thank Senator Markley for helping us restore our rights here in Connecticut. Thank you, Joe!