Sandy Hook Commission Report – Final Draft

For your weekend reading, here’s the final draft of the report from the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. If you want a basic idea of what’s inside without reading all 256 pages, read our prior posts.

SHAC – Final Draft Report (pdf)

Thoughts & Prayers for Senator Maynard

State Senator Andrew Maynard (D-18 – Griswold, Groton, North Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Stonington & Voluntown) is in very serious condition after he accidentally fell from a second story outside staircase at his home early Monday morning. Senator Maynard has been a strong supporter of our gun rights, and voted against SB1160 as well as many other prior gun bills. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the senator and his family, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

2014 Legislator Of The Year

The CCDL Executive Board has selected someone for CCDL’s annual “Legislator of the Year” award. This award is to recognize legislators who have shown unwavering support for our 2nd Amendment rights during the past legislative session.

The first person to receive this award was State Rep Rob Sampson (District 80) in 2012. Last year we recognized State Rep Steve Mikutel from the 45th district.

This year, the Board has chosen State Senator Joe Markley (16th Senate district) to receive this award. CCDL President Scott Wilson had this to say about our choice:

“The Connecticut Citizens Defense League Executive Board is proud to have selected Senator Joe Markley to be the organization’s named “Legislator of the Year”. Though there was little activity during the legislative session pertaining to firearms issues, Senator Markley has been looking ahead into this election cycle with an eye towards protecting our rights. This year is crucial for the future of 2nd Amendment rights in Connecticut”.

As those of you who can attend our monthly meetings may already know, Joe attends many meetings himself and has been instrumental in helping CCDL members become more involved in the process of electing Pro2A legislators, as well as retaining those already in office.

Joe will receive his award at our August 12th monthly meeting in Middletown. We invite all CCDL members to attend and thank Senator Markley for helping us restore our rights here in Connecticut. Thank you, Joe!

Troop E (Montville) Permit office Closed For Renovation

Residents may report to Troop C in Tolland

Due to renovations at the Permitting Office located at State Police Troop E in Montville, effective immediately, the office will be closed to the public.

During the week of April 14, 2014, to April 17, 2014, residents may go to Troop C located at 1320 Tolland Stage Road, in Tolland (860) 896-3271, for permitting.

It is anticipated that the Troop E office will re-open in May upon the completion of the renovations. For updates on the reopening/new schedule please refer to our website

For questions, residents may contact the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit at (860) 685-8494.

Connecticut Chooses Liberty

As I hope everyone by now knows, we’re having a rally at the State Capitol this Saturday, April 5th, and it’s shaping up to be huge. (you ARE going, right?)
Well, the people who support restricting your Constitutional rights know about it too, and they’re scared.

They’re scared because they underestimated the backlash to Public Act 13-3, which turned tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Connecticut voters into potential criminals overnight.

They’re scared because they thought we would give up our rights quietly, and then forget all about it. Instead, a year later we’re louder and larger and more organized than ever.

They’re scared because support for their anti-gun agenda is at an all-time low, both nationally and here in Connecticut.

They’re scared because they see what’s happening to legislators who voted against our rights. Many once popular politicians who aspired to higher office have seen their support dry up. Others, who have won by small margins in the past are simply retiring, apparently figuring it’s better to quit then get voted out.

They’re scared because despite their lies and flawed, biased polls, they are realizing that dancing in the blood of children is no longer effective in advancing their agenda.

They’re scared because even other historically anti-gun states like Illinois are rolling back gun control laws.

They’re scared of YOU.

And just like a wild animal that doesn’t understand reason and facts, when they are scared they lash out and attack. It doesn’t matter if what they are saying is untrue. It doesn’t matter if what they want actually makes them less safe. Like an animal, all that matters is what they feel. They attack what they fear most. YOU.

As part of those attacks, they’ve been spreading vicious lies. They claim to be on the right side of history. They say you’re a bully for exercising your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. They say you’re part of the lunatic fringe. They even have the nerve to compare you to the KKK!

But that isn’t good enough. They’re trying to amplify their weak voice with the use of social media. They’ve set up a “Thunderclap” to try to spread their message of hate.
What the heck is a Thunderclap?

If a tweet falls in the forest…
Social media is an easy way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard. Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks. By boosting the signal at the same time, Thunderclap helps a single person create action and change like never before.

You don’t need a huge following for a successful Thunderclap.
A user with 200 Facebook friends could amplify her message better than someone with 3,000 friends. It all depends on your cause’s voice and shareability—and how much your friends are engaged. Thunderclap has already reached millions of people. Check out some of the successful projects on our homepage!

The tipping point
The beauty of Thunderclap is that it sets the goalposts: one message, one number, one date. It’s a common threshold you and your supporters work toward together. It’s a tangible way to measure awareness.

You can see their Thunderclap here.

Now, thanks to our friends at CT Carry, there is a competing Thunderclap you can use to counteract the antis. Please, if you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account sign up for the Connecticut Chooses Liberty Thunderclap.

Signing up with your various accounts only takes seconds, and it’s vital that we show that we the people are actually the ones on the right side of this issue.

The second thing they are doing is this: Starting at 9:30am tomorrow (Friday, April 4th, 2014) they are going to start calling your state legislators and urge them to support restricting your rights.
We need to counteract that too. So tomorrow morning at 9:15am, I want you to settle down with your phone and start calling yourselves. Tell your legislators the new laws do NOTHING take guns away from criminals or to make people safer; all they do is restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens like yourself. Remind them that you are a voter, and this election you intend to vote 2A. After you get off the phone, I want you to follow-up with emails. After you email, we want you to facebook and tweet them. We want you to be respectful, reasonable, and factual, but we want you to speak up! If you let the other side win at this, they are going to think they have support to restrict you rights further and further until you have none. They want to use your home state as an example to disarm gun owners nationwide. We must not let that happen.

Contacting your legislator is easy. First go to this link and enter your address. It will then show your state and federal legislators. The (web) link will take you to their website, where you will find their phone number, email address, and facebook/twitter accounts if they have them. The (contact) link will take you directly to their email.

Remember, Friday, April 4, 2014 starting at 9:15am we need you to start calling, emailing, tweeting, and facebooking that you are pro 2nd Amendment and a voter. And of course we’ll see you Saturday at the Capitol Building in Hartford.
Carry On!

Governor Malloy Community Forum – East Hartford, April 3

Governor Dan Malloy and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman will again be holding a community forum, this time in East Hartford on the evening of Thursday, April 3, 2014. Malloy says this is an opportunity to discuss his agenda for the future with Connecticut residents. The Governor said he would like to discuss finances, job growth, education and the state’s minimum wage. We think it’s an even better opportunity to discuss your gun rights, just like you did a few weeks ago. Maybe you could ask him about this too? [video]

The forum is scheduled to be held from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. (yet again, just one hour) in the Council Chambers on the second floor of Town Hall, 740 Main St., East Hartford, CT.

If you would like to ask the Governor a question you should arrive as early as possible before the event and get on the sign-up sheet to speak.

More information can be found on the Governor’s website here.

Long Gun Permits

Just a reminder, on April 1, 2014 the last major part of Connecticut’s unconstitutional new gun laws takes effect. Starting April 1st, you will no longer be able to buy a rifle or shotgun with just a hunting license or 14 day waiting period. You will be required to have ONE of the following:
  ‣ valid Pistol Permit
  ‣ valid Eligibility Certificate to Purchase Pistols or Revolvers
  ‣ valid Eligibility Certificate to Purchase Long Guns

You will also now have to complete an Application to Purchase Firearms (DPS-67-C), a Sale or Transfer of All Firearms form (DPS-3-C) in quadruplicate, and call DESPP for an authorization number. Just like you do now for a handgun. Remember, just like with handguns, the seller must retain the DPS-67-C for 20 years, and copies of the DPS-3-C must be given to the buyer, DESPP’s Special Licensing and Firearms Unit, and the buyer’s local police department. The seller and the buyer must retain the DSP-3-C for 5 years.

If you don’t have one of the above 3 permits, you can get a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate Application Packet by calling the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit at 860-685-8290. You may also download a screen-fillable pdf of the application itself here. The cost for the application is $35.00 for a 5 year term. An additional $50.00 for the State Fingerprints and $15.00 for the Federal Fingerprints are also associated with the application. State law § 29-37q requires that not later than 60 days after receipt of the national criminal history records check from the FBI that the application be approved or notification of denial be made.

The Long Gun Eligibility Certificate will also allow you to buy ammunition, but it does not allow you to purchase handguns, or carry handguns in public.

sample Long Gun Eligibility Certificate

Martha Dean to Hold Initial Press Conference March 18, 2014

Just received this from Martha Dean:

AVON -    Martha Dean, Republican candidate for governor, will hold a press conference to formally announce her entry into the Connecticut Governor’s race on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Old State House, 800 Main Street, Hartford.  Dean will outline her vision for Connecticut, her platform, and take questions from the media. All are welcome to attend.
Martha Dean is an attorney who was the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Connecticut in both 2002 and 2010.  In the 2010 Attorney General race Dean won 44% of the vote. Dean’s campaign for Governor is focused on placing Connecticut on strong economic footing while ensuring that citizens are protected from government policies that infringe upon their most fundamental rights.

Martha Dean Enters Governor’s Race

Attorney Martha Dean has been one of the lawyers working tirelessly on our lawsuit against Governor Dan Malloy and the state of Connecticut for their unconstitutional gun laws. But that wasn’t enough.
Now Martha is going after Malloy’s job too! Here’s the press release, hot off the wire:

Martha Dean Enters Governor’s Race

 AVON -    Martha Dean has just announced she has entered the Connecticut Governor’s race. Dean is an attorney who was the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Connecticut in both 2002 and 2010.  In 2010, Dean won 44% of the vote in the race for Attorney General. She is in private practice in Avon, Connecticut.  Dean’s campaign for Governor is focused on placing Connecticut on strong economic footing while ensuring that citizens’ are protected from government policies that infringe on their most fundamental rights.

 Attorney Dean will be holding a press conference concerning her platform and to answer questions from the media on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at time and location  to be announced.


This message is paid for by Martha Dean for Governor – Nathan Schindler, Treasurer.

Approved by Martha Dean.


If you would like to donate to Martha’s campaign, you can do so here.

Fake News

UPDATE 3/10/2014: Second story updated below

There are several stories going around involving the Connecticut Police. The first one is one about how most of the CT police are refusing to register their so-called assault weapons. The original story is here: “Connecticut halts plans to round up firearms after finding most cops in the state are on the list”
The fact that the story is posted on a satire website seems to be lost on most people, judging by the number of times it’s been emailed to me or posted on Facebook. The very title of the website should be the first clue, “Call the Cops: America’s 27th most trusted source for public safety news”. The top of the page also lists “Our latest 12% factual headlines”. In case you’re still not sure, the bottom of the page contains a disclaimer:

This site is a satire of the current state of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical work. Stories posted here are not real and you should not assume them to have any basis in any real fact. Heck we tend to leave in spelling and grammer errors just to prove we is not the professional media. No reference of an individual, company, or government entity seeks to inflict malice or emotional harm.

Yet this story still continues to be spread as the truth.

The second one is worse, in that it appears to be an actual hoax. Unfortunately it also had an air of legitimacy because it originated at a legitimate and well-respected website. I’m talking about “Some Connecticut police refusing to enforce AW law”, which was first posted on the website of noted firearm law specialist and author, attorney Dave Hardy. He writes that he was emailed by one Tyler Jackson, who is the head of the Connecticut Peace Officers Association. Mr Jackson writes that they would soon be publishing an open letter stating that the Connecticut police will not “be party to the oppression of the people of the state by enforcing an unconstitutional law”.
Sounds great, and the story has been picked up by many other media sites and passed along. Problem is there doesn’t seem to be a “Connecticut Peace Officers Association”. We have a “Police Association of Connecticut”, but they don’t list a Tyler Jackson as their head, or even a board member or spokesperson. Hardy has since updated the story, saying “…. I’d treat this as a possible hoax. I would have done more digging except that when I posted I was on a plane, as part of 4,000-miles-in-36-hours trip”.
UPDATE 3/10/2014
It looks like the hoaxster is doubling down on his story, so I’ll double down on busting it.
First, there is now a Wikipedia entry for the “Connecticut Peace Officer’s Association”.

The Connecticut Peace Officers Association (CPOA) is a Connecticut-based law enforcement organization. It is most known for its controversial resistance of the state’s restrictive gun laws. In 2014 it gathered 250 signatures from law enforcement officers around the state on an open letter refusing to enforce the new law.[1][2][3][4]

The organization was founded in 1992 in order to provide a united lobbying front for peace officers in the state. For most of its history it has been a marginal player in Connecticut politics.

Torrey Grimes is the current chairman of the CPOA.

Now, we could talk about the fact that in the 22yrs this org has supposedly been around, the only thing they’ve done worth noting is the alleged letter. Or we could talk about how a 25yr police veteran and head of a large organization has never been mentioned in any local news media (not even now, btw), or that public records don’t show a person named Torrey Grimes living in CT. Or maybe we could discuss how according to the revision history the wiki entry for this 22yr old group was created just today by none other than Tyson Jackson. Nah, let’s skip those. Let’s talk about how they lobby for peace officers in CT.
As we’ve mentioned in classes and blog posts about testifying in Hartford, any time you appear before the General Assembly its public record. Any documents you submit are public record. Now CCDL has been around just 5yrs. Click here to see all the written documents we’ve submitted in 5yrs. Now lets see how many documents the CPOA has submitted in 22yrs, click here. Also, if they are an actual lobbying group, their lobbyists need to be licensed with the Office of State Ethics. You can download lists of all the licensed lobbyists here. There is no listing for CPOA or any variations of their name.

Tyson Jackson has also published the promised article (minus the 250 promised signatures) at,-Police-Say&id=8366211. Now, one might wonder why an established organization would use a free article-hosting site instead of their own website. But let’s skip that. Let’s just look at Tyson Jackson’s picture, which is posted on both the article and his bio.

Now, compare That to photos of comedian Tim Northern. If you aren’t sure, check out Tim’s Facebook page.

Lastly, Jackson’s article also quotes ” John Porshboll, a lawyer who specializes in representing cops in disciplinary trouble with their departments”. Again, all lawyers must be licensed to practice in Connecticut, and the state makes it easy to check if they are. CT Attorney/Firm Lookup
No John Porsboll listed there. As a matter of fact, google doesn’t find any references to “Porshboll” anywhere in the world, except Jackson’s article.
BUSTED! Can we PLEASE stop passing this around as the truth now?

These stories play up our hopes that the police will not enforce an unconstitutional law, and I guess we really want to believe they’re true. But passing around wrong or misleading info doesn’t help. I’ve often said we have truth and facts on our side, all the anti’s have is emotion and lies. Let’s not stoop to their level….. we’re better than that.