It’s Time To Rally!

Are you ready for a 2A Rally?
It’s time to remind the gun-grabbers that we’re still here, and we still VOTE.

If you have been outraged by anti-gun propaganda rallies and blatant calls to repeal the 2nd Amendment, then this rally is your chance to speak out against those who would take your rights.
Let’s swarm the Capitol grounds, and show this state that we will not give up our rights quietly.

DATE: Saturday, April 14, 2018
TIME: 11am until 1pm (or later)
PLACE: Connecticut State Capitol, 210 Capitol Ave, Hartford

It will once again be at the State Capitol, north side facing Bushnell Park. All lawful forms of carry are permitted on the Capitol grounds, but remember Bushnell Park is a so-called “Gun Free Zone“.

More info coming soon, as final details get hammered out.

Helpful Links
Flyer to print out and hang in your local club or gun shop: Rally Flier.pdf
Directions to the State Capitol
Parking Information
Facebook Event Page

Membership in CCDL is 100% free. We don’t charge any membership dues, and we rarely beg for donations.
Events like this cost thousands of dollars to put on.
If you would like to help defray the costs of this rally, please consider making a contribution. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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9 thoughts on “It’s Time To Rally!

  1. Although I’m in northern Maine, I will be joining you guys in spirit. Hope you have a huge turnout. Don’t let the gun grabbers get the best of you. Unfortunately, we have gun grabbers in the southern part of Maine but northern Maine is all pro gun and no gun grabbers. It is a refreshing change.

    • We never have for any other rally.
      It’s during the day on a weekend. Parking is relatively plentiful in Hartford at that time.
      The only time buses have been used or needed was during the week, when most of the parking is already taken by people working in the area.

    • Those buses made a huge difference. The four buses the last time made more than one trip with our people to the Capitol. The buses were full.

      • Considering I’ve helped organize every single rally CCDL has ever had, I can ASSURE you, we have NEVER had buses for a rally.
        We had 4 buses for Lobby Day, which was during the week, not a weekday. They cost a ton of money, which was donated. So if you would like to cover that, and get permission from Cabela’s, there is still a week to set it up.

        Just a bit of advice from someone who HAS done this before:
        Lobby day was an ongoing all day thing. People coming in, seeing their legislators for a few minutes, maybe hanging out a bit, and leaving. People where coming and going all day long. The 4 charter buses were constantly shuttling back and forth from 8am until 4pm.

        The rally on the other hand has a fixed start and stop time (11-1pm), and the vast majority of people will stay for the entire thing. If we have 5,000 people at the rally (and I hope there are far more then that) you would need 100 buses all loading up at Cabela’s at the same time, all dropping off at the Capitol at the same time, and all picking people back up at the same time.
        If you only had say 10 buses running (which would still cost a fortune, again for Lobby Day there were 4 buses which I believe cost around $1000 each) they would have to start running full loads at 6am to get everyone there by 11, and the last people to leave the rally wouldn’t get back to Cabela’s until after 6pm.

        Or people can park on all the streets and parking lots around the Capitol, which are usually empty on a Saturday morning, and walk a block or 3.

  2. Chris: When the legislature was discussing the Sandy Hook Gun Control Laws, that 138 page law, there were four large buses in East Hartford at Cabela’s. The buses made more than one trip to bring everyone down. I was under the impression that it was CCDL who organized and paid for the buses. Sorry if I was wrong. We had a huge turnout that day and I spent all day listening to fellow gun owners talk to the legislative committee. One of the Reporters from Channel 3 suck her head in the door and spent about ten minutes and talked to three of the law makers. I listened to her report that evening and was shocked at what she reported. It was no where near accurate. That report was inflammatory and one hundred percent anti-gun. That’s the day I lost all faith in news media reporting concerning guns. I hope you have a huge turnout. Keep up the good fight. This old retired gun owner is praying that you succeed.

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