CCDL Responds to Malloy/Blumenthal press briefing on guns in schools

CCDL President Scott Wilson:

“Governor Malloy stated that “our schools should remain safe”. They are not safe now. Any killer can find his or her way into any school and murder an entire classroom with impunity. Simply put, gun free zones have been a continual target by people that wish to kill as many people as possible with no resistance until many innocent lives are lost. A reminder that the FBI failed to follow protocol in Florida, the police failed to adequately investigate the shooter numerous times, and the officers outside the school failed to enter the school while murders were occurring. Teachers and children were slaughtered with no means of protection whatsoever”

“We are all for making it harder for killers to get in to schools, but Governor Malloy and his cronies dig their heels in over their fantasies of gun free zones. The result of these failed policies rests squarely on the Governor’s head.”

“ Teachers and administration are likely to be the first line of defense. We should provide them with as many tools as possible to protect our children. That includes firearms and the training to use them if they wish. Remember – when seconds count, the police are minutes away.”

9 thoughts on “CCDL Responds to Malloy/Blumenthal press briefing on guns in schools

  1. It is the purpose of Malloy and all Democrats to relieve the population of all firearms. Not just the AR15. Look at what Obama did. Couldn’t ban the AR-15, so he tried to ban the ammo. Couldn’t ban the ammo, so he closed the last lead smelting plant in the US. Also, during his presidency, the government purchased more ammo than need to drive the price through the roof. Need any further evidence?

    • Just more “factual proof” the democrats do not care about you at all !
      Malloy IS CONNECTICUT’S PROBLEM, but those with all the money keep him in office so they can bilk money from businesses, lie on thier taxes and have a puppet to blame and he isn’t even smart enough to realize that !
      Don’t give Malloy credit for anything because he track record has proven physically how inept he actually is !

      I just wonder who either has thier hand up his rectum making the puppet speak and dance OR who is moving the marionettes string’s ?

    The democrats want you dead in order to persue thier path which is very similar to Hitlers in 1934 going into 1935 when the German people were required all gun’s be registered, so the Nazi party could collect them in 1936 or kill you for not turning them in !
    REALITY IS – The democrats have had twelve years straight to brainwash and indoctrinate younger generations to the “everybodys equal and poor me” syndrome of stupidity and lack of thought.
    TRUTH — The democrats own someone big or have been taking pay off’s from a single group for so long and now that group is calling in thier note owed !
    IF ANY DEMOCRAT TRUELY CARED – Why haven’t they AND thier bodyguard’s given away or stopped using all gun’s ?

    WHAT WE NEED TO DO — Is start enforceing the law’s on the book’s currently and STOP THE “POOR ME” MENTALITY BS !
    The kid from Parkland should have been publicly executed on national tv, 48 hours after it happened because we knew “dead to rights” exactly who he was, with no “shadow of a doubt” at all !
    When you stole a cookie you got your hand slapped and were told “no”, these immature kids not getting that and have never got that, which is the reason we are in this mess today !


  3. SSDL Lead the way with constructive plans to make our schools safe…please show the liberals and dems positive actions…

  4. Scott, as always, well said on behalf of all CCDL. Thank you for laying the policy failures right at the foot of their owner – Dannel Malloy. His goal is to implement all facets of gun control. That is to say – disarm the public so they can be controlled with guns.

  5. Scott: You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for speaking up for us. It’s time these gun grabbers get a clue and change their reckless and irresponsible “Gun Free Zone” policy.

  6. The Democrats will NEVER change. It is their agenda to systematically destroy our freedoms and destroy the Constitution. They cannot push their agenda to its fullest, converting the United States to Socialism. An armed populous will NOT let that happen.

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