Judiciary Votes To Raise More Gun Bills

Today the Connecticut Judiciary Committee met and voted to raise two more gun related bill concepts this legislative session, An Act Concerning Lawfully Carrying Firearms in State Parks and An Act Concerning Lifetime Ammunition Permits.
We do not have the bill numbers or language at this time. The Judiciary Committee just voted to raise the bill concepts and will hold a public hearing soon (date to be determined).

You can see the full agenda of today’s meeting here: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2018/JUDdata/ca/2018ca-00221-R001100JUD-ca.htm

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8 thoughts on “Judiciary Votes To Raise More Gun Bills

  1. Take your ammo permits and shove it Mr. Malloy. Secure the schools the way you secure
    the capitol. You may also want to know who you are letting into this state, or are they just voters for your party.

    • Relax, there is no law that requires you to have any permit of any sort to buy ammo. If you think that there is, provide copy of the actual wording of the law; you’ll see, I’m right.

  2. What gets me is Mr. Malloy walks around with four armed state police officers at all times yet my grand children go to school which is a gun free zone(what a joke) and then he tells us that we need ammo permits or you need a CCW to buy ammo and or a gun. What do they expect our children and teachers to do, throw books at a perp. Hears an idea I’m a retired veteran. I have hunted and shot on a skeet league all my life. I carry and don’t believe in gun free zones. I have served my country during the cold war and Vietnam. I like many of my brothers would gladly pose as armed guards in local schools. I would do it as a volunteer. I would be willing to take any course that the state deems necessary. But you know what is going to happen. Nothing until we have another shooting in this communistic state, because this is what I believe is on their agenda to remove all weapons from law abiding citizens so that they can have total control and do as they please. Our fore fathers were wise enough to see this happening that is why we have the 2nd amendment. It is a God given right to protect ourselves. It is actually in the bible. Jesus implored his apostles to sell some of their garment to buy a sword, the weapon of choice back then. This open meeting with the people that experienced tragedy is one of the great things that our president did. God bless him and the USA.

    • Peter the day this state tries to remove all of our guns is the day we all rent u-hauls and tell them we are moving out of this clap infested state we have had enough of their threats and have complied with all laws , rules, and obeyed all they have on their books including the clips issue when they said if you own clips of more than 10 rounds you must declare it to them which we all did , the trouble with this , is that if we purchased this gun and it came with 3 clips new as sold why are we being punished for this , we cant sell them , or trade them for 10 round ones so we are trapped by this state once again, real nice of them to do to a law abiding citizen but they will continue to proceed until we cant keep our guns any longer and all hell will break out and we shall all move out again leaving this state with less and less great move by them once again stupid leading stupid !

  3. Again, I must restate. When will law abiding, tax paying citizens become criminals due to excessive gun laws. When a terrorist act happens, not all people associated with a religion are blamed. In fact the innocent are vigorously defended. NOT the case for legal gun owners though. Malloy can not leave office fast enough.

  4. Every school should have armed retired Veterans, it will keep our children safe , and give our veterans a job , but the losers in Hartford won’t let it happen . It’s time to replace all of them

  5. Connecticut statue 10-244a allows schools to hire retired Police Officers as armed school security guards. Several schools have already done this. You get 20 plus years of training and experience. There are many retired Officers out there are more then willing to serve again.

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