Judiciary Meeting Today To Propose Anti-Gun Bills

Today the Connecticut Judiciary Committee will be meeting to vote on what bill concepts to raise this legislative session. The meeting will take place immediately following a public hearing on unrelated matters.

On the Judiciary’s agenda for today are three gun related bill concepts;

  • An Act Concerning Bump Stocks

  • An Act Concerning Ghost Guns

  • An Act Concerning Open Carry

We do not have the bill numbers or language at this time. They’re just voting to raise the bill concepts for now. We won’t get the bill information until the committee actually votes to raise the concept and files it.

You can watch the hearing live starting at 10AM at:

Today’s meeting agenda can be found at:

Please note that because of the unpredictable length of a public hearing, we are unable to give an actual start time for the Judiciary Meeting.

Also, the hearing video is hosted on YouTube. If access to that happens to be blocked on your network, you can also try this link:

4 thoughts on “Judiciary Meeting Today To Propose Anti-Gun Bills

  1. I have sought records from: Looney, Aresimowicz, Ritter, Tong, Malloy and others. I received responses and they have no clue or records in respect to the Vegas shooting if the shooter : a) used any gun with a “bump stock” attached or b) if so, that the stock was set to “bump action” as opposed to being set as a standard, non-bump stock action.

    Just another example of legislators making up facts to fit their agenda. Anytime a legislator claims a fact, ask for records from them to show that the fact actually came from somewhere other than his own brain fart. 99% the facts that they speak of in support of legislation (or against) is all just made up.

    I asked members, since the issue really isn’t “bump-stocks” but a rate of fire issue that they are trying to address: how many rounds/min. can we lowly citizens have guns that that have the capability to shoot at such a maximum rate of fire. ie tell me the maximum rds/min. Crickets is what I get back.

    These are the questions CCDL should ask; stop muttering about concerning the bump-stocks themselves and focus on their goal — to limit us to 0 rds/min guns.

  2. A great thank you to Donald trump for jumping on the incremental chipping away of the second amendment band wagon. He’s set to propose anti bump stock legislation. This after the BATF said they were 100% legal. Massachusetts has already banned bump stocks that were purchased legally
    and did not allow grandfathering or repayment of such items. This is pure and simple confiscation of a legally purchased and legally owned item.

    The liberals love to chip away and they will do that over and over again just didn’t think Donald trump and the NRA would help that along.

    These items allow those who are not wealthy to participate in sub gun matches etc.
    So much for shall not be infringed.

    We need to fight this on the local level but also nationally.

    • Hi Jeff, I suggest you read the actual exec. order and not CNN pukitation of it. It would not touch bump stocks. It may end up prohibiting people from selling parts like AR full auto bolts and auto sears. Which is BS in itself but I can make those if I want. As for bump stocks and Trump’s order? The order would not affect bump stocks–DOJ has already suggested it wouldn’t. Want to sell me your bump stock for $10…I’ll take it! Bumpity-bump !

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