Press Release – Parkland, Florida

For Immediate Release:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (the state’s largest grass roots gun rights group) makes a statement on yesterday’s Florida shooting.

Comment from CCDL President Scott Wilson:
“While we wait for more facts to come out from the investigation, we know that the person responsible for this mass murder was someone who was a known threat to the safety of students and staff at this school. With this in mind, we wonder if more could have been done to protect this school. We also believe that the behavioral red flags being mentioned in current media reports should have been taken seriously and addressed proactively by those who were aware.”

Wilson Added:
“While some politicians are calling for more laws that will do nothing, the public should be aware that numerous existing laws were broken in this mass murder, and more laws will not stop a deranged person from killing.”

“In the meantime, our hearts go out to the families of these victims. We continue to oppose violent crime. All violent crime, not just those committed with firearms.”

Scott Wilson Sr.
CCDL, Inc.

10 thoughts on “Press Release – Parkland, Florida

  1. Condolences to the families.

    As usual, democrats are already putting the blame on the AR-15. They don’t even know
    what the facts are yet. This kid was on the radar, but nothing was done.

  2. Again, Chris Murphy, the Senator from the “Constitution State”, is the first to use a tragedy like this latest shooting to enhance his political career. Yet, he is the same senator who voted along with the others in his Party, against Kate’s Law. Hypocrisy indeed.

  3. Well said Scott. Our two senators from this state couldn’t wait to get in front of a camera.

    I have posted this on facebook

    This is how I feel If it offends anybody I apologise. I have listened to all of the talking heads on TV and it will turn your stomach. Now the liberals have come out with a new saying Gun safety laws. It is just a rehash of old stuff ad nauseum. The media couldn’t wait to get pictures of this fool fast enough. In my opinion they should have had a bag over his head and had two officers walk him into jail with rifles pointed at his head. No they wanted to glorify him. The officers wanted to make sure he was treated properly and that no harm would come to him. They say this was done to protect the prosecution. All it did was give other nitwits an idea for their 10 minutes of fame. Here is the post that I posted before

    Owning an AR is no different than owning a m1 Garand or a semi auto 308 rifle. People use these for protection against a government that wants to control. They use them to hunt all types of animals especially feral hogs. These feral hogs destroy thousands of acres and crops all across the south and are moving north. Here’s a thought. In Alaska they own more guns per capita than any other state and have one of the lowest murder rate. They have resource officers in every school. Teachers are allowed to carry. In Israel there is an m16 leaning up against the wall in every class room. the children are taught that it is not a toy but a tool to be respected. They have zero school shootings. In Switzerland everyone is required to own a gun. They have zero shootings. We have thousands of retired military personnel that would gladly be a resource officer and they would do it free gratis. But these ideas are not in the politicians play book. they want to chip away at your rights one piece at a time. When I was younger I could walk down my street with a rifle and nothing was ever said. I had friends that would wait for the bus with their firearms and the bus driver would ask them where they were going hunting. No swat team no panic. With the introduction of safe zones we have made shooting galleries. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s amazing that we can spend billions to protect peoples in other nations but can’t do the same for our own. I have 6 grandkids in school and worry every day and pray that nothing happens. when the politicians wake up and start to realize it’s not the gun but the nut behind it then we will get back to normalcy. We need institutions that the ACLU said were detrimental to the health of patients. So what did they do they closed almost all of the facilities that could give mental patients the help that they need. So in closing It is a complex problem that won’t be solved with a knee jerk reaction.

  4. “While some politicians are calling for more laws that will do nothing, the public should be aware that numerous existing laws were broken in this mass murder, and more laws will not stop a deranged person from killing.”

    Scott – you’ve used this a few times recently, obviously to no avail. Too bad we’ll no doubt be seeing it again. Sad . . .

  5. The new laws the politicians (democrats) are dreaming about, is banning ALL semi-auto firearms. Not just the AR-15.

  6. Laws are not really relevant. Easy access to school entry is the problem, its not a legal problem. Its a school design issue. Look at your local schools, betcha anyone can gain access very easily. Even in Newtown, access to their schools are just as easy as the time of the Sandy Hook shootings. Why? Because the state and local governments don’t care if kids are killed; it sort of favors their anti-gun rhetoric. So while they claim that new laws are needed they do nothing in respect to making schools actually safer. What’s next, blame the bomb for bombers? I have contacted my local schools, over years, about the lack of safety at schools. They simply do not care as evidenced by lack of taking corrective action. As for gun laws? Pass all they want, they are all void. You people still convicting people as jurists? Stop, refuse to convict until all gun laws are removed from the books. This actually works.

  7. Scott is correct but what is CCDL doing moving forward? I suggest that it includes pointing out that school security is horrible in this state; and that the state and schools need to take responsibility instead of attacking guns. CCDL should go and video how easy it is to access schools, show the people that its not gun but a total lack of correcting the issues that actually has corrective action that can but has been taken.

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