Proposed Gun Ban In Southbury

Southbury town meeting on proposed gun ban; Thursday, November 2nd at 7:00PM at the Pomperaug High School auditorium.

The Southbury Democratic Town Committee (SDTC) has requested that the Board of Selectmen consider an ordinance to prohibit firearms on all town property. Ultimately, making these places “Gun Free Zones”.

The Board of Selectmen voted to explore this idea further, and added it to the agenda for their October 19th meeting.

You can see the SDTC letter here: Southbury DTC Gun Control Letter (pdf)

Many of the hundreds of Southbury CCDL members and supporters came out to the October 19th meeting to voice their concerns on this proposed town gun ban. So many, the meeting was rescheduled due to crowd size. The new date and location is Thursday, November 2nd at 7:00PM at the Pomperaug High School auditorium, 234 Judd Rd, Southbury, CT. You should plan on arriving early, and sitting in the front of the room. (Please remember that schools are gun free zones)

CCDL is asking ALL our members, especially those in Southbury and surrounding towns to attend this November 2nd Board of Selectmen’s meeting, along with any upcoming public hearings (TBD). We need our members to strongly voice their opposition to such a proposed ordinance. You do not need to speak, but we need 2nd Amendment supporters in attendance. Wear your CCDL swag if you own any.

The antigun extremists are sending people to this meeting from all over the state to make it appear as though most Southbury residents are in favor of unconstitutional gun bans. They even have the audacity to claim that legally carrying a firearm in public is somehow “brandishing”. Can you believe that?

If the town of Southbury removes your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones, will the town and it’s taxpayers guarantee your safety and assume the liability if something does happen?

Southbury residents are encouraged to send their selectmen a simple email, asking them to not support any ordinance that would restrict law-abiding people from carrying a firearm for self-defense.

Selectmen Emails:

First Selectman Jeff Manville

Selectman George Bertram

Selectman Justin Bette

Selectman Jason Buchsbaum

Selectman Jennifer Naylor

Selectman Mike Rosen

23 thoughts on “Proposed Gun Ban In Southbury

  1. This is what you get when you have democrats running your town, state and federal government. I am of the opinion that most democrats are socialists and don’t believe in the constitution. I know a lot of democrats will deny this but actions prove otherwise.

  2. I don’t live in Southbury but this is a violation of second amendment rights.If you take the privilege away your asking for non law abiding citizens to just do as they please.

  3. Since when can a town circumvent the constitution of the United States or United States law? Oh yeah that’s right it’s been happening regularly for the past 20 years.

    Why is this happening ?

    no one pushes back hard enough.

    This incremental eroding of the constitution is what lead to a mind set which allows statues of the founding fathers of our country to be removed and for people to not stand during the national anthem among other things.

    Liberal teachings in our high school and college campuses are pervasive and we pay for it through our tax dollars.

    The pen is mightier than the sword.
    So let’s educate our youth property and let’s oppose these laws vigorously.

  4. November is coming. Remember, it’s always democrats taking away our rights.
    Why is it when a nut case goes out and commits horrific crimes with a gun, the blame is placed on ALL gun owners. Not the case with terrorism though.

    Do I smell a boycott of business within the Town of Southbury??

    • I will NEVER purchase anything from ANY Business in Southbury until it is Legally Removed from the books if it ever passes … I will ONLY enter that town to use the bathroom at McDonalds etc. ⛄️⛄️⛄️

  5. Can anyone post a list of businesses in Southbury . i would like to e-mail as many as I can
    to inform them of the impending boycott if this passes

  6. Time to Bring a sign from the artist Sabo
    Look for the Jihad Free Zone Poster
    This should be the new Southbury Road sign near their schools

  7. As a gun owner in another district if someone was hurting your family in any way shape or form and I had the ability to disable them w/o killing them mind you and SAVE your family maybe then you’ll think twice about guns.NOT all people are dumb with a gun…..

  8. Woodbridge passed or reaffirmed a similar ban recently without much input from residents. Is there any legal opinion whether such broad bans are lawful?

  9. The use of the words extremists and brandishing are inserted clearly out of sensible context and are meant to intimidate. Concealed carry is not brandishing, no suitable, sensible person wants it known they are leagally armed. CT law is clear on the onus gun owners already have on them. If this ordinance passes I will not spend a dime in any establishment within Southbury.

  10. Copy of my letter to the Southbury Board of Selectmen:

    Dear [Recipient]
    I am writing to convey my concerns over gun control measures that have been dominating legislative debate and agenda and now within the Southbury Board of Selectmen. I am a retired Connecticut State Police sergeant, with twenty-five years of law enforcement and public safety experience, including positions held as a Major Crime Detective and supervisor in the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. I have seen my share of violent crimes, including crimes involving firearms. I propose to you that expressed intentions for controlling, limiting and further regulating gun ownership through selective banning of firearms, preventing personal carry, mandated registry and ammunition regulation is misplaced energy and in violation of the United States and Connecticut Constitutions. Infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens will do nothing to eliminate or even curb gun violence in our nation. Doing so will only create more victims of gun violence by criminals who care nothing of the law. Need an example? Look no further than Chicago, Illinois which has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and yet has one of the highest murder rates and occasions of unlawful gun violence.
    As I patrolled Connecticut towns and highways during my career, I never once feared law abiding citizens who were armed for their own protection and within their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. In fact, I went about my job with the added satisfaction that those individuals were safe and had the means to defend themselves (or even come to my aid) as I often patrolled up to three to six rural towns at the same time and by myself. Gun control proponents who claim to represent law enforcement, such as the National Chiefs of Police Association, do not represent the majority opinion within the law enforcement community. Such organizations are largely political action groups represented by political appointees in larger urban areas, where this gun control debate resonates within a far left agenda. I would like you to focus on enforcement of existing laws and penalties for criminals in our society rather than making instant criminals of law abiding citizens with the stroke of a pen.
    Further (and more to the point), even introducing or proposing legislation or ordinances to infringe upon United States citizens, in their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, is in and of itself a violation of your oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut (as applicable to this letter). A violation of such oath of office is an offense for any elected official. To knowingly do so, with the intent to undermine and weaken the United States Constitution and alter the founding principles of our nation, outside the amendment process, is a violation of law. As a United States citizen and a citizen of the State of Connecticut, I ask you to oppose any further attempts to pervert the United States and Connecticut Constitutions in violation of the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment was not just written for self-defense but to assure citizens the right to defend themselves from those who would leave them defenseless. I am a registered Independent voter. Be aware I am monitoring your actions regarding this issue and I will vigorously oppose you or any candidate for political office who continues along this fruitless path.
    Guns do not kill people! Criminals kill people! And criminals will always find a way to obtain firearms or whatever means to commit crimes! Please do not infringe on our Constitutional and Civil Rights!
    Very Sincerely Yours,
    Neal T. Wholey
    Colchester, CT

    • This is such a great, well thought out letter. I wish you could be at the meeting tonight in Southbury and read it. I wrote a letter and will speak but yours is so to the point and coming from a retired state police officer would be held with a higher regard then the general public..Thanks for all you do.

    • This position is brilliantly explained and I couldn’t agree more. As a retired Trooper myself, Neal has expressed this sensible sentiment perfectly. It is not the registered gun owners who follow the law and carry legally who are the problem. Sadly, people fear what they don’t fully understand or embrace what may be part of a misinformed agenda. Having spent a number of years patrolling Southbury and the region myself, I hope the leadership of the Town of Southbury is more prudent in their deliberation.

  11. Please do NOT support the proposed gun ban in Southbury. My husband and I, as the owners of DermAesthetics and also both Army Veteran, we feel this is a huge insult to responsible gunowners who went through appropriate channels to obtain a permit legally and an attempt by liberals to inhibit our 2nd amendment. After 34 years of military service, we couldn’t wait to come home to Southbury but this vote, if passed, would force us to seriously consider moving out of the town.

    LouAnn Perugini
    Scott Tedder

    • Responsible gun owner? That’s libitard talk. Every freeman has the RKBA.

      Stop pushing the agenda of the anti-gunners who think we have to prove we are, whatever they determine to be, “responsible gun owners”.

  12. I received a positive response from Selectman Bertram in response to my email:

    I was recently made aware of the Town Of Southbury’s proposed stance on the lawful carrying of firearms on public property. Please look further into this matter before making a decision. The town and the entire state rely on your vote against this proposed ordinance.

    Thank you for your time

    Dear xxxxxx,

    I can assure you that I will not support any local ordinance that restricts legal firearms. I’m confident that each of my Republican colleagues on the Board feel the same way. I’m also confident that the Democrats on the Board would vote in favor of such ordinances, as the one in question was sponsored and strongly supported by Southbury’s Democratic Town Committee.

    As the split on today’s Board is 4 Republicans and 2 Democrats, it’s not likely that such an ordinance will pass. However, there is a local election on November 7th, and it’s possible, that the composition of the board could swing towards the Democrats. If that happens, this ordinance could be brought up again, in the not so distant future. I’m hoping that Republicans will hold the board. We shall see.

    Thanks for your interest in this matter. By the way, I will also work to rescind both local ordinances (one for Town Parks and one for Open Space) that currently restrict legal firearms in Southbury. I don’t believe that Southbury should be in the business of adding restrictions to the legal carry of firearms. CT has enough already, in my humble opinion.

    Best Regards,
    George Bertram – BoS, Southbury, C

  13. Simple vote republican vote pro 2a.

    And vote out blumnthal and Murphy at the first chance possible.

    Gun control doesn’t work, gun free zones don’t work.

    The latest shooting in Texas the owner passed a back ground check and the people who stopped him were legal gun owners.

    Police have been neutered by anti profiling laws (Democrats)

    They (police) simply put Together the picture AFTER the fact. This guy in Texas had threatened people and no one did anything, as usual they had advance notice and didn’t do anything and it’s even worse in CT where a lot of trump supporters have had harassment issues totally ignored by police. I hear about it everyday.

    Hate organizations like antifa are supported and even backed by police while law abiding gun owners and patriots are attacked daily.

    Still think gun control works google the LUTY home made gun.

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