Amicus Application Accepted

The Connecticut Supreme Court has accepted CCDL’s application to appear as Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) in the case of Soto v. Bushmaster, as well as approving our full legal team.

This means the court agrees that CCDL and it’s members have a legitimate interest in this case and it’s outcome, and they will allow CCDL to explain why we believe that a ruling for the plaintiffs in this case could seriously jeopardize the ability of law-abiding citizens to obtain lawful arms in Connecticut.

Our legal team is putting the final touches on the actual brief, which we hope to be able to share with our members as soon as possible.

Soto-v-bushmaster amicus application granted (pdf)

One thought on “Amicus Application Accepted

  1. I don’t see why the way laws were written are now being stripped away by people who don’t like guns. I like guns, does that make me a murderer? Does it make me a terrorist? No! I am a law abiding citizen. Dont tell me what i can or cannot own!
    No government agency can possess more fire power than its constitutes due to thw equal rights for defending property and life.

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