CCDL files Application to CT Supreme Court

CCDL has applied to the CT State Supreme court to submit an Amicus Curiae Brief (Friend of the Court Brief) in support of Bushmaster Firearms International LLC.

The case known as ‘Soto v Bushmaster’ has been ongoing for some time, and CCDL will withhold any further statements on the case until the court accepts our petition for the brief to be filed.

The application is a matter of public record on file with the State Supreme Court as of May 30, 2017. You may view a copy of the application here: Application-of-CCDL-for-permission-to-appear-as-amicus-curiae.pdf

4 thoughts on “CCDL files Application to CT Supreme Court

  1. If they win will car companies be liable for drunk drivers crashing into and killing people? Or how about Bic pens for someone writing a breakup letter that makes a person stab people because hes upset?

  2. Would someone care to explain to me why there has not been a motion for disciplinary action filed against Joshua Koskoff for filing this case in the first place?

    His initial pleading was insulting enough, but stripping all the emotional baggage away from it, his core argument is that if you manufacture a thing that is intended to kill, then you are liable for any death caused through its use in perpetuity.

    So if I beat you to death, steal your sword, and stab your neighbor, somehow it’s all Hattori Hanzo’s fault.

    • Good, glad we are doing that; it surprises me that we need permission to file such a brief, but I say ‘go for it’….

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