Permit Issue Resolved in the City of Hartford

On May 1st, CCDL President Scott Wilson communicated with Hartford Police Chief James Rovella regarding his department’s refusal to accept numerous pistol permit applications.

These particular applications were refused by the police department because they did not include an additional signed waiver that would have allowed for intrusive privacy violations. The Connecticut State Statues (29-28a) do not allow the Hartford PD to require such additional waivers in addition to the state approved application.

The CCDL President offered to schedule a meeting between CCDL and Hartford city officials to discuss this matter.

On May 5th a reply came back to CCDL from Hartford Deputy Police Chief Dustin Rendock indicating that they had conducted a review of their pistol permit procedures, and that they were eliminating the waiver altogether. The Deputy Chief also asked CCDL to contact the rejected pistol permit applicants in Hartford to see if we can get them to resubmit their applications.

The next step that CCDL will take is to contact the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners to communicate the resolution to any applicants in Hartford they know of who might have been affected by the waiver requirement.

CCDL wishes to thank the Hartford Police Department for taking positive and expedient action to rectify this matter. We are thankful that by bringing this issue to their attention it has been resolved.

CCDL also wishes to thank our members for standing behind us, and also for their patience while we work to resolve other issues in several other municipalities across the state.

Carry On!

9 thoughts on “Permit Issue Resolved in the City of Hartford

  1. Next, repeal the 2013 oppressive unconstitutional gun law that is punishing Connecticut law abiding resident gun owners, while leaving them at a disadvantage in defending themselves and their families against criminal elements who will ignore the AR ban as well as the standard magazine ban.

    • Well, we either have to hope the Supreme Court finally decides to fully adhere to the US Constitution, or we need to continue to replace antigun state legislators with progun ones. The pendulum has been slowly swinging in our favor since 2013. If it swings far enough, those bans will be history.

      • Or one can stop asking for permission to exercise a right and stop convicting people of crimes until all rights are honored.

  2. CGS Sec. 29-28 (b) notes: …No person may apply for a temporary state permit to carry a pistol or revolver more than once within any twelve-month period, and no temporary state permit to carry a pistol or revolver shall be issued to any person who has applied for such permit more than once within the preceding twelve months…

    Some folks might be better to go to the appeal process fully ~ requiring a waiver is not grounds for denial. For those how applied w/i the past 12 mo. and got denied then they cannot re-apply until that 12 mo time period is done (or argue that such a limit is unlawful).

    Once can re-apply w/o withdrawing their BFPE appeal .. but not re-file a second appeal as the issuing authority may file a motion to dismiss the first appeal as being moot as the relief that the BFPE can provide is available in the next appeal….and an appellant would lose all that time in queue.

  3. Nice job, as usual, and that is the way to approach the problem with the general way any PD handles their permit processes. CCDL is becoming more and more effective in dealing with these issues especially when you attack such a wide open illegal practice and then even more so when the membership sticks behind the leadership. GOOD JOB;; CONGRATULATIONS.

  4. David, they never applied because the HPD would not let them. They “attempted” to apply.

    • ROFL … just toss the application at them. Beyond that, after you presented them with a sufficient application, its up to them.

      I’ve had DESPP at their HQ refuse to accept papers from me. I served them with the papers via this method; I was a process server and I assure you this is OK to serve papers in such a manner.

      Also, a technique is to engage them in conversation and hand them the papers when you are talking; human nature…they’ll take them w/o thinking.

      And of course, record record record.

      IMO if you go there and ask for a permit then its a sufficient application. If they give you forms to complete and intend on not accepting them, then your original request is a sufficient application.

      And don’t ask for forms, ask for permits. Your self-created written application (ie simple letter) is golden per 28-28 or 28-28a if they do nothing further. And to give you a form that they know they will not accept back perfects the requestor’s original permit application letter.

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