State Budget Proposal

To our fellow members and supporters

CCDL is well aware of the budget proposal by the Governor to drastically increase the fees for pistol permit applications and renewals. We are actively working on counter-proposals to help mitigate the costs that Governor Malloy has proposed.

His proposal would negatively impact Connecticut citizens who merely wish to protect themselves and their families. His plan calls to put his failed policies on the backs of Connecticut gun owners.

We will keep our members updated every step along the way

Scott Wilson
CCDL, Inc.

20 thoughts on “State Budget Proposal

  1. I’ll go as high as $120.00 anymore and that’s extortion. I can’t even begin to relay my anger about this crackhead

      • Agreed. A “right” that needs permission and fees is no right.

        Malloy and all who support him need to be sent far away, along with the lunatic Murphy and the bozo Blumenthal.

        These traitors are destroying liberty, however, Connecticut seems to be a democracy, as it appears as though the majority wants these kind of communist “leaders”

  2. I’ll try an be nice with this post.

    SCREW MALLOY. He put us in this hole we’re in now. Take a pay cut you A.. hole


  3. Malloy is pretty smart thinking that LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS WONT FORGO THEIR PERMITS AND WILL JUST PAY THE PRICE! But the way to approach this is that this is a deterrent to the ability of all citizens, not just the wealthy, to practice their legal rights as citizens. The working poor like myself, those that are retired and on fixed incomes(also myself) and the other struggling classes of citizen will be left out of the ability to afford the cost of gun ownership which will be so high that its cost and the cost of applying for the permit, and the required by law classes will leave them all without the ability to protect themselves. There is much more to his idea of charging so high a price here, he is attempting to force people in Connecticut to be unable to afford the price of gun ownership! It absolutely feels like a direct attack on the 2nd amendment!

    • Yes sir, itf is a direct attack on your roigjt of self defense. If you have too pay “the state” for a right that was not only penned in the Constitution AND in the STATE constitution, then it is not an inalienable right.

      If any of the founders were here now, there would be hanging trees on tjhe capitol grounds.

      So, you have a choice…..go along with draconian laws and pay the fees, or collectively refuse to pay the fees.

      Of course, we know what happens then the police who’s job is to enforce whatever laws the traitors pass, would be forced to enforce these draconian laws…..of course a true peace officer who actually was an oath keeper to the Constitution, would do not such thing.

      I would say, try to get police on your side to fight this, but, we all know the police in CT are faithful to their leaders and those who pay their paychecks and their union Lords, so there will be no help from them, as I am sure most want to the population disarmed, so they can become even bigger bullies with badges.

  4. This just exposes his true agenda and his malice towards law the abiding gun owners and carry permit holders of this state. Seems to me to be a form of discrimination. Lawsuit maybe?
    Why not add $10.00 to every motor vehicle registration renewal. My guess is that would raise a lot more revenue. This man has got to go!

  5. Because of Trump Malloy didn’t get his dream job with the dems golden girl so he’s taking it out on the closest group of people that had a hand in voting her out ..

  6. Time for an expansion of the #ArmedCivilDisobedience (my Twitter hashtag). Just like when the majority of us flipped off state government in 2013, DO IT AGAIN by NOT renewing your permits. Carry anyway, clog the courts, and let the state NEVER realize their warped dreams of revenue on our backs!

    • CCDL does not advocate breaking the law.
      We are law-abiding gun owners.
      Just an FYI: your claim that “majority of us flipped off state government in 2013” has no basis in fact, and was based on a hoax story it’s amazing anyone actually living in CT fell for it.

      • If there was collective disobedience or “breaking the law” when Malloy dropped the hammer registration laws, and no one agreed to resister, and no one stood in Nazi like lines in Middletlwn to register their legally purchased guns and mags with the Lords of CT……then maybe you not be in the predicament you are in.

        If a tyrant passes UN-Constitutional laws, and the citizenry obeys those unconstitutional laws, then, like a bully, they will keep taking more freedoms because they see that the population will simply continue to obey.

        Our history is trying to teach us that a little disobedience can go a long way,and does have its place in the right time.

        but hey if you want to allow enemies of Liberty to continue to strip you, your children, and your grandchildren of any sort of future of freedom, then just keep doing what you are doing.

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