An Open Letter To Senator Murphy

Greetings Senator Murphy,

Your recent call for increased infringements on the rights of Americans (more gun control) coupled with decreased vetting of foreign entities has now reached ‘the Lunatic Fringe’.

Our organization (Connecticut Citizens Defense League) has no opinion on immigration as a sole subject, but when you conjoin calls for gun control along with mass immigration of foreigners, it is obvious what you are attempting to do.

You are now prioritizing non-citizens over legitimate citizens of the United States by calling for gun control to accommodate those non-citizens. The purpose of your idea is simply to push fanatical gun restrictions any way that you can. This reasoning is simply unacceptable to most Americans.

Let’s face it Senator Murphy, the bottom line is that you very simply do not trust your fellow Americans with firearms. The fact that you cling to this position is clearly evidenced by your ceaseless calls for gun control. What is particularly troubling is the fact that you are doing so while admitting that some immigrants from certain regions of the world may be so dangerous that we need to ban legal firearms to reduce the ‘risks’ of these people being here. It is sheer lunacy that you would risk the lives of your fellow citizens in such a manner if given the opportunity.

Your way would make all of us less safe if you eliminate the means for us to protect our lives and our families. Therefore, you and your beliefs are more dangerous to this nation than any immigrant from anywhere in the world ever could be.

Scott Wilson
CCDL, Inc.

18 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Senator Murphy

  1. Very nicely said Scott. This guy is obviously just in it for himself and not what is good for this State or Country!

  2. Senator Murphy,

    Your time would be better spent on trying to get us out of
    the 1.3 billion dollar hole (yes billion) you and the rest of
    the democrats put us in.

    There seems to be a concerted effort by the democrats to take away
    the firearms of law abiding, tax paying citizens, while still allowing people
    from other countries in without knowing who they. Why is that? Is more votes for your party?

    Take a look at the seats your party have lost and get a grip
    on what’s going on. Leave law abiding people alone and enforce
    the laws that are already on the books.

    INCLUDING immigration law.

  3. Senator Murphy has “jumped the shark” with this nonsense. To decrease vetting on dangerous refugees while disarming us has chilling connotations.

    Senator Murphy is up for re-election in 2018. CT voters should think long and hard as to whether they want this one-trick pony in the Senate.

  4. It’ll be a cold day in hell before my guns are taken from me because they believe I don’t deserve them. I WILL protect my family, my neighbors, and myself as the law was written. Domestic seneterrors can kiss my a$$

  5. Where the hell is the CT. Republican party. The only time I hear anything is when they ask for money or to renew my membership, like they did yesterday. Murphy needs to be taken out of office. The writing is on the wall, with his arms linked with Gillabrand, Warren and Shumer. I can see a day, where those 3 musketeers, if they hold positions of real power, will not stop at destroying all of our Constitutional freedoms. The Northeast cabal of rabid liberalthink is laying in wait. Can’t Connecticut find someone that really represents the views of the taxpaying citizens who are getting raped by Malloy and company and dealing with the twin psychos, Murphy and Blumenthal who are nothing but adept at handing out my money to all of these feel good social causes while trying to strip my rights away.

  6. Why don’t we invite him to a meeting and open it up to the floor for discussion. I think we could destroy him . One simple question, that he can never answer, name one law that ever prevented a crime.

    • I’ve seen Murphy in person. His people select only the questions that fit his agenda for gun control. All other questions go right into the trash.

  7. I don’t believe that Mr. Murphy believes in the constitution of the United States of America. To push any gun control measures on legal citizens in my book is tyranny and treasonous. It is a failure to the oath of office that he took and should be impeached. This goes for all of the politicians from the state of Connecticut. I can’t believe that the population in this state is that stupid to keep electing these people over good ones that would honor the constitution of the United States.

  8. It has been proven with recent surveys that concealed carry persons in the United States are among the most law-abiding citizens of this country. Most people that want to ban them, including Senator Murphy, are completely ignorant about guns and related statistics. Murphy made a statement that the “bang” of a gun was a built in “safety” feature. Anyone that ignorant about guns, shouldn’t be allowed to have any say in them. A perfect example is the CT ban on assault weapons, or the ban on assault weapons from ANY state. 31,000 people die each year because of guns. What Liberal’s don’t tell you is that 22,450 of those deaths are suicides. According to the FBI website, only 8550 of those killed by guns are actually homicides. Of those 8550, only 300 of those homicides are committed with rifles; rifles of all kinds, not just ARs. So that means out of all gun related deaths, homicides with rifles represents .9% (9 tenths of one percent) of the total. Even if half of those rifles were so called “assault” rifles, that would still be so insignificant, it’s ridiculous. What is the real reason for going after “assault” rifles other than they are scary looking? More people are killed each year with scissors, hammers, baseball bats, fists and feet than with rifles. Someone please tell me.

    • I work in customer service in the firearms industry, and I can attest, gun folks are tjhe nicest folks I have ever dealt with on the phones, even when mistakes happen with their ordetrs. ALL (not most) those that I know who have ccw would always run away from trouble or confrontation, and would rather never have to even draw their gun.

      Take that Mr. Murphy….you are so jaded with your agenda to be faithful to those above you who have an agenda to disarm America.

      There is a certain amount of risk with freedom and freewill with imperfect human beings….but, the alternative, well, history teaches us very well what happens when freedom and liberty is removed, all because the gubbment “cannot trust the people” with firearms…how convenient!!!!

      The Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment to fight, yres fight if necessary…. lunatic, power hungry traitors like Murphy, Mallory, Blumenthal, Bloomberg, Feinstein, etc.

      Mr. Murphy, the Tree of Liberty is getting VERY, VERY thirsty!!!?

  9. Feel good legislation has to stop and democrats lead that charge at every turn. When someone gets shot democrats all say, “See? See what that gun did?” and “We need to take guns out of people’s hands!”. The heart of that problem is the mental health status of the one holding the gun NOT the gun and the democrats push the charge to continually decrease funding to the mental health community.
    Do you think people don’t notice? Do you think people don’t care?
    The country had spoken with our current president and majority of house/senate seats that we’re tired of you and other democrat feel-good, welfare and illegal vote panderers because you know that’s where the majority is. The majority of the people’s voice (you know….people….constituents….the ones who employ you) wast to be secure in their home, with their family wherever they travel and in their possessions. Government should govern themselves and control themselves from trying to be too regulatory on your employers.
    By the same token that laws against illegal drugs don’t stop the problem, your legislative push will only make it harder for law abiding employers of you, to have protection against those you want to not supply mental healthcare to.
    More people have been clubbed to death than shot and I don’t see any regulations on bats.
    Just stop your nonsense and listen to what your employers are telling you or plan on becoming unemployed come next election.

  10. How did we get stuck with this loony tune ? He has no idea what he’s doing or more specifically what our constitution is all about. He only has his agenda and the hell with the American citizens. A_ _ Hole !

  11. Smurphy is a menace, not only to his state but to the entire country! Connecticut needs the recall option.

  12. From 2010-2014, given the statistics off of the Connecticut Department of Public Health website, there were 146,903 deaths of Connecticut Residents to include;

    422 firearm homicides
    547 firearm suicides
    981 firearm deaths total

    By comparison:
    1,125 alcohol induced
    2,384 drug induced
    2,587 poisoning caused
    1,836 fall caused injuries leading to
    1,336 motor vehicle injuries leading to
    1,790 in accidental falls
    1,385 in motor vehicle accidents

    The lion’s share were health related issues. Now who knows how many were due to not receiving healthcare, couldn’t afford healthcare or received poor healthcare. (No, I am not here for healthcare issues, just a note.).

    Of the drug related, how many of these people (suicides and homocides) had been getting free methadone in replacement of their street heroine (state and federally funded). When was the last time someone received even a fridge magnet with the number for poison control?

    Firearms caused 2/3 of 1% of the deaths in CT over the course of 5 years. I would be interested to know the statistics on those 422 homocides (I.E. – civilian defensive, law enforcement defensive, etc.). In addition, I would like the breakdown on how many in each metric were law-abiding citizens that paid their dues and did the proper background checks.

    I cannot fathom the reasons why it is easier to gain access to live here in CT as a non-citizen from these ‘dangerous areas of the world’ that will likely be a negative impact on the state’s financials due to their need for “public assistance” than it is for a law-abiding / tax-paying resident to execute their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. It is frustrating that a right to bear arms is taxed (call it a processing fee if you like – it IS a tax) and has limitations on a right that was written with the ending clause, “…shall not be infringed”.

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