Immediate Action Required! Contact Your Legislator Today

To all CCDL members,
The following bills have passed out of committee, and will be going to the House and Senate for a vote.
Please call or email your state Rep and your state Senator and ask them to take the following actions:

Oppose HB 5054


This bill would violate due process rights for gun owners. Nearly half of these Temporary Restraining Orders do not become full restraining orders

Oppose HB 5623


This bill would violate due process rights for gun owners. Nearly half of these Temporary Restraining Orders do not become full restraining orders.
The same identical language from HB 5054 is included in this bill. This bill is a very unsettling attempt to divide gun owners to make them look like we somehow support human trafficking.

Oppose HB 5408
AN ACT CONCERNING THE PRESENTATION OF A CARRY PERMIT This bill would undermine the “reasonable suspicion” clause in the current law and would deprive gun owners of Constitutional rights protected under the 4th Amendment.

Support HB 5409


 This bill is a worthy of support. This will help establish uniform criteria for local issuing authorities across the state.

It is critical you contact your legislators to let them know your positions on these bills. Your communication with your elected officials is the only thing that will stop anti-gun bills from passing, and help pro-gun bills to pass.
If you need more information before contacting your legislators about these bills, please visit our blog for useful information, or email Ray Bevis at
Our strength lies in the actions of our members.  Please take action as soon as possible. Our rights are at stake!

10 thoughts on “Immediate Action Required! Contact Your Legislator Today

  1. The bill prohibits an official issuing a temporary state gun permit from modifying the gun permit application form, prescribed by the DESPP commissioner, or supplementing it with other forms or requests for additional information from the applicant not otherwise required by law. How is that antigun?

    • They can’t now (add additional requirements)~ nothing gained; do you know the law? I wonder if CCDL knew this law and its case law behind it before giving this turd a green light. Reread the current law to the proposed changes and tell me what changes you think are pro~~besides your misunderstanding concerning of “additional requirements”. I give it a F myself.

  2. these 4 bills made it out of committee and are going for a vote , does this mean the other gun related bills died in committee or are they next for a vote

  3. 5622 … concerning erased records. Interesting. I don’t think that this would pass constitutional muster. CGS Sec. 54-142a is out erasure law. It does not result in a destruction of the records, just that they are “erased”; ie not available to the public or for use in any judicial proceeding; except to prosecute folks for perjury if a defendant wins it appears (you don’t get erasure if the defendant loses). While technically not dead, I don’t see this bill going forward. Good catch S.C.

  4. You’ll see no language that if they do not issue the permit in 8 weeks that the permit is automatically considered granted.

    And now you have to prove that the safety class instructor is authorized by the state or the NRA .. how is one to do that? if you need to ask for records from the state police, it takes them a year or more to provide records to the public. Most people would say “well, you would have the certificate!”. So what? It proves nothing. Anyone can print one out. And you don’t know if the instructor is authorized by the think so, but you have no evidence of this. The bill could have said that any certificate is prima facia evidence of the instructor’s authorization by the NRA but it does not. Think you’ll get a letter from the NRA? Ha ! Dreamer !

    I’m certain issuance of permits will go down to zero for some localities if this bill is passed, just based on the changes to the safety class requirements and the inability of people to get evidence of the instructor’s authorization by the NRA.

    Look who wrote this law: Commie Dargan … who recent said in respect to the bill requiring OCer to show their permits upon demand “Just show them your permit!”

    Still awaiting a response from CCDL here….

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