New Open Carry Memorandum

The state just issued an new memorandum concerning open carry.
Hopefully this clarifies the issue if open carry is legal (with a permit), and if you need to show your permit to the police if asked.
Here is the first page and a half, out of six pages:

open carry memo 2-2016

Now please go and read the whole thing. It covers how they may “request” your permit, and how they might then use things against you.

You may read the full memorandum and download a copy here:
open-carry-memo-feb-2016 (pdf)

15 thoughts on “New Open Carry Memorandum

  1. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ does write of this ‘law’ not understand? Roghts cannot be licensed! If it needs a license then it is a privilege granted by government, not a right.

    • Most sheeple don’t even know what their rights are and what is protected and guaranteed by the Constitution! These sheeple think they need a license to take a crap! Boy oh boy these sheeple are trying to defend gun rights! They can’t even defend their right (not privilege) to travel (no license for anything needed)!!! True slavery abounds!

  2. When I was being interviewed by my Chief of Police to get my permit, he advised me it would not be “wise” to open carry because it “opens a can of worms”. I now understand what he was saying. Connecticut needs a law to make it legal to “open carry” by a licensed gun owner without any of this baggage. This is pure harassment and it would be my claim it is a violation of “civil rights”. Has anyone explored this legal theory? Any lawyers reading this?

  3. After a seemingly reasonable opening in the first page and a half, the writer then seemed to go to great lengths to provide as many ways as possible to “justify” a demand to produce a permit, especially the torturous discussion of disorderly conduct and breach of peace. They seemed to be saying that if someone is upset, then you have committed a breach of the peace, regardless, particularly with the reference to Peruta. Scary memo and I hope I don’t become the test case.

    • Malloy is looking for someone to be made an example of and to establish “new law” in the matter of “open carry”.

  4. CT is an open carry state. The law we need should address and punish the gun phobia nuts who call 911 because they think the person with the legally carried handgun is going to cause trouble. I just don’t understand their thinking. It’s not the “good guys” who need to hide their weapons. More legal open carry equals less crime, period.

    • Malloy wants to be the new Attorney General under President Hillary Clinton. So he wants to demonstrate to her (and Michael Bloomberg) that he will do anything to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

  5. Any purported law that goes directly against the constitution is a farce. These are merely policies an they are NOT enacted law you can FOIL the enactment through your State Dept. The enactment does not exist. These BS policies are a fraud! People need to start asking the State for enactment clauses of any and ALL laws for their State. Stop being sheep and learn your constitution!

  6. It started out as a good read only to realize that if you open carry you WILL be f**ked if some anti-gun idiot like an MDA member or others call the cops on you.

    • Malloy is trying his best to screw us. This is why it is so important that each one of us take the time to “educate” neighbors and friends about guns even if they are at first strongly opposed to us. Sometimes it takes time to let these lessons sink in. Not everyone will agree with us but if we can get more people on board then our position will be strengthened. Don’t give up. The Spartans didn’t.

  7. Every time l drive from Yuma AZ east on interstate 8 border patrol has an inspection station with a dog.There looking for drugs and illegal person. I remove my hat and sun glasses. At night l turn the overhead light on so they see in the vehicle. They have a job to do and l have no problem with that. I don,t have to inform him am carrying. I do not need a permit to carry in AZ.

  8. Glad I don’t live in Connecticut. This seems like a hornet’s nest of lawsuits just waiting to be disturbed by an astute lawyer. It’s hard to believe this ever saw the light of day. I’m certain the first time this is used on the street, it will be challenged in the courts and make its way through the appellate process until someone actually reads the Second Amendment.

  9. The message is loud and clear, you will be considered a criminal based on nothing more than simple statements by random citizens. the result should just be simply detaining the carrying person and request for them to produce the permit but another inconvenience has been created. that permit holder’s inconvenience and annoyance is the same standard by which they can bring the same charges against the complainant (per §53a-182).

    if you ever carry openly (IMHO not a good idea) and you are in full compliance with the law … DEMAND THE COMPLAINANT BE TICKETED WITH ‘Breech of Peace’ OR ‘Disorderly Conduct’!!! Have a judge explain carry permits to that ignorant citizen.

    • Good idea. Try to get that done here in this state. Good luck. If so many officials were not so anti-gun, it would be done easily.

  10. Now, who is going to file “no contact” orders to the state police and local police to prohibit the “consensual encounter” from even occurring that’s noted in the memo? Once can do this…

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