About Yesterday’s (Non)Decision by the Supreme Court

This is a guest post by CCDL president Scott Wilson.

While yesterday’s decision to deny cert in Friedman v Highland Park was disappointing, we knew that this would be likely. The fact remains that SCOTUS repeatedly kept conferencing the petition. This underscores that the matter is significantly important, but it was not the right time yet to hear a petition of this sort.

Some important things to note:
The inaction of the Supreme Court to not review Friedman v Highland Park is not based on merits of the case.

The Supreme Court will often decline the first case that comes before it to allow for other courts to offer a broader view of things to come.

There are differences between the opinions that came out of the 7th Circuit (Highland Park) and the 2nd Circuit (our case as well as New York’s). As such, arguments from our attorney in our petition to the Supreme Court will be tailored somewhat differently based on this.

We are still waiting on an opinion from the 4th Circuit (Maryland) in a similar case as well. One way we can be helped is if the Circuit renders a favorable opinion for the plaintiffs in that case. This is possible, but there is no certainty. Our hope is that the opinion gets published prior to our deadline to submit our appeal.

My statement as of now is this:
This has been a long fight from all of you to get to this point. Everyone has worked so hard, and in so many different ways to get us where we are, now we have to hang in there a bit longer.
I personally would rather go down swinging and maybe connect than to do nothing. Being that many of our rights in this country are on a downward trajectory as it is, the alternative we faced was to do nothing and accept our ultimate fate. I do not want to look back on my life one day years from now and think that we just let it all happen, and did nothing to try to stop it. To all of you, who feel the same way; thank you!

My final thoughts:
The Governor of Connecticut yesterday released a press statement after the ‘denial for Certiorari’ was released. In his press release, he sounded off in a manner which indicates he believes the Supreme Court’s “non-decision” was an ultimate victory for anti-gun laws. I’d like to take the opportunity to make sure that the governor of this state understands that we are not done, and I hope he enjoys a brief respite built upon the smoldering embers of our Constitution.

Scott Wilson – CCDL President

14 thoughts on “About Yesterday’s (Non)Decision by the Supreme Court

  1. I believe our politicians will stop their nonsense when they see a CCDL membership of 100,000 or more. The gun owners of CT truly need to unite as one voice in CT; soon. The libs own the judges, they need to see us vote them out, and stand up to them in great #s.

    • It would be nice if we can get the CCDL membership up to the pistol permit numbers. Everybody start talking it up at ranges and gun shops.

  2. Scott- Your comments have echoed my thoughts on the case. And I just mailed out another check top the CCDL 2A Litigation Fund. i hope other members will only find themselves more determined to follow through and do likewise.

  3. Scott: Thank you for keeping us informed. It is discouraging trying to fight for our rights and having to go through the ringer just because a few misguided and delusional officials pushed through an “illegal law”. A time will come when people get fed up and instead of the courts will resort to the streets to get justice. These officials are gambling that people will not rise up and physically remove them from office. The British made that same miscalculation. Washington didn’t go to the British Courts. He went to the forests and hills and shot every British soldier he could. I hope it never comes to that but I would not be surprised if it does.

  4. Malloy believes the courts decision is a victory because it’s the only victory he’ll have on the issue is forestalling the issue. He is wrong, the gun ban is wrong, and gun control is two hands on the gun at all times.

  5. I have finally come to the conclusion, that it is almost impossible to fight with liberals over how rights in this country are being destroyed by both parties and the regime that is in office. I will continue to support and fight for our freedoms for future generations. It was once said that if you want safety at the cost of giving up freedoms, you deserve neither.

    • Yes. That was Ben Franklin and he said those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security. Not sure on the exact quote but you have the correct idea.

  6. PA13-3 was made through secret meetings and back-room deals. It has no authority over people due to the way it was made. Art III, Sec. 16 and our CGS Chapter 14 both require debates to be done in public; by holding closed door meetings and debating and deciding on issues of the bill, it voids the bill and law.

    • Those responsible for this procedure should be arrested and removed from office. They do not represent the people. They represent only a narrow special interest. These are not a government of the people, by the people and for the people as Lincoln said in his famous speech.

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  8. This just means we will not get them to hear our case. Sorry to say it is over. We cannot fight if our leaders will not hear us.

    • Gary- It’s not over for us. This would have been an incomplete shortcut for us. The cases were similar, but by no means identical.

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